laufeyfilmAnother character from Brick89‘s list, this time a villain: Laufey, the legendary king of the Frost Giants (yup, king: despite in the Norse mythology Laufey is a female, Marvel turned her into a man). So far, the giant only appeared in the first Thor movie (and it’s unlikely he’ll appear ever again): portrayed by Colm Feore, he’s an old rival of Odin who tries to conquer Earth in ancient times, but who gets defeated by Odin despite he possesses the powerful Casket of Ancient Winters. In contemporary times, Laufey tries his best to avoid a new war caused by the arrogant Asgardian prince Thor, but he’s eventually manipulated by his very son Loki, adopted by Odin, into attacking Asgard…only to meet his end, in one of the God of Mischief‘s many schemes. In the comics, Laufey didn’t have exactly a huge role, appearing mostly through flashbacks…but something changed as of lately. Let’s see together.

Laufey was a Frost Giant, a pure descendant of the gargantuan Yimir, and he rightfully ruled over Jotunheim from his palace in Utgardhall. A feared and respected leader, Laufey ruled his hard people with an iron fist, and his prowess in battle was more than enough to convince his peers that he was fit for the throne; he chose as his queen the giantess Farbauti, and he conceived a heir with her…but the baby who was born was a weak and small creature, a shame for the king of the Frost Giants, unfit to inherit the throne. King and queen decided to keep the twisted child away from the other Giants’ eyes, and they hid him in their palace, never to be seen; Laufey named his son Loki, and he often beat him, as a way of “punishing” him for his frail and embarassing appearance. Laufey’s pride and ambition led him to declare war to Asgard, the most powerful of the Ten Realms, and his Frost Giants laufeycomics1proved to be able to battle the Asi…but Jotunheim’s downfall was about to come, and from an unexpected direction. Odin and his forces eventually invaded Jotunheim, and Laufey was ready to welcome them the Frost Giants’ way: the king, however, was aware that he would have lost the battle, and that his kingdom would have been lost. In a moment of meditation, his dwarvish son appeared: Loki, still a kid, told Laufey that he had snuck into the enemy campsite, and had learnt the location of Odin. He prompted his father to strike his enemy before the battle, labeling him a coward in the meanwhile. Angrily, Laufey hit Loki for the umpteenth time, defending his honor…but treasuring the information. Leaving his men in the dark, he decided to stealthily attack the king of Asgard…but the information was part of a trap: his son Loki had been contacted by a future, time-traveling version of himself, who had instructed him on what to say to the king of Jotunheim. Now facing his enemy, definitely not asleep or defenseless, Laufey had nothing to do but fight, and challenged him to a duel.

Odin wielded the powerful warhammer Mjolnir, and with that he shattered Laufey’s mace. The Frost Giant tried to defend himself with an ice sword, but Odin overpowered him, crushing his skull with the hammer and leaving him for dead in the frozen wastelands; later, before abandoning Jotunheim, Odin took Loki along and adopted him. Laufey awoke in the ice desert, just in time to see an adult Loki, the time-traveling one who had manipulated him, standing over him: Loki remarked to his hated father that he wouldn’t have hit him ever again, and decapitated him, putting an end to his kingdom, and to his life. The Frost Giants lost their leader, and with him their power: they tried to resurrect him, using one of their sorcerers, who retrieved Laufey’s cracked skull and bathed it in the blood of dozens of people from Midgard, but the ritual was interrupted by Odin and Thor, and the skull was thrown into the laufeycomics2sea by the Vikings. The skull was found centuries later by a submarine belonging to the evil corporation Roxxon Oil, and retrieved as a magic relic because of the power it emanated. In the meanwhile, the Giants had forged an alliance with Malekith the Accursed, wannabe king of the Dark Elves of Svartalfheim: in exchange of their power, Malekith promised them he would have resurrected their king. Malekith, along with the Giants, attacked an underwater Roxxon base, and after maiming Thor, who was trying to stop him, he left for the location of the skull. After defeating the AvengersFreyja and confronting the new female Thor, Malekith finally made a deal with Dario Agger, Roxxon’s CEO, promising him the wealth of the conquered realms in exchange of the relic. Finally, using his own dark magic and the blood of the Light Elves Agger provided him with, the Dark Elf succeeded where the Frost Giants had failed, and resurrected the dreaded Laufey. Laufey was immediately accepted in Malekith’s Dark Council, an alliance of beings from the Ten Realms devoted to bring chaos and destruction in the universe. Finally, the Realms would have remembered the glory of the Frost Giants, and of their king.

Laufey is the brutal and pitiless ruler of Jotunheim, a Frost Giant who values strength and power…and nothing else. Vicious and cruel, his heart is cold as the everlasting ice of his lands. As a Frost Giant, he possesses superhuman strength and durability, he can create and manipulate ice, and he can even manipulate weather causing snowstorms, cold winds and hailstorms; as the king of Jotunheim, he even possesses some knowledge of sorcery, and he’s an extremely proficient warrior. One of the most feared beings in the Ten Realms (and rightfully so), Laufey is a cunning tyrant and a brutal fighter, a conqueror born who’s able and willing to transform the entire universe in a lifeless, frozen desert.



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