Colin King (Ninjak)

ninjakfilmFinally, a couple of official pictures from Valiant Comics‘ and Bat in the Sun‘s top secret live action project have been released, and they give us a good look at two of the main characters (apparently, according to rumors, the still untitled series will see Valiant’s main heroes going at each other in some kind of tournament). The first anti-hero we can lay our eyes on is Ninjak, the British spy and ninja assassin that is by far one of the company’s most popular characters. As you can guess, we still don’t know anything about Ninjak’s role in the series, so it’s useless to make assumptions as for now. There are actually two different version of Ninjak in the comics, and it’s unsure which one Michael Rowe will portray…but I think it’s safe to ignore the videogame-playing kid and see the original, badass British spy version. Let’s take a look.

Being an international spy, not everything from Ninjak’s past has been revealed, and just a few people know the details. He was once Colin King, the son of a wealthy British couple; his parents had to travel often and for long, so he was left in the family mansion along with the butler, Alain, a hard and severe man who became some sort of nemesis for the kid. Colin was rebellious, malicious and smart, and he often snuck out of the house to do what he pleased, but everytime he was caught and received a severe beating for his transgression; once, Colin even tried to kill the butler, first attempting to poison him (Alain smelled the trap, and beat the kid once again), then trying to make him blow up with an explosive toy…but the explosive wasn’t nearly enough, and it only managed to hurt the butler superficially. Scared by the possible reaction, the boy escaped in the nearby woods, and stayed there for weeks, surviving on his own. When he finally came back home, Alain was suspiciously kind: Colin’s parents had come back…and they were obviously on the butler’s side in the matter. It was in these days, however, that Colin was finally able to enter the Safe Room, the one room in the house his father forbade him to enter: in here, he found weapons, wigs, high-tech gadgets…his father was a spy. He kept this knowledge hidden for years, and he told Alain he knew only years later, as a teen, in Provence, France, just before having a revealing conversation with his mother: the woman, while ninjakcomics1complaining about the tolls of her life as a spy, also told him that Alain was his biological father, another spy she had slept with while in the Soviet Union. Alain had followed them back to England, and he had imposed himself as the family’s butler to see his son grow up, threatening the other two spies to blow their cover (and themselves) if they refused. Tired of living in such a lie, Colin decided to leave and start his own story; just before departing from Alain, however, the “butler” told him one last truth: his putative parents were indeed spies, but Russian ones, undercover in London (and in many other places). Colin didn’t care: under the alias Colin Ouja, he took a plane to Japan, and never turned back.

Nearly nothing is known about Colin’s time in Japan: he was an outcast in their society, but he was trained by the Undead Monk in the arts of ninjutsu. He even found love, in the person of a woman he was eventually forced to abandon under unknown circumstances. At the end of his years-long training, Colin was a different man, and he came back to Europe with a brand new attitude, personality, and set of skills. The latter gained the attention of Neville Alcott, an MI6 agent he had met when he was a child as one of his parents’ many guests. Alcott recognized the boy, and was quite impressed by his abilities, so much that he offered him a place in the agency to replace his father, who had just been murdered (it’s unclear “which father” it was). Colin accepted the offer, but in exchange he had all his personal data and history erased, even his name was a knowledge accessible to a few: from there on, he was Ninjak, a spy, assassin and weapons expert who united the ancient discipline and techniques of Japanese ninjutsu to the most modern and high-tech gadgets and equipment the secret services had at disposal. Ninjak became in no time a legend in the secret services, accomplishing missions deemed impossible. In a particularly difficult mission, Ninjak was sent in Peru to collect a special high-tech armor, the X-O Manowar suit, from Aric of Dacia, the man who had stolen it; the one who commissioned the mission, ninjakcomics2Patrick Clement, was however an infiltrated agent from the Vine, an alien race of conquerors who wanted the X-O Manowar armor back to enslave Earth. Ninjak at first managed to incapacitate Aric and claim the armor, but when the man reawakened he bonded telepathically with the suit, and a fight ensued: Ninjak was defeated, but he managed to escape by crashing the plane the two were traveling on. A rogue Vine operative, Alexander Dorian, managed to convince Ninjak that many MI6 agents, Patrick Clement included, were infiltrated aliens; with their rivalry put apart for a moment, Ninjak and X-O Manowar teamed up and raided the MI6 headquarters, killing Clement and many other agents. The two men parted as rivals, knowing that the next time it would have been hard to find a common cause able to prevent them from killing each other.

Colin King is a living enigma, a serious and lethal warrior born from an abusive childhood and a youth of lies. Extremely intelligent, cold-blooded and disciplined, he’s possibly the world’s top spy, a man with no past who can disappear at will from anyone’s sight. As Ninjak, an ancient art taught him to be aware of every single particle of his body, so that he can access to a variety of abilities usually unknown to humans: he can accelerate his own healing focusing on his damaged tissues, he can slow down his aging in the same way and even expel dangerous substances from his organism (as well as surviving most poisons); he’s a superb martial artist and weapons master, one of the most lethal humans on the planet, who constantly trains his body to peak conditions. His many gadgets include a bulletproof and fireproof mimetic outfit (the Hex-Weave suit) that makes him virtually invisible, Smart Gloves and Smart Boots that allow him to stick to any surface, Mini-Drones that he uses as long-range spies, and an arsenal of modified weapons that range from his Ultra High-Frequency Katanas, able to cut through anything, to multi-function shurikens that can explode, emit knockout gas and many other things. Without the slightest hesitation or remorse, Ninjak is the deadliest spy on the planet, a living legend who makes himself noticed only when his blade is sprouting from his target’s chest…



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