Galan (Galactus)

galactusfilmAnother request list, this time coming from Brick89 (welcome!). Let’s start with a big entry…in every possible meaning: Galactus, the Devourer of Worlds. The only live action appearance of Galactus so far has been one of the most discussed (and hated) ever: in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, he is the incoming threat that menaces to destroy the world since the beginning of the film, but when he appears, he turns out to be just a vacuum-shaped cosmic cloud ready to swallow Earth whole (albeit the shape of his classic helmet can be spotted near the end of the movie). Plus, he’s destroyed in a matter of minutes by Silver Surfer, who just changed sides…but how a creature who possesses but a fraction of Galactus’ powers may be able to destroy him using that very power remains unknown. Voices of a Silver Surfer movie having a more comics-faithful Galactus in it have been spreading around the web for years, but they always turned out to be rumors. Waiting to see a worthy portrayal of the Devourer, let’s take a look at the original one.

In the universe that existed before our own there was a planet, Taa, on which society, technology and civilization altogether had reached a level never before seen. On Taa was born the space explorer Galan, a scientist who, along with a few others on his planet, realised that something was slowly killing every form of life in their galaxy. Galan received the task to explore the known universe to find a solution to the mysterious killer radiation, and the explorer left for his most important mission yet…but what he discovered was disheartening to say the least: it wasn’t just a problem of Taa or of its galaxy, the entire universe was slowly dying. The universe, which after the Big Bang had been contracting itself, had finally reached the Big Crunch, and it was about to end, reducing itself once again to a sphere of primeval, disorganized matter (a “Cosmic Egg“). Galan returned to Taa with bad news for his peers, and no hope to give to his world. The only thing the explorer could do was to propose to his fellow scientists to die the galactuscomics1way they had lived: pursuing knowledge and truth. He organised one last glorious expedition, and along with a few colleagues he launched his space ship once again, directing it to the core of the Big Crunch, wanting to study the phenomenon before it killed them all. The expedition reached the terminal point of the universe, but the radiation coming from the Big Crunch killed all Galan’s crewmen, leaving him alone. Then, finally, the universe was annihilated, and a new Cosmic Egg was born: inside of it, all matter was confused, compressed, deprived of its shape and distinction…with a few exceptions. Galan’s consciousness still existed, not mixed with everything else around it; within the Egg, Galan was contacted by a primordial force that introduced himself as the Sentience of the Universe, the living incarnation of the entire universe: the Sentience told Galan that they would have both died, but they would have both been reborn in a new universe, with new identities. Galan gestated within the Cosmic Egg for billions of years, until finally the Egg hatched, causing a new Big Bang and creating a new universe. The being that was once Galan had become something different, something that the entire universe would have learned to fear.

Only Ecce the Watcher witnessed the birth of the creature that would have been known as Galactus, the Devourer of Worlds, the Great Destroyer, the Monster of All Worlds, the Planet Killer, the Hunger That Does Not Cease and thousands of other monikers. Galactus, upon completing his billion-years-long metamorphosis, emerged from his incubator gifted with immense cosmic powers…and an insatiable hunger. Upon his awakening, Galactus had been attacked by a fleet of spaceships, who had mistaken his ship for an invading force: with a single gesture, he annihilated the entire fleet, then he focused his attention to the nearby planet, Archeopia, rich of life and energy. Following his bare instinct, Galactus fed upon the planet, completely destroying it. Realising that consuming entire planets was the tribute he had to pay to his new, immeasurable powers, Galactus embraced this new nature of his, but not without regrets: he built a world-ship for himself, Taa II, that included in its enormous engines the Archeopian solar system, a tribute to both his lost world and to the first planet that had fallen to his appetite. Despite galactuscomics2his new nature, he still had traces of Galan’s feelings, so in the following millennia Galactus always fed on inhabited planets (Archeopia being the only ecception), controlling his hunger even for centuries before eating. At last, however, his appetite had the best of him, and Galactus fully embraced his nature and purpose: he couldn’t feel himself linked to lesser forms of life anymore, not even if sentient beings; he was pure necessity, who controlled the balance in the universe by destroying the planet “in eccess”, and one day he would have given back to the universe what he had taken from it. By fully becoming Galactus, he started consuming all the planets with the amount of energy necessary to sustain himself, whether they were inhabited by intelligent species or not. He became the terror of the known universe, a fearsome appearance that meant the end of the world for thousands civilizations. He was rightfully accounted as one of the primeval gods of the new universe, and even intervened in a civil war among deities, killing the rebellious and chaotic Diableri and imprisoning his followers AntiphonAegis and Tenebrous to save the universe: despite being a destroyer, he was a fundumental part of the new reality, and he would have always used his terrifying strength to protect order and balance.

Galan used to be a brave explorer, a gifted scientist devoted to the cause of knowledge, and of protecting his home planet from an unavoidable end; as Galactus, however, he’s now distant from any kind of emotion, bent to the pure necessity his very existence represents, and devoted to causes much higher than regular life forms’ ones: he represents and serves the balance in the universe, and he protects it in his own unique way. He wields the immense Power Cosmic, that makes him one of the most powerful entities in the entire universe; he’s immortal and invulnerable, an undefeatable giant who requires entire worlds to consume to sustain himself; he can freely manipulate and transmute matter and energy, space and time have no meaning for him, and he can manipulate reality to any level; he can even manipualte life itself, including living beings’ emotions, minds and even souls; as a matter of fact, there are not many things he cannot do. One of the most dreaded beings ever existed, Galactus is not evil, nor he is good, he’s nothing but pure necessity…and as nobody can accuse a lion of being cruel for eating a gazelle, just so nobody can blame Galactus for eating the planets he needs to survive…nor can prevent him from feeding.



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