Margaret Sawyer

maggiesawyerfilmBack to our tv series, let’s see Supergirl‘s episode Welcome to Earth, which introduced not one, not two, but three new characters from the comics. We’ll start with the one who’ll become a recurring co-star in the show, Detective Maggie Sawyer, portrayed by Floriana Lima. In the show, she’s an openly lesbian officer from National City Police Department, specialized in cases involving aliens… and likely Alex Danvers‘ future girlfriend; she’s already started cooperating with the DEO, and we’ll have her around for the entire season. The character already appeared in Smallville, portrayed by Jill Teed: in the long-running series, she was a lieutenant and later detective from Metropolis Police Department, appearing in Season 2, 3, 5 and 7, and she even had to deal with a Red Kryptonite-intoxicated Clark Kent. In the comics she’s not a Latin-American as in Supergirl, but neither she looks like her Smallville counterpart, being a blonde Caucasian; living in both Metropolis and Gotham City she’s been a recurring character in some main DC series, even dating a member of the Batman Family. Let’s see together.

Margaret “Maggie” Sawyer was born in Star City, a clever and determined woman who grew up to become a policewoman. Thanks to her unquestionable skills, she rose in ranks within Star City Police Department, and she reached the position of Lieutenant in a few years, impressing her commanding officer, Captain James Sawyer. Sawyer’s interest eventually turned out to be something more than a purely professional one, and he started courting Maggie: the woman, intrigued and flattered, started dating him, and she eventually fell in love with him… or so she thought. The relationship between Maggie and James grew, and the two got married; they even had a daughter together, Jaime. Despite her perfect family and her rewarding job, however, Maggie always felt uneasy in her shoes, and she finally understood why the moment she realized she was actually a lesbian. Things weren’t easy to start with, and they became even more difficult the moment she talked to her husband about it: understandably, maggiesawyercomics1James didn’t react well, and he didn’t wait much to obtain a divorce from her. If this wasn’t hard enough, the judge also granted James total custody of Jamie, and her ex-husband forbid Maggie to see their daughter. Maggie and James didn’t only share a life, they shared a workplace too: with everything that had happened, life in Star City had become impossible, so Lt. Sawyer moved to Metropolis, looking for a fresh start. In the big city she was assigned to the Special Crimes Unit, a branch that dealt with cases involving superhumans and that, for that reason, often cooperated with Superman. Maggie impressed her superiors, and she was promoted Captain in no time; she even started a new love life, dating reporter Toby Raynes. Of course, many things weren’t easy as well: she didn’t like vigilantes, and she quarreled even with Superman claiming police was more effective in treating criminals; she even angered her superiors, giving orders to anybody independently from their ranks. New life, but old, tough Maggie.

Eventually, her relationship with Superman got slightly better when the Man of Steel saved her during a terrorist attack, and the problems with her colleagues were partially solved when William Henderson promoted her to Inspector, responding only to the orders of Dan Turpin (a man that Maggie luckily respected). She even made peace with her true nature, and when Lex Luthor tried to blackmail her with the truth on her sexuality during an investigation on him, she found herself finally ready to publicly come out as a lesbian. Even her new life in Metropolis, however, was meant to end, albeit in a more pleasurable way: she was called by newly appointed Commissioner Michael Akins to serve under him in Gotham City as the new head of the Major Crimes Unit… far too good of a chance to let it go. Unfortunately, Toby didn’t see it the same way, as she didn’t want to move to Gotham: the two women eventually parted ways, and Maggie moved on her own (they even tried to continue a long-distance relationship, but that didn’t work out in the end). In Gotham the situation was much worse than in maggiesawyercomics2Metropolis, starting from GCPD, as the cops weren’t exactly respectful of rules as in MPD. Plus, one of the local detectives, Harvey Bullock, started an investigation that eventually exposed a rampaging corruption in the whole department, corruption that arrived up to Akins himself. The Commissioner and most of his officers were arrested following the scandal, and Maggie Sawyer was among the very few ones who emerged clean from Bullock’s inquiry: she kept serving in her Unit under the new (old) Commissioner, Jim Gordon, and she even started a new love story with a woman met at a dance, Kate Kane. Funny thing was, Kane was secretly Batwoman, one of the vigilantes Maggie so harshly despised…

Maggie Sawyer is a harsh and uncompromising woman, just as smart as she is hard-nosed. Honest and truly committed to her job, she’s a no-nonsense cop who has quite some problems in respecting the hierarchy and who doesn’t like vigilantes. As an experienced and always on the line police officer, she’s trained in hand-to-hand combat and in marksmanship, she’s an excellent detective and she’s quite skilled in interrogations… mostly because she’s able to scare to death anybody she’s questioning. A hard woman for a hard job, Maggie Sawyer pursues her goals with not many regards for allies and foes alike, always going straight to the target… an attitude that brought her a lot of admiration, and just as much enmity.



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