Susan Williams

susanwilliamsfilmAlways with a week of delay, let’s see the new characters introduced in Arrow episode A Matter of Trust, this time two of them. As usual, ladies first: apparently, Bethany Snow has been replaced as Channel 52‘s anchor woman, and the new reporter is Susan Williams, portrayed by Carly Pope, and she’s not any better than her predecessor. In the episode, she manipulates Thea into providing her with informations to put Oliver and his administration under a bad light (not that it takes too much effort in that), and she promises to become a pain in the back for the newly appointed mayor of Star City. In the comics, Susan is indeed a reporter, but she’s linked to another green superhero from the DC Universe: let’s see together.

Susan Williams was born in Coast CityCalifornia. Nothing is known about her original family or her early life, apart from the fact that she studied journalism, and after college she became a reporter. Hired by the magazine Behind the Scenes, Sue specialised in local politics news, and she followed the exploits of the new personalities in Coast City, making quite a name for herself as a thorny reporter with remarkable deductive abilities. Her life changed the moment her boss assigned her to follow the campaign of Jack Jordan, a man who was racing to become the new district attorney of Coast City. At first, Jordan’s race was just the same of every other candidate Susan had been reporting, but then something happened, as Jack was endangered by a group of criminals, and promptly saved by the city’s superhero, Green Lantern. Nothing particularly strange there, it wasn’t the first time Green Lantern saved somebody…but then it happened again, and again, and again. Anytime Jack Jordan was in danger, the superhero susanwilliamscomics1intervened to save him, as if he was watching over him with a special attention. Twice was a coincidence, but thrice was a pattern already: Susan didn’t miss the connection, and she started investigating on the possible relation between the D.A. wannabe and the superhero. Considering the kind of attention Green Lantern had for Jack Jordan, Sue deduced that he had to be someone close to him, a member of his family most surely. The Jordan family was quite a numerous one, but Susan, analyzing the personalities of Jack’s brothers, eventually found out the perfect candidate for the Lantern’s secret identity.

Among Jack’s brothers, Jim Jordan, the youngest one, seemed to have all the elements that could bring him to be a superhero, and to have that kind of protective attitude towards his older brother Jack. Sue was sure she had found Green Lantern’s true identity, and wanting to make the scoop of her life, she got close to Jim, in order to prove her deduction. A beautiful and brilliant woman, she didn’t have any difficulty in approaching the young man, and she pretended to be interested in him, asking him out. Jim fell for it, and the two started hanging out together, with Sue constantly hinting at Jim’s alterego, trying to make him reveal himself. During the unorthodox investigation, however, something funny happened, as Sue realised she was truly falling in love with Jim Jordan, who was by all means a good and gentle man. Now fascinated not only by the Green Lantern, but also by the man behind the mask, Susan ended up getting engaged with Jim, and they eventually got married. They even had a son together, Howard, and some years after they had a daughter, Jane. Sue had a happy life, both on the professional level and on the family one…but there was still one thing bugging her, as her husband still susanwilliamscomics2refused to “confess” he was the Green Lantern. Finally, one night, Susan confronted Jim openly about it…and it turned out the man was actually telling the truth in denying to be the superhero, as Green Lantern was and had always been his other brother, Hal. Sue’s deduction had been correct in the most part, but it failed on the conclusion…not that she was so disappointed in it, since her mistake had allowed her to meet a man she truly love and to create the family she had always wanted.

Susan Williams is an intelligent and determined woman, a smart and intuitive reporter who doesn’t fear facing powerful people to expose the truth. Undoubtedly clever, she’s also pretty arrogant, and she rarely doubts her deductions. A difficult woman, she’s a loving wife and mother nevertheless, and she’s quite proud of her expanded family, made of good men and women, and even (super)heroic ones…


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