Megan McLaren

meganmclarenfilmRecently, Luke Cage has been released on Netflix…and as usual we’ve got plenty of characters to see. Like with previous series, we’re going to alternate the newcomers from the show with the other ones (I’m sorry, this means I’ll inevitably fall behind). Let’s start with the first episode, Moment of Truth: while meeting the show’s villains, we see politician Mariah Dillard being interviewed by some reporters about her program for a “Harlem Reinassance“: the journalist holding a microphone to her is Megan McLaren, portrayed by Dawn-Lyen Gardner. In the comics, McLaren is blonde and Caucasian, but she’s a reporter nevertheless; however, she never followed politics, as she’s specialised in covering one particular Government-sponsored superteam. Let’s see together.

Not much is known about Megan McLaren’s early life: born in the United States, possibly in New York City, she grew up to become a television reporter, working for the news organization WJBP-TV. She became a journalist in quite a favorable time for news, as the greatest superhero teams ever (the Avengers, the X-Men and the Fantastic Four) had apparently been killed by Onslaught, the superhuman threat resulting from the fusion of Professor X and Magneto. Following the chrisis, people felt quite uncertain about the future, and new heroes stepped up to replace the lost legends. Among them there were the Thunderbolts, a team composed almost entirely of allegedely reformed supervillains, and WJBP-TV entrusted McLaren with following them. Megan found herself often accompanied to rivals from other news channels, like Gayle Rogers for KTTA and Brie Larnmer for the Daily Bugle, always competing for telling the world what the new heroes were doing, and if they were worthy the people’s trust. Among the first coverages McLaren did, there was the battle between the Thunderbolts and the Elements of Doom, a group of alien alchemical constructs, that costed the life of Techno (or so it seemed). She later followed the team as they took meganmclarencomics1on one of the Avengers’ most powerful foes, Graviton, and even when a “misunderstanding” put them against the Heroes for Hire. One of her most sensational covered news was when Mach-1, a member of the Thunderbolts, surrendered to the authorities and had himself arrested in order to avoid unuseful clashes, an act that helped the public opinion to finally start to trust the good faith of the reformed villains. Her familiarity and experience with the Thunderbolts ended up becoming an actual specialization, and Megan McLaren became WJBP-TV’s expert of reformed villains and/or rogue heroes.

With this field of expertise, it was no surprise that WJBP-TV sent her to Roxxon‘s press conference during which they presented to the public their new employee, the former (?) supervillain Scorpion. Roxxon even staged a series of fake attacks to show that Scorpion had actually reformed his ways, but the conference was abruptly interrupted by Spider-Man, who didn’t fall for it and attacked the criminal, eventually exposing Roxxon’s involvement with some of his activities…and Megan covered it all, being on the scene. The world changed once again when the Avengers, the FF and the X-Men returned from an alternate dimension Onslaught had sent them to: now, the heroes were just too many to count, and the teams often clashed with each other because of incomprehensions or clashing interests. With a situation like this, Megan didn’t always side with the heroes, starting to give voice to normal people. When the Avengers finally managed to calm down a rampaging Hulk after a prolonged and difficult battle, Megan McLaren started interviewing the people who had lost their homes and entire cities to the Green Goliath‘s fury, blaming the Avengers for an intervention that came too late to be useful. From that moment, she kept following the Avengers underlining every failure from them, such as when they failed to stop and apprehend Whirlwind, a minor villain that should have not been a problem for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes…an incident that proved to be source of great embarassment for the team. The report had quite meganmclarencomics2some consequences, and in the following interviews Megan found out that many heroes were leaving the team: She-Hulk and Black Knight would have joined the Heroes for Hire, while Crystal and Quicksilver would have moved to Attilan. The new team, still led by Captain America, didn’t start with the best premises ever…and Megan would have always been there, to cover every success, and possibly every failure of the new roster.

Megan McLaren is an ambitious and resourceful woman, always on the frontline to cover stories nobody else would follow. Thanks to her long-time helpers, the cameraman Marty and the specialist Kenny, she follows superhero teams like the Thunderbolts and the Avengers even in the midst of battle, always ready to tell the people what they need to know…or what the channel needs to report in order to raise the share.


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