Rory Regan (Ragman)

ragmanfilmA new trailer for Arrow Season 5 has been released, and we finally get our first look at the new Arrow Team that will replace the original one. Green Arrow becomes the mentor of four disorganized and untrained vigilantes, and teaches them how to be like him: two recurring from the previous seasons, Artemis and Mr. Terrific, and two new entries, Wild Dog and Ragman, and the latter was the only one missing so far. Ragman, portrayed by Joe Dinicol, will appear along with the others in the episode The Recruits, and we only know that he’s gone through a personal tragedy recently, and that he arrives in Star City looking for answers…but that’s as far as our info go. We don’t even know if he’ll retain his scaring, magic powers from the comics. Let’s see together who this creepy-looking guy is originally (we’ll skip on the Vietnam War veteran version, going directly to the New Earth incarnation).

Rory Regan was born in Gotham City, the son of a Jewish European immigrant named Gerry Regan. Father and son, together, ran a pawn shop, Rags ‘n’ Tatters, and Gerry was a very active member of the community, always offering shelter and help to those in need: the shop soon became very known in the neighborhood…so known, actually, that a local gang decided to make it the front activity for their drug dealing. Gangsters in Gotham weren’t known for their kind approach, and this time they didn’t make any ecception: when Gerry refused to allow them to “work” in his shop, they beat both him and his son to death. Rory, actually, survived, even if he was left for dead in an alley; a homeless woman passing by, Betty Boyg, recognised him as the son of Gerry, who had helped her so much in the past, and she rescued the boy, bringing him to the hospital. Rory regained his strength, and when he could finally get back on his feet, he found out that the criminals had taken possession of the pawn shop, and two of them were posing as relatives of the Regans and running it in their place. Wanting to expose his “aunt” and “uncle”, Rory came back to the shop by night, wanting to gather evidence…but he found a legacy. ragmancomics1Inside a box, the young man found a pile of rags…that reacted to his presence and engulfed him in a creepy-looking costume. When the criminals heard the noise they reached him, but Rory acted on pure instinct, guided by the costume itself: he killed the man posing as his “uncle” and a number of drug dealers, and then some of the rags detached from him and engulfed the woman posing as his “aunt”, absorbing her in the costume by turning her into rags as well. Shocked by what he had done, fearing the relic he had  found, Rory ran out of the shop, seeking for help…and luckily enough he found it in the person of Rabbi Luria who had always been close to his family. That Rabbi knew the secret of the Regan family.

The Rabbi told Rori that the Council of Rabbis, in the 16th Century, wanted to replace the Golem as the protector of the Jewish community, since people didn’t trust a mindless brute of clay. They decided to create the Ragman, a new protector, this time controlled by a human being. For centuries, many people had been the Ragman, protecting Jews from persecutions and violence, but during World War II Gerry Regan, who was the Ragman of that time, failed, and the Nazis decimated his community. In shame, Gerry fled to the United States and started a family there, but now the costume, which everyone believed had been destroyed during the war, had awoken once again, and it chose Rory has its new host. Rabbi Luria told Rory that everytime he killed an evildoer, the costume absorbed his soul, just like it had done with the woman, thus increasing its power. The Rabbi also taught Rory how to properly control the costume and the many evil souls it contained, but also warned him of an incoming threat: since everybody believed the Ragman costume to have been burnt by the Nazis, the Council had reactivated the Golem, who with years had become much more human-like in appearance, feelings and thoughts (so that he would have not scared anyone again); in the world, however, there was not enough magic to ragmancomics2sustain both the Golem and the Ragman, so the clay-man would have soon come for him to protect his own existence. Under the Rabbi’s traning, Ragman learnt not only to accept his legacy and to fight evil, but also to resist to the evil souls he had trapped, spirits that wanted to take control of him. As Rory struggled to resist the bloodlust of the dead criminals, Howard Spratt, the leader of the drug dealers, had declared war to the entire slums, and the Golem had finally arrived to the city. His father inheritance proved to be much more dangerous than what Rory thought it would have been at first.

Rory Regan is a man with a purpose, a dark and dour vigilante completely dedicated to protect or avenge his community. As Ragman, he wields the Suit of Souls, a mystic Jewish artifact that grants him a number of powers: as long as he wears the Suit, he’s virtually invulnerable but to fire, he can fly, he can sense if Jews are endangered pretty much everywhere in the world and teleport where he’s needed, and he can telepathically control the suit, shaping it in every form he wishes, weapons included; the most astonishing power of the Suit, however, is its ability to absorb the soul of enemies: Ragman can increase his strenght, durability, agility and prowess channeling the souls’ ones, and he can access to their memories and abilities, making them his own. The more souls Ragman absorbs, the stronger he gets, but the harder it becomes to control them all, since they all retain their individuality, will and bloodlust: always on the verge of losing control, the Ragman is a brutal protector, watching from the dark over his people.


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