benjaminfilmThe Walking Dead came beack with quite e breathtaking premiere, but it’s only in the second episode that we meet somebody new to speak about. In The Well, Morgan and Carol try to find their place in the new community they found, The Kingdom, and Morgan in particular seems to blend in quite well…so well that King Ezekiel entrusts him with the training of Benjamin, a young boy who’s a complete disaster with both blades and guns, and who Ezekiel wants to be able to survive due to an old friendship with his father. The boy, portrayed by Logan Miller, proves to be quite a good student, and he learns to use the stick in a very short time. Waiting to see what Benjamin and his master-and-pupil relation will bring to the show, let’s take a look at the original one.

Pretty much nothing is known about Benjamin’s early life, not even his surname. He was likely born in or close to Washington D.C., but everything concerning his job, his family or his life in general is unknown; what we know for sure, is that he survived the Outbreak, the first days of the plague that wiped away human civilization with a virus that reanimated the dead, turning them into voracious zombies hungry for the flesh of the living. Most likely Benjamin joined a group to survive, and things didn’t turn out pretty bad, as he managed to reach the second biggest community in the area (and above all a peaceful one): The Kingdom, ruled by the eccentric but wise and capable King Ezekiel. Benjamin was welcomed in the school-turned-fortress, and he started what was the most normal life possible in the world after the apocalypse. The community lived a peaceful life, if not for the prevarications of The Saviors, a violent group that stole from The Kingdom half of what they produced in exchange of the privilege of existence. Benjamin started to feel the burden of living in the shadows of the Saviors along with all his fellow “vassals”, when King Ezekiel formed an benjamincomics1alliance with Gregory from the Hilltop Colony, with Rick Grimes from the Alexandria Safe-Zone and with a rogue faction of Saviors led by Dwight: the result was an all-out war, to which every citizen from the communities participated. The Kingdom suffered severe damage, and Benjamin followed Ezekiel to Hilltop, ready for a final, massive battle. Surprisingly enough, the Saviors were defeated by the combined forces of the three groups, and Benjamin was among the many survivors who could claim the victory.

Following the victory against the Saviors, the four communities reorganised as a single, giant and peaceful community, mantaining the respective locations but connected by a reinforced road and sharing manpower and supplies. In the new organization, Benjamin obtained one of the most prestigious jobs available, as he was chosen as one of the sentinels guarding the main road: he had to patrol it, keeping it clean from any kind of unwanted guests. Along with a horse taken from The Kingdom, Benjamin inspected every inch of the road, paying attention to walkers or other survivors…or so he was supposed to do: in a now pacified world, it was easy to let your guard down, and despite his best intentions, he ended up getting distracted in the worst day possible. During his watch, Benjamin heard a noise coming from down the road, and he rushed there with his horse…only to find Rick and Carl Grimes attacked by walkers on their way to Hilltop Colony. Rick, crippled during his last fight with Negan, seriously risked to get killed by the roamers, and only his and his son’s experience managed to save them both. Benjamin apologized, truly sorry that he had almost got the legendary “Mr. Grimes” killed…but Rick was obviously upset, and he even hit him with his walking cane, remarking benjamincomics2that any neglicence from the guards could cause the death of many. Grimes asked Benjamin’s name and residence, and told him he would have reported for his neglicence, hopefully for the first and last time. Rick kept his word, and in a matter of hours Ezekiel had Benjamin replaced by Gus in the patrol: in probation, Benjamin would have had time to think of his mistakes, waiting for a second chance and knowing that a second mistake would have led to an immediate reassignment.

Benjamin is a committed and dutiful man, who makes the mistake of underestimating a world that, albeit living a momentary peace, still presents grave dangers and risks. A skilled horseman and fighter, he patrols the main road that connects the communities, and has killed a number of zombies. Quite used to live in peace after the last war, Benjamin will soon come to desire it would have lasted forever.


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