Albrecht Krieger (Captain Nazi)

captainnazifilmI’m still counting on the Christmas break for catching up. Anyway, in the second episode of Legends of Tomorrow, not only we meet a bunch of new superheroes (who are already all here), but also a brand new supervillain. In The Justice Society of America, the Legends team up with the JSA to battle Nazis, but they’re taken by surprise by the powered up commander of the enemy troops: Baron Krieger, portrayed by André Eriksen. The Nazi commander, in fact, has a secret alliance with another time traveler, the Reverse Flash, who gives him a serum that allows him to acquire superhuman powers for a limited time. Krieger surely doesn’t look pretty in his superhuman form, but he’s more than efficient in taking out the heroes. In the comics, Krieger is indeed a superhuman Nazi, but he never reaches the massive size we’ve seen on the show, and the origin of his abilities, albeit scientific, has nothing to do with Professor Zoom or other time travelers. Let’s see together.

Albrecht Krieger was born in an unspecified town in Germany, in the 1920s. He was the son of a low-life criminal, Siegmund Krieger, and of one of the prostitutes working for him. He grew up with his older brother Wolf, and together they suffered several physical and psychological abuses at the hands of their father. When he was still a kid, Albrecht witnessed Siegmund killing the boy’s mother beating her to death over a stupid quarrel on groceries. Obviously this kind of childhood left some scars on Albrecht and Wolf, and they grew up with violence as a constant in their life. When Adolf Hitler rose to power, they were simply fascinated by his ideas and by the strength he transmitted, and they became part of the Hitler Jugend first, and of the Nazi Party, later. When the Nazis started recruiting young people for a super-soldier program, Albrecht was among the enthusiast ones who offered as captainnazicomics1volunteers, and he was subjected to a number of genetic and bio-engineering process aimed to modify his body and physiology to make him the incarnation of the Übermensch. At the end of the experiments, it was Albrecht who was recognized as the true success of the entire project… even because he was the only survivor. Disposing of a wide array of superhuman abilities, Albrecht Krieger was presented to Adolf Hitler in person, and the Führer, impressed, named him Captain Nazi, the embodiment of the Nazi ideals and values. As Germany’s super-soldier, Captain Nazi battled a number of super-invaders from the United States, such as the super-strong Bulletman, the martial artist Minute-Man and the self-proclaimed “Defender of Democracy” Spy Smasher. Despite his best efforts, the Third Reich ended up losing World War II, and when everything seemed to be lost, Krieger put himself on suspended animation, the same thing he believed Hitler was doing: perfectly preserved from age and hidden from enemies, he would have awaken when the time would have been ripe for the reformation of the Reich.

Captain Nazi slept more than expected, as he stayed in suspended animation until the 1990s. During all this time his brother Wolf, a scientist, had kept fighting for the Third Reich’s ideals along with his granddaughter, Katrina, the mind-controlling villain Madame Libertine. There was an enemy, however, that kept foiling their plans: Captain Marvel. Unable to defeat Marvel, Wolf decided to reanimate his hero, his younger brother Albrecht… who was quite disappointed in waking up in a world in which America was the first world power and the few Nazi supporters were forced to hide in shame. Wanting to help his brother and to cripple the enemies of the Reich, Captain Nazi became a relentless enemy of Captain Marvel. During one of the two titans’ battles, Marvel threw Nazi into a lake, and the criminal was helped by two unaware bystanders, Jacob Freeman and his grandchild Freddy, who were at the lake fishing. Not exactly grateful, Captain Nazi used his saviors as human captainnazicomics2projectiles, throwing them at Captain Marvel at full force: the hero did his best to save them, but the impact killed Jacob and crippled Freddy. Vengeful, the wheelchair-bound boy eventually became Captain Marvel Jr., and he elected Captain Nazi as his nemesis… not that Krieger minded about it: the more enemies, the more honor. Eventually, the Marvel Family managed to defeat and restrain Captain Nazi, and they sent him to Europe, to be put on trial for his crimes against humanity during the war… but that wasn’t meant to be the end of the Third Reich’s champion, yet. While he was imprisoned in Europe, Nazi was contacted by a somewhat kindred spirit, albeit an American: Lex Luthor, the man who dared to challenge the gods. Luthor hired Captain Nazi in his Secret Society of Super-Villains, and he unleashed him against the Secret Six. Now, Captain Nazi was an international force against freedom, democracy and all the weak values that had replaced the Third Reich’s strength, and he would have fought until the world embraced the Nazi view on humanity again.

Albrecht Krieger is a strong man, highly intelligent, dangerously cunning, who firmly and totally believes in the values of Nazism, despising the weak and respecting the strength of the superior race only. As Captain Nazi, he possesses a nearly unlimited strength and durability, he’s unnaturally fast, he has a superior intellect, he can fly, all his senses are enhanced, and he’s virtually invulnerable (only his cybernetic eyes, weaker than his superhuman body, can be damaged). The living embodiment of Nazi ideals, invincible as long as somebody in the world believes in the Third Reich’s values, Captain Nazi is a man with no doubt and no restraint, who fights a war against the enemies of national socialism in the effort of resurrecting it on a global scale, crushing whoever stands in his way.


Lucian Aster

lucianasterfilmThe only villain among the remaining characters from Doctor Strange is one of the ZealotsLucian Aster, portrayed by martial artist Scott Adkins. Along with Kaecilius and his teammates, Lucian makes a deal with Dormammu to obtain eternal life and to have his powers increased, in exchange of an access to Earth. He’s the one who duels with Strange from London to New York, in a fight that’s much more physical than the ones we’re used to in the comics, and that continues also between dimensions. As many other guys in the movie, Lucian is a magic user in the comics as well, but he has nothing to do with the Zealots nor the Masters of the Mystic Arts, and he’s a secondary enemy of another well-established superhero team. Let’s see together.

Lucian Aster lived in Los AngelesCalifornia, but nothing is known about his family or his early life. A successful businessman and entrepreneur, he had founded a publishing house, Pan-Dimensional Publishing, specialized in books about occultism, magic and mysticism. Actually, several of the books were written by Aster himself, as he was an amateur sorcerer in the first place. Magically speaking, Lucian never accomplished much until, while trying ancient rituals, he ended up opening a portal to an unknown dimension, home of a demon, the Wild One. The Wild One promised him infinite power, and a place at his side in the new world he would have built; Aster agreed to help him arrive on Earth, and started following his instructions: he was told how to open a portal to Strange World to summon its Sorcerer SupremeShanzar, and ordered to find a body strong enough to be a host for Shanzar; he then had to sacrifice 666 demons and to spill the blood of  a single pure soul to release him from captivity, and to imprison a scion of Neptune as a catalyst. To provide the hundreds of demons, the Wild One taught Aster a spell to turn normal people into demons, and lucianastercomics1Lucian cast it the best way he knew: he bonded it to a book, and published it as Spelling Made Easy, the first book of necromancy for amateurs. The book was an announced success, and a lot of people bought it… but all who read it were turned into demons, ready to be collected by Aster and imprisoned waiting to be sacrificed. In the meanwhile, Aster had summoned Shanzar, and together they had identified the “scion of Neptune” with Namor the Sub-Mariner, king of Atlantis, who was amnesiac after a clash with Master Kahn. They imprisoned his mind into one of the demons, who once was Jill Walker, while Shanzar occupied Namor’s body. Everything was going as planned, if not for a detail: Namor’s mind broke free of control, and while in the demonic form he escaped and looked for help from one he knew he could trust… the Incredible Hulk.

While Aster and Shanzar were summoning the pure soul, the Silver Surfer, on Earth, Namor had moved to Rick Jones‘ body, contacted the Hulk, and sought the help of Doctor Strange: Lucian was worried for the presence of all the Defenders, but Shanzar reassured him, saying that they were too late to stop them. When the three heroes arrived at Pan-Dimensional Publishing building, Aster briefly confronted the Hulk, but then he teleported away along with Shanzar, the demons and a Namor-possessed Rick Jones. On the bottom of the Mariana Trench, Aster and Shanzar prepared a magic shield as a trap for the Silver Surfer: when the hero tried to pass through it, it siphoned his cosmic energies, empowering a dagger. The 666 demons attacked the three heroes, and realising they were not human anymore, the Defenders slew them… unwillingly making the first step of the sacrifice. Then, Shanzar stabbed the Surfer with the cosmic-empowered dagger, and a single drop of his blood was sufficient to lucianastercomics2complete the ritual and open a portal: the Wild One arrived on Earth, promising he would have rewarded Lucian Aster and Shanzar later. The Defenders tried to stop the Wild One, but he was far too powerful; the demon said he only wanted to play with Earth for a while, and that Lucian and Shanzar would have inherited anything that was left of the world when he was finished. Aster told the Wild One this wasn’t what they bargained for, but the demon was deaf to his protests, and he eventually tried to use his mystical weapon (a guitar) on him… but Strange shielded Aster, saving his life. Upon realizing the Wild One had no intention of keeping his word, both Aster and Shanzar allied with the Defenders, and they helped them destroying the demonic horde. Ridden with guilt, Aster offered himself as a living trap: he would have transformed into Strange, and cast a spell so that, when the Wild One would have attacked him, his body would have become a portal to the super-dense Strange Dimension, sucking the Wild One in and hopefully crushing him. This, of course, would have costed his life, but saving the world was the least he could do, after nearly destroying it.

Lucian Aster is an ambitious and greedy man, always searching for something more to gain and to conquer; a cunning and smart businessman, he’s but a naive boy in the mystic world, but his arrogance makes him blind on his lack of preparation. An amateur sorcerer, he is but a second-rate summoner at first, but with the help and teachings of the Wild One and Shanzar he gains much more power than he would have on his own, now being able to accomplish far greater deeds, to travel between dimensions, to perform ancient and dangerous rituals. More avid than truly evil, Lucian Aster plays with forces he barely understands… and the consequences risk to be dire for the entire world.

Adrian Allen Chase (Vigilante)

vigilantefilmLast character introduced in Arrow episode A Matter of Trust is a precious new ally to Mayor Queen and his staff, the new D.A. Adrian Chase, portrayed by Josh Segarra. Chase introduced himself as a honest and incorruptible crime fighter, with a strict anti-vigilante policy, who tries to clean up Star City through the legal system. Well, spoiler alert, but we’ve seen him (sort of) under another view already, since when Felicity looks for recruits for the new Team Arrow, the sketch of a vigilante she doesn’t call for is seen on her computer, and she just names him “Goggles“… well, that’s Adrian Chase’s alter ego, the Vigilante (not much fantasy there), and he’ll show up in episode 7, titled Vigilante (again, what’s the problem?!). Funny thing is, his methods will result too extreme for Green Arrow and his team, and that says quite a lot. Now, let’s see who Adrian Chase is originally.

Born in New York City, Adrian Chase was the son of famous lawyer Charles Chase, and he grew up with his brother, Dorian. As all the Chases before him, Adrian studied and graduated at a law school, becoming a lawyer just as his father, and then a judge. He made quite a career in the legal system, and he was even appointed District Attorney of Manhattan: honest and uncompromising, Chase declared war to the organized crime, especially to the Mafia families controlling the city. In the meanwhile, he had met Doris Brinkley, a woman he had fallen in love with: the two got married, and they had two children, Adam and Drew. Adrian’s job often put him at risk, but New York had also protectors other than the law enforcers, as it was the home of the New Teen Titans, a group that often cooperated with the District Attorney office and operated where the law couldn’t. The results of this cooperation were soon blatant, as Chase managed to corner one of the most powerful Mafia families in town, the Scarapellis… but the criminals weren’t exactly keen on going down without fighting, and they organised a bomb attack to kill the D.A.. The bomb didn’t kill Adrian, but it murdered his vigilantecomics1wife and children. Broken, Adrian Chase realized there were far too many things he couldn’t do while being restraint by the law: blinded by his thirst for vengeance, he dedicated himself to another path, and he started an intense training aimed to put him in perfect physical shape, and to give him a paramilitary preparation. Helped by his friend J.J. Davis, a computer genius and an expert engineer, Chase designed and developed a combat suit and a series of gadgets and highly destructive weaponry, while his friend and coworker Theresa Gomez informed him of criminals who had managed to fool the law: using the first one’s equipment, Adrian Chase hunted down the second one’s targets, delivering them the punishment they had avoided. The Vigilante was born.

The Vigilante was precise and brutal in his hunt, and he savagely beat the criminals who had the misfortune of crossing his path; usually, Chase limited himself to non-lethal force, but he didn’t have anything against killing as an extreme resource. His heroic career, however, was signed by failures, as he first beat nearly to death an ex-convict, only to learn afterwards that he had been unjustly imprisoned as he was innocent, then while trying to incriminate mob boss Warden Quilt he ended up killing both him and his bodyguard Brand; if this wasn’t enough, a police agent got killed as a direct result of the Vigilante’s actions. Ridden with guilt and in pain for all the suffering he had caused, Adrian decided to give up his mantle and to pursue justice as a judge, as he was supposed to do, but the mask kept calling for him. When another man dressed as the Vigilante showed up, delivering a lethal justice to everyone and executing even snatchers and bullies, Adrian felt it was his responsibility to stop him, and he hunted the second Vigilante down and confronted him. Chase was far better trained and he killed the copycat in battle… only to discover that behind the mask there was his friend and fellow judge Alan Welles. Feeling guilty for both giving Welles the example and for killing him, Chase renounced to his costume, letting yet another copycat (another friend, his bailiff Dave vigilantecomics2Winston) take his place, at least as long as he didn’t kill anybody. Winston, however, got killed by the supervillain Peacemaker, and just when he was trying to save Adrian: this only increased Chase’s sense of guilt, and cracked once and for all his sanity. Wanting to avenge his friend, the Vigilante made a comeback and faced the Peacemaker… only to be publicly defeated and unmasked on television. With the whole world knowing who he was, Adrian Chase’s life was over, and he was forced to live in hiding, giving all himself to his Vigilante persona. Now, however, everything was different, and the Vigilante didn’t care anymore who lived and who died, innocent or guilty: if the crime wanted total war, total war it would have had from him.

Adrian Chase is a broken man, transformed by his sense of guilt and thirst for vengeance: first an incorruptible and honest law enforcer, who believed in the system and worked hardly to make it better, he’s now a deranged crime fighter, who kills with no regret and who doesn’t even care of the collateral damage he causes (he even kills innocent cops in his war on crime). As the Vigilante, he’s a highly trained athlete and martial artist, and his complete synchrony between mind and body allows him not to feel pain nor fatigue; he’s an expert marksman, armed with an arsenal of lethal weapons (even if her prefers revolvers and sniper guns), a skilled driver and pilot, and an expert detective; his infrared goggles allow him to see in complete dark, and his motorcycle has been modified to become a lethal weapon as well. Bent on an unrelenting struggle against criminality in every form, the Vigilante is a man who completely lost his sense of self, and who now lives for the killing… exactly like the men he’s hunting down.

Tina Minoru

tinaminorufilmAnother character from Doctor Strange (I’ll add the other two as soon as I find the images): Tina Minoru, portrayed by Linda Louise Duan. She’s another one of the Masters of the Mystic Arts, and she appears briefly in a couple of sequences. It’s safe to say that most of her scenes got cut out, since we see more of her in the trailers than in the actual movie, but she can be spotted in Hong Kong, when Wong organizes the defense of the sanctuary against the Zealots, and she’s seen choosing a very familiar weapon to battle the evil sorcerers, the Staff of One, which will be the trademark tool of her more famous and popular daughter. In the comics, Tina never had anything to do with Kamar Taj, albeit she’s a magic user… but quite a bad one, actually. Let’s see together.

Tina was a perfectly normal woman, who lived a perfectly normal life with her fiancé Robert Minoru: both Americans of Japanese descent, they lived in Los AngelesCalifornia. Tina had a lot of friends, enjoyed watching Oprah Winfrey, was a devout Catholic and a faithful fiancée, nothing was out of place… at least apparently. Behind the normality’s facade, Tina hid a secret, as she was a practitioner of the dark arts, a sorceress who mastered a number of powerful and complex spells… and this was a “passion” she shared with Robert. They both sought unlimited power, aiming to disclose the secrets of the multiverse, and they found out they strengthened each other’s proficiency and strength. Eventually, Tina and Robert got married, but during their wedding day something utterly unexpected happened: the moment they exchanged rings, they vanished, teleported underwater, to a secret and ancient temple known as the Vivarium. Along with them, other five newlywed couples had been summoned: tinaminorucomics1Catherine and Geoffrey WilderStacey and Dale YorkesAlice and Gene Hayes, Janet and Victor Stein and Leslie and Frank Dean. As soon as they found themselves in the Vivarium together, the prisoners started accusing each other, and pretty soon they all started to use superhuman powers one against the other: they were all super criminals. Tina and Robert together created a dark portal aimed to kill the Hayes (who were actually mutants), but the battle was stopped by the ones who had summoned them all for first: the Gibborim, three interdimensional giants, elder gods who had been exiled from Earth eons before. The Gibborim wanted to return to Earth realm, and to destroy it, but they needed the help of selected couples with particular skills (the Minorus were The Magicians): in exchange for their help, the summoned criminals were promised absolute power over L.A., and eternal life to survive the upcoming apocalypse; in exchange, they would have made a blood sacrifice a year for twenty-five years, allowing the gods to return. As well as all the others, Tina and Robert accepted the offer, and they founded The Pride.

The pact worked out pretty well, and Tina and her husband found out their magic powers had been drastically increased; respect to her husband, Tina also wielded the Staff of One, a powerful relic (so powerful that even the Dreaded Dormammu trembled at its sight) able to perform any kind of feat responding to a simple vocal command, with the sole limitation of allowing the same command to be said only once. Using their combined magic powers, The Magicians of The Pride performed the Ritual of Blood every year, sacrificing a soul to the Gibborim to restore their power and weaken the barrier between dimensions, and in the meanwhile they enjoyed the gifts they’d been granted. When the Steins (evil scientists who served as The Wise Men) announced that they would have had a child, and that they wanted eternal life to be granted to him, the Minorus decided to do the tinaminorucomics2same, and they conceived a daughter, Nico. Tina and Robert raised their daughter as a normal kid, never making her part of who they truly were, and when Nico entered a goth phase as a teenager, the Minorus did whatever they could to keep her out of it, believing it would have led her to tap into magic. When Nico and the other children of the Pride were teenagers, the families reunited for the usual Ritual of Blood, and this time they had captured a young prostitute. While Tina and the others performed the ritual, slaying the girl to let her soul be devoured by the Gibborim, a scream was heard, and the Pride feared that their children might have witnessed the murder… but the kids were just playing Twister, and the scream was part of the game… apparently. Soon after, Nico Minoru and all the others ran away from home, and started foiling their parents’ project of destroying the world. Tina faced Nico one night in the Steins’ house, and in an attempt to stop her, she stabbed her daughter with the Staff of One… but the girl’s body absorbed it, as the Staff had chosen her as its new master. Now without her main weapon, Tina Minoru still had plenty of power to prevent her daughter from foiling a vicennial plan that would have granted immortality to her family…

Tina Minoru is an ambitious and power-hungry woman, who follows the Dark Path in the effort of discovering forbidden truth and obtaining immense power. Trained by the witch Marie LaVeau, Tina is a powerful sorceress: with the Staff of One in her possession, she was capable of pretty much everything, but even without it her proficiency in dark magic is remarkable, and she can perform a variety of spells, from creating matter out of thin air to teleportation, from summoning demons to energy manipulation; when she sums her magic energy to her husband’s, they reach a formidable level of power, high enough even to repel mystic beings such as Elder Gods (even if briefly). One of the most powerful magic users in North America, Tina Minoru is one of the pillars of The Pride, a mother ready to let the entire world burn to assure her only daughter eternal life.

Susan Williams

susanwilliamsfilmAlways with a week of delay, let’s see the new characters introduced in Arrow episode A Matter of Trust, this time two of them. As usual, ladies first: apparently, Bethany Snow has been replaced as Channel 52‘s anchor woman, and the new reporter is Susan Williams, portrayed by Carly Pope, and she’s not any better than her predecessor. In the episode, she manipulates Thea into providing her with information to put Oliver and his administration under a bad light (not that it takes too much effort in that), and she promises to become a pain in the back for the newly appointed mayor of Star City. In the comics, Susan is indeed a reporter, but she’s linked to another green superhero from the DC Universe: let’s see together.

Susan Williams was born in Coast CityCalifornia. Nothing is known about her original family or her early life, apart from the fact that she studied journalism, and after college she became a reporter. Hired by the magazine Behind the Scenes, Sue specialized in local politics news, and she followed the exploits of the new personalities in Coast City, making quite a name for herself as a thorny reporter with remarkable deductive abilities. Her life changed the moment her boss assigned her to follow the campaign of Jack Jordan, a man who was racing to become the new district attorney of Coast City. At first, Jordan’s race was just the same of every other candidate Susan had been reporting, but then something happened, as Jack was endangered by a group of criminals, and promptly saved by the city’s superhero, Green Lantern. Nothing particularly strange there, it wasn’t the first time Green Lantern saved somebody… but then it happened again, and again, and again. Anytime Jack Jordan was in danger, the superhero susanwilliamscomics1intervened to save him, as if he was watching over him with a special attention. Twice was a coincidence, but thrice was a pattern already: Susan didn’t miss the connection, and she started investigating on the possible relation between the D.A. wannabe and the superhero. Considering the kind of attention Green Lantern had for Jack Jordan, Sue deduced that he had to be someone close to him, a member of his family most surely. The Jordan family was quite a numerous one, but Susan, analyzing the personalities of Jack’s brothers, eventually found out the perfect candidate for the Lantern’s secret identity.

Among Jack’s brothers, Jim Jordan, the youngest one, seemed to have all the elements that could bring him to be a superhero, and to have that kind of protective attitude towards his older brother Jack. Sue was sure she had found Green Lantern’s true identity, and wanting to make the scoop of her life, she got close to Jim, in order to prove her deduction. A beautiful and brilliant woman, she didn’t have any difficulty in approaching the young man, and she pretended to be interested in him, asking him out. Jim fell for it, and the two started hanging out together, with Sue constantly hinting at Jim’s alter ego, trying to make him reveal himself. During the unorthodox investigation, however, something funny happened, as Sue realised she was truly falling in love with Jim Jordan, who was by all means a good and gentle man. Now fascinated not only by the Green Lantern, but also by the man behind the mask, Susan ended up getting engaged with Jim, and they eventually got married. They even had a son together, Howard, and some years after they had a daughter, Jane. Sue had a happy life, both on the professional level and on the family one… but there was still one thing bugging her, as her husband still susanwilliamscomics2refused to “confess” he was the Green Lantern. Finally, one night, Susan confronted Jim openly about it… and it turned out the man was actually telling the truth in denying to be the superhero, as Green Lantern was and had always been his other brother, Hal. Sue’s deduction had been correct in the most part, but it failed on the conclusion… not that she was so disappointed in it, since her mistake had allowed her to meet a man she truly love and to create the family she had always wanted.

Susan Williams is an intelligent and determined woman, a smart and intuitive reporter who doesn’t fear facing powerful people to expose the truth. Undoubtedly clever, she’s also pretty arrogant, and she rarely doubts her deductions. A difficult woman, she’s a loving wife and mother nevertheless, and she’s quite proud of her expanded family, made of good men and women, and even (super)heroic ones…

Daniel Drumm (Brother Voodoo)

danieldrummfilmFinally, Doctor Strange has been released… at least here, our American friends will have to wait some other days. Anyway, the movie confirmed the identity of some of the characters previously spotted in the trailers, and let’s start with a couple of them. First let’s meet Daniel Drumm, portrayed by Mark Anthony Brighton. Without spoiling anything from the movie, we can say that Drumm is one of the Masters of the Mystic Arts, along with Wong, Tina Minoru and Kaecilius, and he witnesses the betrayal of the latter. In the comics, Drumm is known mostly for being the first Brother Voodoo, closely linked to the second, much more famous and popular one; albeit dying on his very first appearance, Daniel Drumm keeps appearing in the Marvel Comics in the form of a ghost, managing to create quite some problems… let’s see together.

Born in Port-au-PrinceHaiti, Daniel Drumm was an orphan, and he grew up with his aunt Matilda along with his twin brother Jericho. Despite they lived in a poor neighborhood, Jericho managed to move to the United States to pursue an education, while Daniel stayed behind and remained in Haiti; here, since his childhood, he had become the apprentice of Papa Jambo, the local houngan (voodoo priest), as he was apparently destined to take his place. Daniel informed Jericho of his progresses in the study of magic, but his brother, now an educated man, had started to despise the traditions he’d grown up with, considering them superstitions for foolish and ignorant people. Daniel kept studying, until he earned the title of Brother Voodoo, the moniker that the city gave to its houngan since its foundation, three hundred years before. Now, Daniel was the protector of his people against occult forces, and he used the magic he had learned from Papa Jambo to fight evil sorcerers and spirits… until an occultist danieldrummcomics1more powerful than him arrived on the island. The man, who called himself Damballah after the voodoo serpent god, challenged Brother Voodoo for the control of the island, and when Daniel stepped up to defend it, Damballah cursed him and reduced him on his death bed. Jericho Drumm, knowing that his brother’s health was failing, traveled back to Haiti, where he managed to collect Daniel’s dying request: he wanted his twin brother to look for the old Papa Jambo and to ask him to stop Damballah; then, the evil sorcerer used a voodoo doll and delivered the finishing blow on him. Albeit skeptical, Jericho followed Daniel’s instructions and found Papa Jambo’s hut in the jungle. Upon learning of his disciple’s death, Jambo summoned Daniel’s loa (his spirit), and with a magic ritual, he bonded him to Jericho, making his skepticism fade away once and for all. Now Daniel Drumm was back to the land of the living, but only in the form of an incorporeal ghost.

Jericho Drumm became Papa Jambo’s new disciple, and thanks to Daniel’s guidance, he managed to learn magic enough to become the new Brother Voodoo faster than Daniel himself. The new Brother Voodoo managed to defeat Damballah, and Daniel found out that not only he could speak to his brother from within, guiding him and warning him of approaching dangers, but he could also exit from his body, existing independently from Jericho, and even possess other living people for short periods of time, overcoming their conscience and maneuvering their bodies. This way, he could help his brother in his activity as a mystical protector, and so he did for many years, witnessing with pride Jericho’s progresses that made him one of the most powerful magic users on the planet. Albeit not necessarily bonded to Brother Voodoo, Daniel chose to stay with him, both for true affection towards his twin brother, and for the not-so-secret hope that eventually Jericho would have found a way to bring him back to life for danieldrummcomics2real. When Stephen Strange stepped away from his role of Sorcerer Supreme, among the many candidates to replace him the mystic forces chose Jericho Drumm, who became Doctor Voodoo: again, Daniel chose to side with his brother, and he kept accompanying him even in his new, graver task. As the new Sorcerer Supreme Jericho squared quite well, until he accompanied the New Avengers on the mystical plane to battle Agamotto himself, who wanted his Eye back to conquer Earth: Daniel put all his magic energy at his brother’s disposal to defeat the entity, but Agamotto proved to be too powerful, and Doctor Voodoo made the ultimate sacrifice to stop him, exploding in a blast of mystic energy. Enraged for Jericho’s death, Daniel survived the explosion by possessing the indestructible body of Luke Cage, and using it he choked Stephen Strange, blaming him for his brother’s death. From that moment, all his energies would have been used to obtain his revenge, and with the ability to possess people, Strange could not trust even his closest allies.

Daniel Drumm is a strong and selfless man, who spent his life looking after his family, first, and his people, after; despite his heroic deeds, a growing darkness started spreading in his soul after his death, and he’s now a vengeful and mean spirit, a murderous avenger who’s ready also to betray his beloved brother to obtain what he wants. As Brother Voodoo, he was an expert user of white voodoo magic, and a skilled houngan; as a ghost, he’s now able to merge his soul with Jericho’s one, making him stronger, and to leave his brother’s body to possess other people’s ones, replacing their conscience with his own for a limited amount of time. The most reliable of allies, Daniel Drumm can also become the most relentless of enemies, capable of possessing even the closest allies and the most loved peers to strike his target.

Frances “Frankie” Kane (Magenta)

magentafilmMaybe I’ll catch up with everything by Christmas… too many new characters. Anyway, last week in The Flash we had another “freak of the week” kind of episode, Magenta, and we met another “artificial” metahuman with ties to Flashpoint. This time, abused teenager Frankie Kane, portrayed by Joey King, is helped by Doctor Alchemy to remember her former, alternate self as a metahuman, Magenta, and he helps her recover her magnetic powers… unfortunately, the process also leaves the girl broken and with a split personality. She can be gentle and meek Frankie, who The Flash manages to relate to, or angry and vengeful Magenta, who uses her powers to try and kill her evil foster father. In the comics, Magenta is not a teenager, doesn’t have alternate reality issues but a true bipolar disorder, and she has deeper ties to The Flash… albeit not the Barry Allen one. Let’s see together.

Frances “Francine” Kane was born in Blue ValleyNebraska, and was raised along with her brother. Her best friend as a child was Wally West, and the two spent much time together. During adolescence, it turned out Francine was a metahuman, and she started developing magnetic powers; at first, they appeared randomly and in small scale, with little objects levitating around the house when the girl was present, but then they grew, and her lack of control over her new abilities proved to be fatal. One day, while her father was driving her and her brother on a mountain road, Frances’ control over magnetism triggered, and her father lost control of the vehicle, falling off a cliff. Both her father and brother got killed, and Frances knew that she was somehow responsible of what had happened. If this wasn’t a nightmare enough, the girl’s mother was convinced that her daughter was possessed by the Devil, and she started treating her violently, in the effort of “freeing” her from evil spirits. Luckily enough, also Wally West had a similar secret, as he was the teen hero Kid Flash: as he realized what was happening to his friend, Kid Flash summoned the other Teen Titans, and together they magentacomics1convinced Frances, who hated her powers and didn’t want them, that what was happening to her was everything but an evil thing, and they helped her gaining control over her abilities. Grateful to the Titans, Frances ended up joining them as the superheroine Magenta. In the meanwhile, her relationship with Wally evolved, and the two started seeing each other more and more often until, in college, they became lovers. After Barry Allen’s death, Wally became the new Flash, and Magenta was by his side when he battled the immortal Vandal Savage for the first time; when Wally won the lottery and bought a house in Middle Hampton, Long Island, he asked Francine to go live with him… but the girl was already feeling too much pressure in being a superhero, and things moving so fast with Wally only made things worse: she decided to leave the Teen Titans, and also to break up with Wally, as she didn’t want to be nor date a superhero.

Still trying to get rid of powers she didn’t want, Frances went to S.T.A.R. Labs looking for help… but she wasn’t very lucky in that, as the scientist working with her was actually a worshiper of the demon Trigon, who messed her up pretty good. At the end of the treatment, not only Frances didn’t lose her powers as she wanted, but she had developed a dissociative identity disorder, and a brand new personality was inhabiting her, a dark and violent one who distorted all the memories she had with the Teen Titans… and especially with Wally. As Magenta, she attacked him in Central City‘s baseball stadium, unleashing all her fury and her powers on him… until Flash, understanding that something was wrong with his ex-girlfriend, tapped to her original personality by declaring that he still had feelings for her (something that didn’t exactly pleased his current girlfriend, Linda Park). Apparently Frances was brought back to her original self, but soon after Magenta took over again, and she attacked the new Teen Titans in magentacomics2Keystone City, animating a giant rig and unleashing it through the city, creating a magnetic force field all around Keystone to keep The Flash out. Linda Park, who was reporting the mayhem, was dragged into the force field as a hostage, but eventually it was her who managed to get through Magenta’s madness, reaching her true self and talking her out of the destruction she was causing, making her realize she was the sole responsible of her decisions, and that Wally wasn’t to blame. Magenta disappeared for a while, but she returned to Keystone some time after, and she helped The Flash stopping some criminals. Police officer Julie Jackam, however, tried to arrest her for her past crimes, and this was more than enough to make Frances’ dark personality resurface once again: she went berserk, and in her fury she severely wounded Detective Fred Chyre, until Flash managed to stop her and to make her realize what she was doing. The Pandora’s box that her mind was, however, had been opened again, and following that incident Magenta joined the demonic Cicada Cult: Wally West had officially lost his old friend, as now only a raging and mentally ill villainess remained.

Frances Kane is a severely disturbed woman, who’s been manipulated to become someone she didn’t want to: at first a frail but good-hearted girl, who considered her powers a curse since she couldn’t avoid people to get hurt due to them, she’s now a deranged avenger, who blames all her pain on others (especially on her ex-boyfriend, the third Flash) and who’s fueled by rage and scorn only. As Magenta, she possesses the ability to manipulate magnetic fields and energy, and she uses it mostly to move metallic objects, from items to vehicles to entire buildings, and to create impenetrable force fields, as well as to fly; her powers are stronger or weaker depending on her emotions, and the angrier she gets, the more she can use them. Completely detached from reality, Magenta systematically distorts her memories and experiences to feed her persecution complex, and she eventually erased her original personality completely, leaving only the evil and angry one… one that doesn’t need nor require saving, totally bent on a personal vengeance.