Veronica Sinclair (Roulette)

roulettefilmBack to Supergirl, we take a look at the two new entries from episode Survivors. Let’s start from the main villain, a character we’ll most likely meet again: Veronica Sinclair, portrayed by Dichen Lachman. In the show, Sinclair is a wealthy socialite who entertains National City‘s richest people with clandestine tournaments between aliens, an activity she earns a lot from, even if she’s forced from time to time to dispose of the bodies of the gladiators who don’t survive the experience. Supergirl tries to arrest her, but since aliens don’t have proper rights, Sinclair is not found guilty of anything illegal, and she’s released, ready to make a comeback. The character already appeared in Smallville, with her name slightly changed to Victoria Sinclair, and portrayed by Steph Song; in this version, she’s a mercenary hired by Chloe Sullivan to kidnap and put through a series of impossible tests Oliver Queen, in the effort of making him embrace his identity of Green Arrow once again (something she succeeds in); she later appears as part of Toyman‘s Marionette Venture, and she’s assigned to kill the mysterious Watchtower. Now, let’s take a look to the original character, who’s much more similar to the one we recently saw in Supergirl.

Veronica Sinclair was born from the unlikely affair between Debra Sinclair, known as the supervillain Roulette during the 1950s, and Ned Sloane, brother to the superhero Terry “Mr. Terrific” Sloane, nemesis of Roulette. Debra raised her daughter alone in Nevada, and she never told Veronica the truth about her lineage, albeit she mentioned the Sloanes more often than not: as a consequence, Veronica grew up believing that Terry Sloane was her grandfather, and when a new Mister Terrific made his debut, she deemed him an unworthy successor to the original. From her mother, Veronica inherited a deep and strong ambition; from her maternal grandfather, she inherited a huge casino: both of them would have been put to good use. She renovated the casino, and she transformed it into The House, an exclusive entertaining place in which both licit and illicit pleasures were granted to any costumer who could pay. Taking inspiration from the new Mister Terrific’s trademark weapons, the T-roulettecomics1Spheres, Veronica (who now presented herself as the new Roulette) designed special teleporting devices, aimed to kidnap powerful metahumans and to use them as gladiators in exclusive shows for rich and bored people, drugging them to force them fight each other. There was only one person allowed to come near Roulette, and to help her managing The House, knowing all its secrets and its marvels: Veronica’s husband, the one man she trusted in the entire world. Apparently, however, the woman’s trust was misplaced, since the man ended up cheating on her. Feeling obviously betrayed and hurt, Roulette found a peculiar and effective way to make the unfaithful spouse pay for what he did to her, one that totally fit her personality and fame: she put him in one of her gladiatoral arenas, and she enjoyed watching him die in his first match, totally overpowered by the metahuman she had captured. Not only she exacted her revenge, but she got paid a lot to allow other people see the cheater being killed live.

With the fame of her casino and her games rising, Roulette obviously had to rise the stakes as well, as unknown metas fighting each other weren’t nearly enough entertaining anymore. Still keeping an eye on the new Mister Terrific, Roulette eventually kidnapped him and his entire team, the Justice Society of America, devising special games for each one of them: Terrific was forced to play a chess game with Doctor Mid-Nite, and the loser would have been electrocuted; Hawkgirl was imprisoned in a lethal time-prison, while Hawkman and Sand had to reach her in time…while being infected by a deadly virus, with Hawkgirl having the cure for just one of them; last but not least, Black Adam was forced into an evergreen fist-to-fist match with Atom-Smasher. Albeit the bets were at a never-before-seen height, things didn’t go exactly as planned: Mid-Nite and Terrific managed to end the game in a draw, destroying the machine before it could reset itself; Hawkman was cured by Hawkgirl, while Sand remained in his sandy form to slow down the virus until Mid-Nite found another cure for him; Black Adam and Atom-Smasher fought so long without anyone of them prevailing that the mind-controlling drug wore off, and they stopped the roulettecomics2death match. Before the JSA could gather and come for her and her clients, however, Roulette teleported them back to their headquarters, thus escaping capture…not that it was much of a loss for her, considering she had earned a lot from the share and the bets only (albeit she lost something with the heroes’ victory). The format, however, proved to be a succesful one, so Roulette kept abducting known heroes and using them in mortal games: among her victims, the acknowledged ones were the speedster M’Bulaze aka ImpalaHenry “Maxi-Man” Hayes, the rookie Flyboy, the technopath Takeo “R.A.M.” Yakata, and seven out of eight members of the super-team Hybrid. There was no border for Roulette impossible to cross, no gladiator impossible to hire, no law able to bind her: The House had become the ultimate reality show, and she was its queen.

Veronica Sinclair is a highly intelligent woman, with a resourcefulness matched only by her greed and her ambition. Simply infallible in calculating odds and in predicting gambles’ outcome, she’s the ultimate casino manager, the first of a new kind of enterpreneurs. As Roulette, she doesn’t possess any superhuman ability, but this doesn’t make her any less dangerous: a skilled engineer, she invented the teleporting devices she uses to kidnap her gladiators, as well as the robotic Hellhounds guarding her moving casino, and all the death traps and lethal tools she uses for her games; she’s also an extremely skilled martial artist, capable of standing toe-to-toe with the world’s best, and with her powers-negating devices she can overpower even a rogue meta. With a staff ready to do whatever she orders, a mind-controlling drug that guarantees the obedience of all the others, and a natural tactical mind, Roulette never operates directly, preferring to move from behind the curtains…but that doesn’t prevent her from being one of the most dangerous women on the planet.


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