urielfilmIt had been quite some time since Lucifer introduced any character from the comics…since Pilot, actually, as the first three ones had been the only ones for the entire first season. Finally, in The Weaponizer we meet somebody else, in this case the angel Uriel, portrayed by Michael Imperioli (of course, Uriel is a figure from the Jewish and Christian tradition, but this is a fictionalized version from Neil Gaiman‘s comicbook). In the show, Uriel is an angel with the outstanding ability to forsee patterns and consequencies, so that he can predict pretty much anything, and can change the course of history through the slightest modification of the surroundings. He’s also pretty worried about the Mother of Angels‘ presence on Earth, and he does his best to dispose of her once and for all, so that she cannot corrupt and deceive anymore like she’s used to. In the comics, Uriel is quite a secondary character, but he makes his presence felt nevertheless. Let’s see together.

Uriel was born before the beginning of time itself, an Archangel created by The Presence (the DC Universe version of God). Despite being subjected to his older brothers, the co-creators Samael and Michael, like all the other angels of creation, Uriel’s role was the one of leading the entire Host (the entire group of Archangels and angels) and to speak on its behalf, being also their vanguard in battle. Gifted by God with an infinite wisdom, he was also said the be the “Eyes of God“, as he watched over all creation, and was traditionally associated with the Sun by most of the human civilizations that knew him over millennia. At the dawn of time, Uriel was present when his brother Samael rebelled against God, and during the battle between the rogue angels and the ones still loyal to the urielcomics1Presence he sided with the latter ones, fighting at Michael’s side. The battle ended with Samael’s and his followers’ defeat, and they were all casted down to Hell, where they would have spent all eternity…but at the end of the battle also Michael was missing, captured and held in chains by one of Samael’s followers, Sandalphon. Without Michael ruling over the Silver City, it was up to Uriel to take his place, and so he did for eons, leading the Host with wisdom and strength. With Samael now Lucifer, ruler of Hell, Uriel and the other angels started a neverending fight for humans’ salvation, often being involved in their history and life, especially when extraordinary individual beings such as Timothy Hunter or John Constantine were involved. Then, the entire creation suffered a major blow, that created a devastating chain reaction.

Everything began when Lucifer abandoned Hell, having grown bored of his “new” role. Uriel, like the others, followed with apprehension the progresses of this uprecedented situation, and he was even more surprised when God apparently accepted this state of things by entrusting Lucifer with an important mission (to dispose of some Old Gods who were wreaking havoc in the creation), and, upon his success, He rewarded him with a Letter of Passage, that allowed him to start a brand new creation and to exit from God’s one, thus obtaining the freedom he had always sought. Confused like all the other angels, Uriel ended up being convinced by his brother Amenadiel to destroy the passage to the new creation before Lucifer could move to it, and he attacked with the entire Host…only to be outsmarted again. Lucifer, in fact, had retrieved a dying Michael from Sandalphon’s prison, and he was carrying him to the new universe with him: had Michael died within the creation, the amount of energy he would have released would have been more than enough to destroy everything; if he died in the universe to be born, his energy would have been dispersed in the Void, and he could have been reborn without any damage caused. Under checkmate, Uriel and the others let Lucifer pass, ignoring Amenadiel’s fury: as a urielcomics2result, Michael returned to his old glory, and Lucifer obtained what he wanted, a brand new universe for himself and whoever wanted to follow him. Soon after that, another blow came, as God unexplainably abandoned creation, and as a result the universe started to die. Uriel was worried but powerless, and when Elaine Belloc, Michael’s daughter, came to him saying that her father was sacrificing himself to repair creation, Uriel agreed with Michael’s decision, and locked the Logos up to let him finish what he was doing…until Lucifer arrived, claiming it was a useless effort and that he had to interrupt Michael. Uriel, perplexed, was forced to let Lucifer pass the moment he revealed God had planned all this from the beginning, and was closing the Circle of Eternity…from the outside; plus, Fenris was already marching to put an end to the world. Uriel found himself in the umcomfortable position of trusting the Devil to save creation, and he let him interrupt Michael. What would have followed, for the first time in his life, was a complete mystery.

Uriel is a serious and silent angel, gifted with uncommon wisdom even among his peers; he seldomly speaks for himself, as he mostly does it on behalf of the entire Host. Albeit a strict follower of Heaven‘s rules, Uriel is also more inclined than most of his brothers to accept necessary compromises, such as when he provided Lucifer with the armor of Ibriel to prepare him for the battle with the Titans. As most angels, Uriel possesses superhuman physical attributes (strength, speed, durability, stamina, reflexes, senses), he can fly, he’s immortal, and he’s one of the most skilled swordsmen of Heaven, a respected leader and commander. Relentless against God’s enemies, Uriel is the Eyes of God, the tireless watcher of creation and mouthpiece of the Host.


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