Frances Kane (Magenta)

magentafilmMaybe I’ll catch up with everything by Christmas…too many new characters. Anyway, last week in The Flash we had another “freak of the week” kind of episode, Magenta, and we met another “artificial” metahuman with thies to Flashpoint. This time, abused teenager Frankie Kane, portrayed by Joey King, is helped by Doctor Alchemy to remember her former, alternate self as a metahuman, Magenta, and he helps her recover her magnetic powers…unfortunately, the process also leaves the girl broken and with a split personality. She can be gentle and meek Frankie, who The Flash manages to relate to, or angry and vengeful Magenta, who uses her powers to try and kill her evil foster father. In the comics, Magenta is not a teenager, doesn’t have alternate reality issues but a true bipolar disorder, and she has deeper ties to The Flash…albeit not the Barry Allen one. Let’s see together.

Frances “Francine” Kane was born in Blue ValleyNebraska, and was raised along with her brother. Her best friend as a child was Wally West, and the two spent much time together. During adolescence, it turned out Francine was a metahuman, and she started developing magnetic powers; at first, they appeared randomly and in small scale, with little objects levitating around the house when the girl was present, but then they grew, and her lack of control over her new abilities proved to be fatal. One day, while her father was driving her and her brother on a mountain road, Frances’ control over magnetism triggered, and her father lost control of the vehicle, falling off a cliff. Both her father and brother got killed, and Frances knew that she was somehow responsible of what had happened. If this wasn’t a nightmare enough, the girl’s mother was convinced that her daughter was possessed by the Devil, and she started treating her violently, in the effort of “freeing” her from evil spirits. Luckily enough, also Wally West had a similar secret, as he was the teen hero Kid Flash: as he realised what was happening to his friend, Kid Flash summoned the other Teen Titans, and together they magentacomics1convinced Frances, who hated her powers and didn’t want them, that what was happening to her was everything but an evil thing, and they helped her gaining control over her abilities. Grateful to the Titans, Frances ended up joining them as the superheroine Magenta. In the meanwhile, her relationship with Wally evolved, and the two started seeing each other more and more often until, in college, they became lovers. After Barry Allen’s death, Wally became the new Flash, and Magenta was by his side when he battled the immortal Vandal Savage for the first time; when Wally won the lottery and bought a house in Middle Hampton, Long Island, he asked Francine to go live with him…but the girl was already feeling too much pressure in being a superhero, and things moving so fast with Wally only made things worse: she decided to leave the Teen Titans, and also to break up with Wally, as she didn’t want to be nor date a superhero.

Still trying to get rid of powers she didn’t want, Frances went to S.T.A.R. Labs looking for help…but she wasn’t very lucky in that, as the scientist working with her was actually a worshipper of the demon Trigon, who messed her up pretty good. At the end of the treatment, not only Frances didn’t lose her powers as she wanted, but she had developed a dissociative identity disorder, and a brand new personality was inhabiting her, a dark and violent one who disrtorted all the memories she had with the Teen Titans…and especially with Wally. As Magenta, she attacked him in Central City‘s baseball stadium, unleashing all her fury and her powers on him…until Flash, understanding that something was wrong with his ex-girlfriend, tapped to her original personality by declaring that he still had feelings for her (something that didn’t exactly pleased his current girlfriend, Linda Park). Apparently Frances was brought back to her original self, but soon after Magenta took over again, and she attacked the new Teen Titans in magentacomics2Keystone City, animating a giant rig and unleashing it through the city, creating a magnetic force field all around Keystone to keep The Flash out. Linda Park, who was reporting the mayhem, was dragged into the force field as a hostage, but eventually it was her who managed to get through Magenta’s madness, reaching her true self and talking her out of the destruction she was causing, making her realise she was the sole reponsible of her decisions, and that Wally wasn’t to blame. Magenta disappeared for a while, but she returned to Keystone some time after, and she helped The Flash stopping some criminals. Police officer Julie Jackam, however, tried to arrest her for her past crimes, and this was more than enough to make Frances’ dark personality resurface once again: she went berserk, and in her fury she severely wounded Detective Fred Chyre, until Flash managed to stop her and to make her realise what she was doing. The Pandora’s box that her mind was, however, had been opened again, and following that incident Magenta joined the demonic Cicada Cult: Wally West had officially lost his old friend, as now only a raging and mentally ill villainess remained.

Frances Kane is a severely disturbed woman, who’s been manipulated to become someone she didn’t want to: at first a frail but good-hearted girl, who considered her powers a curse since she couldn’t avoid people to get hurt due to them, she’s now a deranged avenger, who blames all her pain on others (especially on her ex-boyfriend, the third Flash) and who’s fueled by rage and scorn only. As Magenta, she possesses the ability to manipulate magnetic fields and energy, and she uses it mostly to move metallic objects, from items to vehicles to entire buildings, and to create impenetrable force fields, as well as to fly; her powers are stronger or weaker depending on her emotions, and the angrier she gets, the more she can use them. Completely detached from reality, Magenta systematically distorts her memories and experiences to feed her persecution complex, and she eventually erased her original personality completely, leaving only the evil and angry one…one that doesn’t need nor require saving, totally bent on a personal vengeance.



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