Gabriel Reyes

gabereyesfilmAlso Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. came back, and it was a pretty awesome premiere. At the end of The Ghost, after being defeated Quake spies on her new adversary, Ghost Rider, and following him she sees him with his younger brother, a crippled young man named Gabe Reyes and portrayed by Lorenzo James Henrie. We saw nothing of Gabe yet, apart from his good relationship with his brother Robbie, but he’s a recurring role, and we’ll most likely know something more about him (even just if he knows about his brother’s “night job”). Surely Henrie will do a better job here than in Fear the Walking Dead, at least as far as it concerns the writers involved. As usual, waiting to see more of him, let’s take a look at the original one (even if there’s not much to say).

Gabriel Reyes was born in Los Angeles, the second son of Alberto and Juliana Reyes. When Juliana was pregnant with Gabe, her estranged brother-in-law, Elias Morrow, paid a visit to his sister, but something went terribly wrong: during the “family reunion”, the violent Elias got enraged for something, and ended up pushing Juliana down the stairs, thus causing serious damaged to her unborn child. As a result, Gabe was born developmentally disabled, with his mobility being compromised forever. Gabe’s leg connections never developed, and he was forced to move with a wheelchair: since he was a kid, the one who took care of him the most when his parents were at work, and even more when they suddenly disappeared, was his older brother Robbie, who became his idol and personal hero. Despite his disability, Gabe grew up as a perfectly normal kid: he became a comicbook geek, had good grades at school, and hanged out with a group of friends…unfortunately, the block he lived in in L.A. wasn’t exactly a peaceful or a nice one, and Gabe was constantly bullied because of his condition. One day, while he was coming back from school, Gabe was attacked by a band of thugs led by Robbie’s classmate Guero, who wanted to gabereyescomics1steal his wheelchair. Robbie intervened immediately, and tried to fend them off…but Guero pulled out a gun, and pointed it to the boy’s head. With nothing to do but surrender, Robbie gave up, and the thugs stole Gabe’s wheelchair. Bloodied and angry, Robbie took his brother on his shoulders, and Gabe came back home piggyback. This however was the final straw, and from that moment Robbie put all his energies and resources in saving money enough to move to another block, in order to better protect Gabe.

Unbeknownst to Gabe, that very night Robbie participated to an illegal car race to win some big money and take him out of East L.A., but ended up starting a series of events that eventually transformed him in the new Ghost Rider. Gabe at first didn’t know anything about his brother’s death and resurrection, or about his urban war against Mister Hyde and his henchmen: he only knew that a morning he found his wheelchair besides his bed, as Robbie had “somehow” recovered it from Guero and his thugs. The reality of things, however, surfaced soon enough, as the spirit who was possessing Robbie (none other that uncle Eli Morrow himself) tried to force his nephew to exact vengeance on his killer, Yegor Ivanov, and when he refused, he targeted Gabe. The boy found himself under the evil influence of the satanist ghost, and after growing emotionally distant, he eventually surrendered to the manipulations of his uncle, and started hunting for Ivanov. Robbie tried to stop his possessed brother, but he was weak without the Rider’s powers. Eventually, however, in front of his old brother’s unquestioned love, Gabe found the strength to repel his uncle’s spirit, and Eli came back to Robbie, this time gabereyescomics2permanently. From that moment, the Reyes brothers shared also the secret of the Ghost Rider, and kowing that his brother had become a flaming possessed soul-eater didn’t unsettle Gabe the very least: now, Robbie was exactly the way he had always seen him, a superhero, and he would have always loved and trusted him.

Gabe Reyes is a simple boy, always cheerful and smiling, happy for pretty much everything. He loves his brother Robbie above anyone else, and the bond with him is the strongest he ever experienced in his life. Innocent and joyful, Gabe is the last shard of purity in Robbie’s life, an anchor that connects him to his fading humanity.



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