Samuel Joseph Scudder (Mirror Master)

mirrormasterfilmA new trailer for The Flash gave us a glimpse of what we can expect from this third season, and we got a first look at a new, recurring villain: Mirror Master, portrayed by Grey Damon. The elusive thief will appear first in The New Rogues, the upcoming fourth episode, he’ll be a metahuman with the ability to travel through mirrors, and he’ll be teaming up with a female version of The Top to hunt down Captain Cold. Mirror Master already appeared in the 1990s tv series, portrayed by David Cassidy. In this version, Sam Scudder is a skilled thief who uses olographic devices to give the illusion of multiplication; he’s betrayed by his partner, Stasia Masters, and after being arrested he breaks out with the intention of robbing S.T.A.R. Labs and taking his revenge against Stasia. Surely we’ve been waiting to see the Mirror Master for quite a while now: waiting to see if the wait will be worth it, let’s take a look at the original one.

Not much is known about Samuel Joseph Scudder‘s life: he was born in Central City, and despite being an highly intelligent young man he became a thief during his teens, and stayed a criminal for his whole life. Between an arrest and another, he found some jobs aimed to reintegrate him in society, but he always ended up failing to keep it straight and narrow. One time he obtained a job in a mirror factory, and he was tasked with cleaning the mirrors before the sale. One night he had an accident with one of the mirrors, pouring on it a mix of chemicals that altered its structure: the supervisor told him to throw the ruined sample away, but Scudder decided to keep it, and he brought it home to study it. The mirror, in fact, was showing unique properties, and Sam had all the time in the world to learn what he could do with it (the first thing he noticed was that the mirror’s surface wasn’t solid anymore, and if he put a hand in it, his limb reappeared sprouting from a nearby reflecting surface). Studying both the mirror and the mirrormastercomics1chemicals he had used on it, Scudder found a way to modify mirrors in a variety of ways, obtaining several effects (including teleportation through them). Immediately seeing the possible profit of his discoveries, Sam Scudder deviced what he called his Mirror Gun, that through different chemicals and arnessing photons could modify mirrors as he wanted, and he even tailored a yellow-and-green costume: he became the Mirror Master, one of the most elusive thieves ever. For his first heist, he created copies of a number of people manipulating their reflections in mirrors, and sent them to steal what he wanted in his stead. With so many people being incriminated for crimes they could have not possibly committed, The Flash started investigating on his own, and eventually esposed the Mirror Master’s scheme, defeating him and arresting him.

While in prison, Scudder continued his researches (even in jail, mirrors didn’t lack), and found out something extremely interesting: mirrors weren’t just connected one to another: he could teleport through them thanks to an alien dimension, Mirror World (not much fantasy in naming things, here). By aligning several mirrors in a particular position, Sam could open a portal to the Mirror World; at first, Scudder didn’t want to travel through it, not knowing what kind of menaces lurked there, but eventually he considered anything to be prefarable to prison, and he made his leap of faith into Mirror World. What was waiting for him was a deserted land with twisted leafless trees, with no sign of life…until he stumbled on a city inhabited by the Orinocas, a race of telepathic warrior women. The Orinocas were first scared by Scudder, since they had never seen a man before, and tried to kill him…but then they noticed a mirror he was carrying along, and were intrigued by it. Grasping the possibility of staying alive, Scudder told them he could do more mirrors if they liked, and he immediately became some sort of celebrity. Life in Mirror World, however, was quite frustrating for an inveterate thief like him, since the Orinocas treated him like an idol, providing him with anything he wanted: everytime he just thought of stealing mirrormastercomics2something, the telepathic women read his mind and brought him whatever he was plotting to take. Soon the Mirror Master longed for home, but he found himself unable to come back to Earth: remembering his foe’s abilities, he lured the Flash to Mirror World, where the Scarlet Speedster easily defeated the Orinocas who tried to kill him as well. After realising the situation, Flash took Mirror Master and vibrated back to Earth along with the criminal…obviously leaving him in prison. Soon Mirror Master was out again, and this time he was fully aware that he couldn’t continue his criminal career without disposing of the Flash first…something that he couldn’t accomplish alone. He started working with Captain Cold and his Rogues, becoming one of the team’s core members: now, not even the Flash could prevent him from obtaining what he wanted. Maybe.

Sam Scudder is a brilliant, intuitive and versatile man…but also an extremely greedy one, who prefers a life of crime to putting his remarkable intellect to the service of a good cause. As the Mirror Master, he can use his Mirror Gun for a variety of purposes, most notably the ability to transform every mirror into a portal to the Mirror World and to use it to travel instantly from a place to another (as long as some reflecting surface is present); he can also create duplicates of anyone through their relfexes, control other people’s minds, generate holograms and illusions, even trap people into tiny mirrors and later restore them to their normal state (if the mirror is broken while a person is trapped in it, that person dies). Armed with one of the most formidable weapons ever invented, the Mirror Master is a skilled thief who constantly challenges the laws of physics to accomplish his personal goals…but luckily enough his ambition is not on the same level as his intellect, and his goals are always pretty low-key ones.



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