Roscoe Neyle Dillon (The Top)

thetopfilmLast time we saw somebody new in The Flash was in the episode The New Rogues, where a couple of new metahumans collected Captain Cold‘s legacy and came back to torment Central City. We already saw Mirror Master, time now to see his girlfriend, Rosalind “Rosa” Dillon, portrayed by Ashley Rickards. In the show, Rosa is a meta with the ability to induce a crippling vertigo in the ones who look at her in the eyes (as Jesse Quick soon learns), and she’s a couple with Mirror Master. In the comics, however, “she” is a male, Roscoe Dillon, and his powers are definitely something else, being him one of the most powerful and troublesome criminals among the Rogues; he has a relationship with another Rogue, but definitely not Mirror Master. Let’s see together.

Roscoe Dillon was born in Central City, and since his childhood it was clear he wasn’t a kid like all the others: while all the other children spent time playing sports or having fun in the gardens, he preferred to be alone in his attic, studying the movement of an old top he had found. He was so fascinated by the spinning movement of the old toy that he became obsessed with it, to the point that it became some sort of leit motiv during all his life. As an adult he became, officially, and ice-skating coach, using what he had learnt from tops to bring athletes to perfection… while in secret he tried to earn more money as a thief. His most talented, and later only student was Lisa Snart, whom became an internationally skating champion known as Lisa Star, and who also was Roscoe’s lover. Lisa new about Roscoe’s other activity, but she supported him even in that, even helping him from time to time. Roscoe’s criminal career at first was nothing but catastrophic, and he was arrested and imprisoned twice in a row; it was during his second time in jail that he realized that he could have improved his skills using his beloved tops: once out, he studied the physical principles behind the tops, and learnt how to spin in the same way. He also built a number of trick-tops (explosive ones, electric ones, thetopcomics1blinding ones and many more), and tailored himself a costume: he became the costume villain known as The Top. For laughable as he seemed, The Top proved to be quite a force to be reckoned with: the continuous spinning had modified his brain pattern, awakening dormant cells and increasing his intellect by far, and with a brain like that, he could conjure a number of alternative ways to use his spinning; eventually he mastered this peculiar skill so well that he could spin fast enough to deflect bullets. His first robbery was a success, but during the second he was interrupted by The Flash. The villain himself was extremely surprised the moment he actually managed to defeat the Scarlet Speedster with his spinning abilities: nobody could stop him anymore.

After defeating one of the most powerful heroes on the planet, The Top became ambitious: he built a giant atomic top, set to blow up upon slowing down, then he publicly blackmailed the world, threatening to destroy half of the planet if he wasn’t declared the ruler of Earth. The Flash tracked him to his secret lair, but was defeated once again… and locked in the giant top. This proved to be an error, as The Flash managed to phase out of the device, and sent it to space; he later caught the villain and finally arrested him. Albeit defeated, The Top had made quite a name for himself, having bested The Flash twice. In prison he met another enemy of the Scarlet Speedster, Sam Scudder aka Mirror Master. Scudder made a bet with him for a million dollars, a bet that The Top lost the moment Mirror Master managed to change place in his cell with The Flash by blackmailing the hero with a bomb; rather than giving to his “colleague” all his loot, The Top helped The Flash to bring down Mirror Master and to arrest him again. Despite this harsh beginning, Dillon and Scudder eventually became friends (more like frenemies), and Mirror Master introduced him to the Rogues, a group of supervillains united by a grudge against The Flash and a pronounced greed, led by Lisa’s brother, Captain Cold. He spent some time with them and with Lisa, until he found out that the brain cells he had activated were badly influenced by The Flash’s super-fast vibrations, thetopcomics2causing a degenerative disease that would have soon killed him. Angered and dying, The Top planted some bombs throughout all the city to go away with a boom, challenging his fellow Rogues to find them all and to deactivate them by putting them one on top of the other, sure that The Flash would have stopped them, thus causing Central City’s destruction. Captain Cold, however, won Flash’s trust, and together hero and villains foiled this last plan from Dillon… well, this wasn’t the last, as the psionic powers Roscoe had developed allowed his astral form to survive his body’s death: now an incorporeal being with even augmented powers, The Top was more dangerous than ever.

Roscoe Dillon is a greedy man, dangerously monomaniacal, obsessed with tops and spinning to a pathological level; his abilities granted him an immense intellect, but also a deranged psyche bringing him to complete folly. As The Top, he’s able to spin at an incredible speed, so fast that he can deflect bullets and cause vertigo in the ones watching him; he also possesses a wide arsenal of trick-tops with a variety of effects. His unnaturally developed brain gives him also psionic abilities that ranges from telekinesis (which he uses to augment his spinning) to telepathy, being able to mind-control people to a certain extent in a form of hypnosis, and even to possess them when in his incorporeal state. Highly unpredictable, extremely dangerous, The Top is one of the weirdest and most lethal members of the Rogues.



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