Joy Meachum

joymeachumfilmJust to remain on Netflix territory, let’s start to see the characters appeared in the first Iron Fist trailer. The first one is Joy Meachum, portrayed by Jessica Stroup; she’s the girl appearing when a voice tells Danny Rand that evil will come for him, maybe even in the form of a friend. Only time will tell what the prophecy means; as far as we know, Joy will be one of the owners of Rand Enterprises, along with her father Harold and her brother Ward. Danny Rand’s appearance obviously puts their project on the company in peril, since he’s claiming his birthright on the company. Whether she’ll be an ally or a foe to Danny remains to be seen…in the comics she’s been both. Let’s see together.

Joy Meachum was born in New York City, the daughter of powerful and wealthy businessman Harold Meachum. Since her childhood, Harold raised her to be his perfect heir, and she became a skilled businesswoman, smart and intuitive, trained to take the reins of her father’s co-owned company, Rand Meachum Inc., which he controlled along with his business partner and friend Wendell Rand. Joy grew up with Danny, Rand’s son, and the two were good friends…but unbeknownst to Joy, Harold had already planned a way to ensure his daughter to inherit the entire company without sharing with Danny, and he organised the murder of the entire Rand family. When only Harold came back from a trip along with the Rands, claiming to be the only survivor of a tragic incident, Joy suddenly found herself the only heir to a multi-billionaire company, and albeit mourning the loss of her friend, she put an even double effort in improving her managing skills. As an adult, she started leading the company along with her father, and everything was going exactly the way Harold had planned it…at least, until Danny Rand returned, proving he wasn’t as dead as the Meachums believed him to be. The relationship with Danny didn’t restart as well as Joy expected, since Danny was more than determined to take back his share of the company, and seemed joymeachumcomics1to be convinced that the Meachums would have done anything to prevent him to. If dealing with an old friend who had come back from the grave wasn’t enough, something tragic happened to Harold some nights after Danny’s return: hearing some noise from her father’s office, Joy went to check on him, and she found Harold, lifeless, clearly mudered, and a masked man, who went by the name Iron Fist, standing besides him. It was easy for Joy to deduce that Iron Fist was her father’s murderer (actually, the culprit was the Ninja, an assassin working for Master Khan), and she tried to shoot the man, who got away. But this was only the beginning.

Now with all the resources and the influence of Rand Meachum Inc. at her disposal, Joy became more determined than ever to avenge her father’s death, and she started a personal crusade against Iron Fist. She called for her uncle Ward’s help, and together they tried pretty much anything to have Iron Fist killed; they even hired an assassin for hire, Steel Serpent, who had quite a grudge against the masked hero: the Serpent agreed to work for the Meachums as long as he was promised his revenge against Iron Fist. While working with her uncle, however, Joy started having some doubts about him, so she asked the Steel Serpent to investigate on Ward, something that the assassin did, even if he kept for himself the disturbing truth he had learnt, threatening Ward in first person. In the meanwhile, Danny Rand was still trying to take his father’s share of the company back, and during a meeting between Danny, Joy and their respective lawyers, the crime boss Chaka Khan attacked them. Iron Fist appeared to fend off the criminals, and Joy ordered Steel Serpent to attack him…but the assassin ignored her orders and chose to take her to safety first: after that, Steel Serpent quit his relationship with the Meachums, telling Joy he had extinguished his debt, and that he would have focused on his own revenge now. Timing couldn’t be worse to lose such a bodyguard, as joymeachumcomics2Chaka Khan wasn’t the only crime lord who had a grudge against Rand Meachum Inc.: also Boss Morgan, in fact, didn’t like the company’s influence over his turf, so he abducted Joy and threatened her life. Ironically, it was Iron Fist the one who came to the rescue, and when he succesfully freed Joy…she offered a million dollars to Morgan to shoot the hero. The criminal was smart enough to leave, and Joy was left with Iron Fist, pointing a gun at him: the hero still claimed his innocence, and invited the woman to shoot him…but Joy simply couldn’t. The two finally ended their rivalry, and in the same time Danny Rand entrusted to Joy the entire company, waiting to be “worthy” of it. A brand new day was finally beginning for Joy Meachum.

Joy Meachum is a highly intelligent and determined woman, with all the strength and the resolution to lead alone a multi-billionaire company. Her determination often becomes obsession, and she’s capable of focusing all her resources, time and energies on a single purpose, making it become an absolute goal. With a kind heart hidden beneath a facade of steel-strong dedication, Joy is a woman nobody would want as an enemy, but who can become the most precious of allies.



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