Jamie Capshaw

colonelcapshawfilmThe third-to-last character from the Ninjak vs the Valiant Universe trailer is another lady, and apparently quite a nasty one: during a battle scene, we see another red-haired woman leading what seems to be a paramilitary force against Ninjak, and she tries to shoot him directly, with her bullets being deflected by the super-armored spy. That’s Colonel Capshaw, portrayed by Tatiana DeKhtyar. In the comics, Capshaw is quite a major player, but she only has a secondary role in Ninjak’s story, crossing paths mainly with other Valiant heroes and anti-heroes; in the show, she appears to be primarily an antagonist, but everything remains to be seen yet. Anyway, let’s take a look at the original character.

Jaime Capshaw was born in Grand RapidsMichigan, the daughter of a decorated military veteran. Since her childhood she looked up to her father, and she took a military career for herself as soon as she came of age. While in the academy, she already showed some uncommon qualities and skills, and she gained the attention of many superior officers: determined, highly intelligent, with a natural tactical mind and the guts to take unpopular decisions, Capshaw was redirected to intelligence, where all her strength could be put to good use. The decision happened to be a very good one, as she excelled in every field, rising in ranks in no time. She went through a number of top secret, classified missions, and she always emerged with more esteem from both her superiors and her subordinates, with more experience and even more skills than before. A commanding officer, she eventually became a Colonel at a very young age, receiving a high consideration everywhere, renowned to be the one to put in charge when extremely dangerous situations required a quick adaptability and the courage to make tough calls. With a growing presence of alien life on Earth, and not always a peaceful one, Capshaw was put in charge colonelcapshawcomics1of M.E.R.O. (Military Extraterrestrial Recon Outpost), a UN-sponsored intelligence agency bent on protecting the world from any alien menace, having at disposal the resources of the entire free world. While in charge, Capshaw faced many attacks and attempted invasions, dealing with the overspreading infiltration of The Vine in Earth’s military and political powers, but she found herself clearly outmatched when the Armor Hunters, an intergalactic army that hunted down the ancient race of semi-sentient armors Shanhara was part of, arrived on Earth in forces. During that occasion, it became clear to Capshaw that something needed to be done to make Earth’s reply to such invasions ready and effective.

The invasion was eventually repelled, but it left a widespread destruction, and a population who had lost trust in the authority. Working together with the U.S. Secretary of Defense, Colonel Capshaw decided to re-brand M.E.R.O., in order to make it step out of the shadows, and to become a publicly known (and possibly trusted) international agency: the “new” organization was named G.A.T.E., for Global Agency for Threat Excision, and started monitoring any potential menace coming from single super-powered individuals, wider groups and even entire species. In G.A.T.E. Capshaw had carte blanche in the managing of the agency, and she was also free to take… unorthodox routes to obtain her goals. Since G.A.T.E. had to deal mostly with superhuman threats, Colonel Capshaw started a cooperation with Toyo Harada, one of the world’s most powerful psions, who could help her with other psions, identify the truly dangerous one, and take care of and teach the simply scared and misguided ones. Things got surely better, but there was still one thing she wanted to obtain after the war with the Armor Hunters, and that seemed to be beyond her reach: she wanted X-O Manowar‘s suit as part of U.S.’s arsenal. The occasion to obtain it came when Aric of Dacia and his old friends the Visigoths conquered a part of Romania to make a new homecountry for them: using her connections with Harada, Capshaw supervisioned a new version of the superhero colonelcapshawcomics2team Unity, which this time included Harada himself, the British spy Ninjak, the immortal combatant Eternal Warrior and the psion Livewire. Unity triumphed on Aric and his men, and Colonel Capshaw personally led a team to extract the defeated X-O Manowar… but Toyo Harada had double-crossed G.A.T.E., since he wanted the armor for his personal world-conquering ambitions. Unity gathered again, this time to take down Harada, and Capshaw released Aric to allow him to take back control over the armor. Following the battle, X-O Manowar joined Unity, thus being under direct control of G.A.T.E.: exactly what Capshaw had been wanting from the beginning.

Jaime Capshaw is a strong and authoritative woman, a no-nonsense commander who constantly has everything under her control, and who makes sure to put a leash on anything that isn’t yet. As an Army Colonel, she’s a skilled and trained hand-to-hand combatant and precise markswoman, she’s an expert pilot and a naturally gifted tactician; as the head of G.A.T.E., she has at disposal a small army of highly trained agents and an arsenal of futuristic weapons designed to overpower superhuman threats. Cold, intelligent, an unforeseeable planner, Colonel Capshaw keeps the reins of one of the world’s most powerful agencies, and has control over some of the most gifted superhumans ever existed: as many have learnt, she’s just as dangerous as each superhuman threat can be.

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