Amanda McKee (Livewire)

livewireiifilmAnother character from the Ninjak vs the Valiant Universe trailer, another super-powered woman. In the trailer, we only see her walking in a hallway, with her eyes and hands glowing and her hair starting to move due to static electricity: that’s Livewire, portrayed by Ciera Foster. It’s still unclear whether she’ll appear as a foe or an ally to Ninjak in the series, and the fact that she’s a super-heroine in the comics doesn’t give any valuable clue, considering that we still don’t know what Ninjak will be after (and the “everyone against everyone tournament” that was announced makes me think that even she will exchange blows with the protagonist). Anyway, here she is, in all her glory: let’s take a look at her original self.

Amanda McKee was born different from everyone else: since her childhood, she had a different perception of electronic devices, and growing up she found out she could actually control them with a form of unborn technopathy. When she was still a kid, Amanda’s parents died, and the girl was put into an orphanage, where her powers seldom manifested. One day, a man came to the orphanage, and recognized her for what she was: a psiot, or Harbinger, a “mutant” gifted with incredible mental powers. The man himself was one of the most powerful psiots on the planet, Toyo Harada, leader and founder of the Harbinger Foundation, a powerful organization buried deep down into his conglomerate, that collected gifted individuals such as Amanda. The girl was taken by Harada to the Foundation, where she was recognized as a “Active” (a psiot who had activated his abilities, opposed to “Norms“, normal people with no ability, and “Latents“, potential Harbingers who didn’t trigger their evolved genes yet). Amanda became a student in the Harbinger Foundation, and one of the most promising ones: as an Inchinensei (students from the livewireiicomics1first year) she already had mastered her powers better than most of the other students, as a Nensei (students from the second year) she emerged as particularly gifted even among her peers, and as a Shinia (students from the third year) she was already one of Harada’s most trusted pupils. She took the moniker “Livewire”, and she prepared for the last step in her education… to become a super-soldier in Toyo Harada’s private psiot army. The philanthropist, in fact, wanted to save the world, by letting it be guided by his wise and gentle hand. Livewire became worried for her mentor’s vision, but she trusted Harada’s good heart… until someone else made her change her mind: Peter Stanchek, a new student entrusted to her tutorship.

Peter was an immensely powerful psiot, and Harada had entrusted him to Amanda since he had to be kept close, for he represented a great asset. When Harada had Peter try to activate a Latent, without telling him that the process could be lethal, the following failure brought the boy to decide to escape from the Foundation. Livewire learnt about this, but she had doubts already: believing that a force such as Peter Stanchek could bring the right balance to prevent Toyo Harada from being conquered by his ambition and take over the world, instead of trying to stop the boy she helped him escape. When Harada learnt of Stanchek’s escape, Amanda confessed her betrayal to him… with the only result of being expelled from the Harbinger Foundation. Her exile was interrupted soon after, as Harada called her back for an emergency: the barbarian Aric of Dacia had conquered Bucharest and declared it the new homeland of the Visigoths, and Harada had put together a team, Unity, to take him down. Seeing the emergency, Livewire accepted to be part of the team, and she traveled to Romania: her powers proved to be vital to the mission, as she used her technopathy to severe the bond between Aric and his armor, Shanhara, and to take possession of it. While wearing it, however, Livewire learnt that Toyo Harada’s true goal was to take the armor for himself and to use it to livewireiicomics2conquer the world: seeing her worst fears coming true, Livewire rebelled to her mentor once again, and she informed the two other members of Unity, Ninjak and Eternal Warrior, of Harada’s plan. Acting together, Unity managed to defeat Harada, and Aric claimed back his armor, joining the team as well. Now under the protection of MI6, Livewire and Unity protected the world from anyone, like Harada, who had too much power and too little scruples to use it.

Amanda McKee is a brilliant and determined young woman, loyal and grateful to her mentor Toyo Harada, but not as much as to not see the man he’s becoming. As Livewire, she can interface with any electrical machine and control it, she can manipulate electricity and even attract magnetically devices she entered in contact with; she’s also a very skilled martial artist, trained to best the greatest combatants in the world. Powerful and dedicated to the cause, Livewire eventually finds out “the cause” is not exactly the one she believed it to be… but there’s not a reason to stop fighting.



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