Daniel Drumm (Brother Voodoo)

danieldrummfilmFinally, Doctor Strange has been released…at least here, our American friends will have to wait some other days. Anyway, the movie confirmed the identity of some of the characters previously spotted in the trailers, and let’s start with a couple of them. First let’s meet Daniel Drumm, portrayed by Mark Anthony Brighton. Without spoiling anything from the movie, we can say that Drumm is one of the Masters of the Mystic Arts, along with Wong, Tina Minoru and Kaecilius, and he witnesses the betrayal of the latter. In the comics, Drumm is known mostly for being the first Brother Voodoo, closely linked to the second, much more famous and popular one; albeit dying on his very first appearance, Daniel Drumm keeps appearing in the Marvel Comics in the form of a ghost, managing to create quite some problems…let’s see together.

Born in Port-au-PrinceHaiti, Daniel Drumm was an orphan, and he grew up with his aunt Matilda along with his twin brother Jericho. Despite they lived in a poor neighborhood, Jericho managed to move to the United States to pursue an education, while Daniel stayed behind and remained in Haiti; here, since his childhood, he had become the apprentice of Papa Jambo, the local houngan (voodoo priest), as he was apparently destined to take his place. Daniel informed Jericho of his progresses in the study of magic, but his brother, now an educated man, had started to despise the traditions he’d grown up with, considering them superstitions for foolish and ignorant people. Daniel kept studying, until he earned the title of Brother Voodoo, the moniker that the city gave to its houngan since its foundation, three hundred years before. Now, Daniel was the protector of his people against occult forces, and he used the magic he had learned from Papa Jambo to fight evil sorcerers and spirits…until an occultist danieldrummcomics1more powerful than him arrived on the island. The man, who called himself Damballah after the voodoo serpent god, challenged Brother Voodoo for the control of the island, and when Daniel stepped up to defend it, Damballah cursed him and reduced him on his death bed. Jericho Drumm, knowing that his brother’s health was failing, travelled back to Haiti, where he managed to collect Daniel’s dying request: he wanted his twin brother to look for the old Papa Jambo and to ask him to stop Damballah; then, the evil sorcerer used a voodoo doll and delivered the finishing blow on him. Albeit skeptical, Jericho followed Daniel’s instructions and found Papa Jambo’s hut in the jungle. Upon learning of his disciple’s death, Jambo summoned Daniel’s loa (his spirit), and with a magic ritual, he bonded him to Jericho, making his scepticism fade away once and for all. Now Daniel Drumm was back to the land of the living, but only in the form of an incorporeal ghost.

Jericho Drumm became Papa Jambo’s new disciple, and thanks to Daniel’s guidance, he managed to learn magic enough to become the new Brother Voodoo faster than Daniel himself. The new Brother Voodoo managed to defeat Damballah, and Daniel found out that not only he could speak to his brother from within, guiding him and warning him of approaching dangers, but he could also exit from his body, existing independently from Jericho, and even possess other living people for short periods of time, overcoming their conscience and maneuvring their bodies. This way, he could help his brother in his activity as a mystical protector, and so he did for many years, witnessing with pride Jericho’s progresses that made him one of the most powerful magic users on the planet. Albeit not necessarily bonded to Brother Voodoo, Daniel chose to stay with him, both for true affection towards his twin brother, and for the not-so-secret hope that eventually Jericho would have found a way to bring him back to life for danieldrummcomics2real. When Stephen Strange stepped away from his role of Sorcerer Supreme, among the many candidates to replace him the mystic forces chose Jericho Drumm, who became Doctor Voodoo: again, Daniel chose to side with his brother, and he kept accompanying him even in his new, graver task. As the new Sorcerer Supreme Jericho squared quite well, until he accompanied the New Avengers on the mystical plane to battle Agamotto himself, who wanted his Eye back to conquer Earth: Daniel put all his magic energy at his brother’s disposal to defeat the entity, but Agamotto proved to be too powerful, and Doctor Voodoo made the ultimate sacrifice to stop him, exploding in a blast of mystic energy. Enraged for Jericho’s death, Daniel survived the explosion by possessing the indestructible body of Luke Cage, and using it he choked Stephen Strange, blaming him for his brother’s death. From that moment, all his energies would have been used to obtain his revenge, and with the ability to possess people, Strange could not trust even his closest allies.

Daniel Drumm is a strong and selfless man, who spent his life looking after his family, first, and his people, after; despite his heroic deeds, a growing darkness started spreading in his soul after his death, and he’s now a vengeful and mean spirit, a murderous avenger who’s ready also to betray his beloved brother to obtain what he wants. As Brother Voodoo, he was an expert user of white voodoo magic, and a skilled houngan; as a ghost, he’s now able to merge his soul with Jericho’s one, making him stronger, and to leave his brother’s body to possess other people’s ones, replacing their conscience with his own for a limited amount of time. The most reliable of allies, Daniel Drumm can also become the most relentless of enemies, capable of possessing even the closest allies and the most loved peers to strike his target.


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