Mary Jane Watson

maryjanewatsonfilmAnd here’s another iconic character from Brick89‘s list: Mary Jane Watson, the friend, girlfriend, wife, and later “ex” wife of Spider-ManMJ first appeared in the Spider-Man trilogy, portrayed by Kirsten Dunst. She debuts in the first movie as Peter Parker‘s neighbor and everlasting crush, girlfriend of school bully Flash Thompson. She evolves throughout the movie, and first she stays with Harry Osborn, then she become interested in his best friend Peter. In the following movie she’s about to marry John Jameson, but she eventually realizes her feelings and she finally gets engaged with Peter, but in the third movie something goes terribly wrong and the two cancel the wedding, only to eventually come back together. Shailene Woodley (sigh) portrays MJ in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, but almost all her scenes got cut off the movie: we can spot her in the final sequence with Rhino, she’s the waitress trying to hold the kid inside the restaurant. She will appear again in Spider-Man: Homecoming, portrayed by Zendaya…and we don’t know anything of the new incarnation of MJ, yet, so let’s just take a look at the original one.

Mary Jane Watson was born from Philip and Madeleine Watson. Because of Philip’s job, the Watsons had to move frequently all around the country, but unlike her older sister Gayle, MJ could count on a cheerful and carefree personality that helped her a lot to make new friends everywhere she went. The girl paid attention never to let anyone from outside her house see what really happened inside: Philip, frustrated for his poor academic career, vented his rage at home, and was always verbally abusive with her family. The moment he hit Gayle in a fit of rage, Madeleine finally left him, and she started staying with relatives who made turns hosting her along with her two girls. MJ’s favorite one was Aunt Anna, who lived in Forest HillsQueensNew York City: MJ had grown into a beautiful teenager, and Anna wanted to introduce her to her best friend May‘s nephew, hoping that the two maryjanewatsoncomics1youngsters would have gotten along. MJ wasn’t interested in the nerdy Peter Parker, but she enjoyed that little game she played with Anna. Finally, the Watson girls settled in Pittsburgh, but here MJ grew quite distant from her mother and sister: her (fake) party-girl personality alienated Madeleine, while Gayle became pregnant of her high school boyfriend and got married at 19, replicating the exact some mistakes of her mother (with a guy who was exactly like Philip). Sick and tired of her family, MJ gladly spent time with Aunt Anna, and went to her place during holidays. One night, while MJ was in Forest Hills for Thanksgiving, she abruptly changed her opinion on the boy next door, as she saw him rushing into his house…and Spider-Man emerging immediately after. She decided to keep what she saw secret, and she followed with interest the new hero’s first steps. Back home, however, a bad news was waiting for her: Madeleine had fallen ill, and she died shortly after. Gayle believed her sister would have stayed with her and helped her with her two kids (especially since her husband had left her after the second pregnancy), but MJ reacted the same way she had done with all the serious problems in her life: she ran away, moving to Aunt Anna and leaving her sister alone, thus definitely deteriorating their relationship.

Back to New York, Mary Jane could finally start to seriously pursue her dream of becoming an actress: she attended acting classes and she starred in many school plays, becoming even more popular. She even started working as both a waitress and a dancer at a restaurant, so that she earned money enough to buy her own apartment…always trying to avoid the blind date Anna and May tried to organize between her and Peter (a blind date that Peter as well was finding any excuse to refuse). Finally, the two ended up meeting, for the one that Peter believed to be the first and last date…but when he finally saw MJ in person, he was simply stunned in seeing how beautiful she was; the girl introduced herself saying “Face it Tiger, you just hit the jackpot“, a line that became the basis of a long relationship. Their first date, however, was quite lively, as Peter and MJ ended up finding Rhino maryjanewatsoncomics2on a rampage just near where they were; knowing Peter’s secret, MJ pretended to be curious, thus giving him a good excuse to get near the criminal and to get away “to take pictures for the Daily Bugle“; a moment after, Spider-Man arrived and solved the situation. Despite MJ’s obvious feelings for Peter, he disliked her (apparent) superficiality, and he started dating Gwen Stacy, another friend of his. MJ started dating another boy from their group, Harry Osborn, but their story didn’t last long, mostly because she was still attached to Peter. Everything changed for both her and her relationship with Peter when Gwen got killed in a battle between Spider-Man and the Green Goblin: knowing that Peter was Spider-Man, she understood better than anyone else how much his girlfriend’s death must have hurt him, and the event shocked her as well. She became more serious and sensitive, abandoning for once in her life her mask of carefree party-girl: she grew closer to Peter, and she became the friend he needed in the blackest moment of his life. At first, Peter rejected her quite violently, not believing her change of attitude, but then they finally started to understand each other. When Harry, now the second Green Goblin, wounded MJ with a Pumpkin Bomb, Peter never left her a moment in the hospital. When she woke up, the relationship of her life was about to begin.

Mary Jane Watson is a young woman full of life, with no worries in the world, whose only concern is partying all night and having as much fun as possible…or at least, this is what she wants others to see: behind the facade of a carefree and shallow girl, she hides far too many scars, and she defends herself from all the pain past and present with a fake smile and attitude. Sensitive and caring, she pretends not to care about people, so that she doesn’t get involved in relations that, she knows for experience, can hurt her. With Peter Parker, her best friend, her boyfriend and eventually her husband, MJ learnt to open herself to others again, and she can now fully express her character, her strength, her selflessness, her unshakable determination. Model, actress, dancer, wife of a superhero, she’s the rock Spider-Man can always count on, a woman who finally defeated her inner demons and bloomed to her full potentialities.



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