Deever & Dumfrey Tweed (Tweedledee & Tweedledum)

tweedledeetweedledumfilmJust in time for the new episode of Gotham, we meet the new characters introduced in last week’s one, A New Day Rising. In order to collect his missing sister Alice (an original character, more or less), Jervis Tetch needs some muscle, so he uses his hypnotic abilities on a group of luchadores, the Terrible Tweeds, five wrestlers who become his henchmen. Of these unfortunate brothers, one is captured, two are killed, and only the remaining two manage to escape with Tetch: Deever Tweed, portrayed by Happy Anderson, and Dumfrey Tweed, portrayed by Adam Petchel. These two guys are the first live action portrayal of a couple of villains nobody would have ever bet to see on a show: Tweedledee & Tweedledum, another pair of psychos who took inspiration from Alice in Wonderland (really, that book made a lot of damage in Gotham City). Waiting to see them return to the show eventually, let’s take a look at their original counterparts.

Deever and Dumfrey Tweed were born in Gotham City, from an unknown family; despite their striking resemblance, that made so that everyone mistook them for siblings, twins even, they were actually cousins (Dumfrey had indeed a twin brother, Dumson, but he was more attached to Deever nevertheless). Both tall, fat enough to have a round shape, bald and somewhat childish in appearance, the two cousins realised they just looked like John Tenniel‘s portrayal of Tweedledum and Tweedledee from Lewis Carrol‘s Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There (the just as mad sequel to Alice in Wonderland), and it became some sort of roleplaying game for them, as they started calling themselves like the characters from the novel since they were both very young. As adults, they decided to take the quick and easy way to become wealthy in Gotham City: crime. They were, however, lazy at heart, and they just didn’t want to struggle more than necessary to obtain what they wanted, so they hired a tweedledeetweedledumcomics1group of thugs to do the hard work, while the two of them plotted impossible schemes to steal valuables from several places in the city. Using their striking resemblance, Tweedledee and Tweedledum managed to fool both GCPD and Gotham’s protectors, Batman and Robin, into thinking there was but one criminal mastermind, and by striking more places at once, with one of them present in two places at the same time (a jewelry and a clothing store, respectively), they confused the authorities and the crime fighters with inconsistent reports of robberies attributed to the same person. They both met Batman and Robin in three different occasions, but each time they managed to escape from them…by bouncing away, using their unique physique. The fourth time the heroes met them, however, was in their hideout, having tracked down their goons: with the “identical twins” trick exposed, Batman and Robin captured them both, and finally sent them to jail…not that any prison was able to hold the two masterminds for long, of course.

It didn’t take much for the Tweed Brothers, as they now called themselves (despite being cousins), to find a way to break out of prison, and obviously to resume their criminal career. Believing they had exposed themselves too much the first time, they devised another plan to rob people without taking matters directly in their hands. Instead of going from shop to shop to steal goods, they decided to let rich people come to them: they built a fake hotel, and robbed anyone that entered there as a client. Obviously, this plan couldn’t work for long, as the clients, left alive, started denouncing the theft: Batman and Robin intervened once again, and arrested the couple. This, however, was just the first part of a plan: with the money they had collected with the hotel fraud, they financed a political campaign to become Mayor(s) of a town nearby Gotham, Yonville (always pretending to be just one guy). Deever and tweedledeetweedledumcomics2Dumfrey managed to win over Yonville’s population, and they conquered the city hall. Suspicious, Batman came to investigate…but the Mayor(s) used an anti-vigilantism law they had just approved to incarcerate the Caped Crusader, and put him in jail. In the meanwhile, they deviced an entire series of laws aimed to exact from the citizens a growing amount of taxes, actually stealing from them using the law. Quite ironically, Tweedledee and Tweedledum found themselves on the opposite side of the law when Batman did what they usually did in the situation they put him in: he escaped from prison, and going against the law he attacked them and captured them. When it became clear also for the townsfolk they had been swindled, since the Mayor was actually two Mayors (something that was obviously against the law), the Tweed Brothers were sent away from Yonville, and back in Gotham they got arrested once again. As usual, being imprisoned wasn’t an insuperable obstacle for the criminal couple…

Deever and Dumfrey Tweed are intelligent and greedy men, whose sole purpose in life is to become as rich as possible as quickly as possible. Extremely lazy, they prefer to leave all the physical work to hired goons, while plotting absurd schemes from behind the curtains. As Tweedledee and Tweedledum, they possess unique physiques that make them unusually strong and durable, and that also give them the awkward ability of bouncing on their own phat, thus making their escape faster, and their fighting style unique; they are also skilled scientists, and they use an array of gadgets either for their own gang or for other criminals they seldomly work for, namely The Joker and the Mad Hatter. Just as unusual as a Gotham’s criminal pair can be, Tweedlum and Tweedledee are all the more dangerous, considering that, despite their look, they’re among the few ones to be considered mentally sane in town.


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