M’gann M’orzz/Megan Morse (Miss Martian)

missmartianfilmThird and last character appearing in Supergirl episode Welcome to Earth is another alien, and a recurring one throughout the whole season. When J’onn J’onzz visits a bar renowned to be a safe haven for all aliens, he meets the bartender, Megan Morse, portrayed by Sharon Leal…soon after, he finds out that her name is actually M’gann M’orzz, and she’s a Green Martian just like he is. In the following episode, Survivors, we know a darker aspect of her character, as we meet her as a champion in an illegal gladiatoral arena, nicknamed Miss Martian…and we also learn the secret she was desperately trying to hide from J’onn, the fact that she’s actually an undercover White Martian, and not a Green one… Well, that mirrors her comic version, even if the show’s Miss Martian is much older than the original one, and she has quite a different attitude. Let’s see together.

The origins of M’gann M’orzz aren’t exactly clear, neither they’ve ever been fully revealed. She was born on planet Ma’aleca’andra (the one known on Earth as Mars), a world torn by a civil war between the peaceful and wise Green Martian and the brutal warmongers White Martians. During the war, while she was still a child, M’gann was put in a rocket and sent to Vega to escape the horrors of the war, so that she was ensued a future. Years later, she and her parents learnt that another Martian refugee, J’onn J’onzz, had elected planet Earth as his second home, and they travelled there to reach him. So far, nothing strange, but for one little detail: M’gann was a White Martian, not a Green one, and the reasons behind her escape from Mars during the war and the will to reunite with J’onn remain a mystery. Adopting an English transliteration of her name, Megan Morse, M’gann stayed hidden on Earth for years along with her parents, but when the United States government learnt of the war between Martians, they looked for White Martians on their territory, wanting to expose war criminals and potential threats: Megan’s parents were among the ones arrested, and missmartiancomics1at a certain point they were also executed. Alone on an alien world, Megan survived on her own, and she even started admiring J’onn J’onzz, who had perfectly integrated in human society and served as a superhero as the Martian Manhunter: she decided she would have been just like him, learning to blend in with humans, and to win people by being a heroine. She chose the moniker “Miss Martian”, and both as a homage to the Manhunter and not to scare people away, she started pretending she was a Green Martian with her shapeshifting powers. Considering her young age, she approached the Teen Titans, wanting to join them and to be a heroine: realising she could be quite an asset, but still having to know her, the Titans allowed her to spend a “trial period” with them, during which she could have proven herself…and she would have learnt to control her telepathic powers, still quite unpredictable.

During her time with the Titans, Miss Martian kept pretending to be a Green Martian pretending to be a human, but she truly and deeply wanted to learn how to be human and how to relate to them…so she accepted to share an apartment with a fellow Titan, the reformed villain Rose “Ravager” Wilson. Cohabitation with Rose wasn’t exactly easy to begin with, plus M’gann still had to learn how to restrain her own telepathy, so that she wasn’t overwhelmed by people’s emotions all the time. One day, while she was trying to replicate a gag from The Three Stooges in order to learn humor, she threw a pie to Rose’s face…but the former villain didn’t apreciate the attempt, and started shouting at her: overcome by her friend’s rage, Megan fled in tears, quitting with the team. She escaped to Australia, a land that reminded her of Mars, where she kept operating as a heroine on her own. The following year she was approached by Raven, a former teammate, who asked her to scan the minds of the other Titans in search of an unspecified “secret”: more mature now than a year before, Megan refused, since she now followed a strict code, including the rule of not reading the minds of “good people”. Raven left, but soon after the other Titans arrived in Brisbane, looking for the sorceress. The Titans were missmartiancomics2looking for a traitor amidst their ranks, so Miss Martian reconsidered her rule, and scanned her friends’ minds…and found out that the latest addition to the team, Bombshell, was actually a hired mercenary. She tried to warn her friends, but Bombshell attacked her with an incendiary grenade: reacting to the fire, M’gann revealed her true form as a White Martian, and following that, it was easy for Bombshell to accuse her of being the traitor. With nothing to lose anymore, Miss Martian managed to defeat Bombshell and to save the Teen Titans from the nuclear woman’s soldiers…thus earning the heroes’ trust. After the battle, Cyborg offered her back a membership in the team, and she gladly accepted: it was finally time to truly prove her worth, without lies, without compromises with who she really was.

M’gann M’orzz, or Megan Morse on Earth, is a cheerful and good-hearted young woman, always trying to make friends and to blend in: alone on an alien world, she tries to find a new home and a new family, and she puts all her efforts into that. As Miss Martian, she possesses the average powers of a White Martian: she has shape-shifting abilities, she can fly and control her density, she possesses superhuman strength, speed, agility, stamina and durability, she has enhanced senses, she’s a powerful telepath and she can use telekinesis as well, she can survive in open space and she heals quickly from any injure; in her true form, she also possesses sharp fangs and claws, and a prehensile tail. A refugee from a dying world and the member of a bloodlusted species, Miss Martian is a heroine who wants to prove her worth, and to redeem her entire race from the well-earned fame of brutal and violent conquerors…not exactly an easy task.



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