Konstantin Kovar

konstantinkovarfilmWell, voices of Red Star‘s appearance on Arrow were quite premature, as last episode The Recruits confirmed that the Kovar who plagued Taiana Venediktov‘s village, and whom Oliver Queen is looking for in Russia to exact his friend’s revenge on, is not Leonid Kovar, but his father, Konstantin Kovar. It remains to be seen if his son will ever appear on the show, but the choice of including him makes much more sense, considering that he’s a villain also in the comics (albeit a more than secondary one), and that he’s famous for having kidnapped American superheroes on Russian soil. In Arrow, as we said, he’ll be a government’s strongman who acts as a dictator on a number of villages, and Bratva is now helping Oliver to get near him and kill him. Before the man meets his Maker, let’s take a look at the original one.

Not much is known about Konstantin Kovar’s early life: he was born in Russia, just before it became the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, and he grew up under the Soviet regime. Always a patriot, he swore loyalty to the new government, and put his remarkable intellect at the service of the glory of the Soviet Union. Kovar was a man of study, and he became a skilled archaeologist, who looked into the past for means to make Russia a greater country. He got married to an unknown woman, and from their relationship a son was born, Leonid. The woman died soon after under unknown circumstances, and Konstantin started bringing Leonid along in his expeditions, making him part of his work. Together, they started investigating a meteorite that had crashed in the Yenesi River in 1908, believing it was something different…and they were actually right, as it turned out the “space rock” was in fact a “space ship” from an unknown planet. Father and son studied the wreckage together, but Leonid got curious, and konstantinkovarcomics1started exploring the ship on his own; as a result, the wreck exploded, but imbued the boy with superhuman powers. Back to Moscow, Leonid was taken in for studies, and Konstantin entrusted his son to an old friend of his, Pyotr Rashkov, who was also the chief scientist studying his new abilities. In the meanwhile, because of his success in providing the Soviet Union with its first superhero and of his proved patriotism and talent, Konstantin was contacted by some officers from the KGB, who were forming a secret black-ops team, and wanted him to be part of it: the archaeologist accepted the offer, and faked his own death in order to disappear from the radars, leaving Leonid to be raised by Rashkov. From that moment, he started watching over his country along with his teammates…but the new turn Soviet Union was taking didn’t please him the least.

Soviet Union, in fact, was starting a process of reconciliation with its all-time enemies, the United States of America, and even Leonid, who was now the hero Red Star, had become friends with the American superheroes Teen Titans: both were unforgivable signs of weakness. The only solution was to take over Russia and to remind it of its strength, all the while blaming the US for it…and the chance arrived when the alien hive-mind Technis tried to take over Cyborg and, by doing so, transported him to Russia. Konstantin and his men abducted the cybernetic hero, and used his advanced technology to create an army of what they called Meta-Men, cybernetically engineered soldiers who could make Russia great again. Kovar also planned to use a brainwashed Cyborg to kill Soviet President Boris Yeltsin blaming America for it, later taking control of the State as a savior. To do so, he needed the resources of Science City, a Russian complex disposing of the most advance tech in the world, and he framed Professor Rashkov to take him out. This way, however, Rashkov called back to Russia Red Star for help, and the young hero soon discovered his father, alive and well, along with the Meta-Men, thanks to Anna, a KGB spy who wanted to stop Kovar. The Meta-Men konstantinkovarcomics2overpowered Red Star, Anna, S.T.A.R. Labs scientist Sarah Charles and Rashkov with little effort, and Konstantin tried to win his son to his cause…but with no result. Promising to free him and Anna after brainwashing them so that they couldn’t recall anything of their meeting, Kovar executed Rashkov just in front of Leonid’s eyes…thus triggering a new set of powers in the young hero, who managed to free himself and resumed the battle with the cyborgs. During the struggle, Anna shot Konstantin in the head, killing him instantly…but some of Kovar’s brethren took the body away, and transformed him into a Meta-Man. Now one of the superhumans he had dreamed of leading Russia, Kovar started leading the Meta-Men Militia, a terrorist organization aimed to take control of the Soviet Union and to stop the embarassing peace projects with Americans.

Konstantin Kovar is an intelligent and manipulative man, who strongly believes in his country…or, at least, in a specific idea of his country, that only recognizes conflict as a sign of strength and power. As a Meta-Man, it’s unknown how much of his mind has remained in the new body, but he possesses enhanced strength, reflexes and durability, and he has limited technopathic abilities. A man ready to sacrifice even his own humanity to achieve the goal of a respected and feared homecountry, Konstantin Kovar is a menace first of all to the ones who seek peace, the most unforgivable weakness of all.


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