draagafilmSecond and last character appearing in Supergirl episode Survivors is another villain, albeit a secondary one. As Supergirl finds out at her own expenses, Roulette has some pretty formidable gladiator on her side, and the undisputed champion is the reptilish Draaga, portrayed by John DeSantis. Apparently, unlike the others who are either prisoners or hired muscles, Draaga is a professional combatant, since Mon-El claims he’s seen him fighting on another planet (thus being able to give Supergirl a hint about the only weak point of the unbeatable monster). In the comics, Draaga crossed paths with Supergirl only once, being mainly a frenemy of her more famous cousin. Let’s see together.

Draaga was born on an unknown planet, where he was renowned as an unbeatable warrior and combatant. One day, an artificial satellite attacked Draaga’s world: it was a planet-ship named Warworld, ruled by the pitiless tyrant Mongul. Mongul was collecting the best warriors around the galaxy, forcing them to fight for his pleasure in death matches while travelling from a planet to the other. Unable to free himself or the others, Draaga accepted to fight for the warlord, and his strength and skills allowed him to survive every single match, always overpowering his opponent, and slowly earning the title of absolute champion of Warworld. He killed a number of fellow slaves in combat, always honoring their strength by inflicting them the finishing blow they deserved and granting them a warrior’s death. Nobody could match his power…until another alien arrived on Warworld: it was Superman, temporarily away from Earth due to some problems he had had on his adopted homeplanet. As well as all the others, Superman was put in the gladiatoral arena, and because of his famed strength, his chosen adversary was Draaga, the best warrior on the planet. The fight was quite an epic one, with Draaga finally finding a match for his strength…actually more than a match, since the Kryptonian was eventually able to overpower him. Waiting for his draagacomics1final reward (the death he had earned with his honorable battle), Draaga was disappointed, to say the least, when Superman broke the rules and refused to kill his adversary. So was Mongul, who decided to take on the Kryptonian himself; the battle was interrupted when the Cleric, another prisoner on Warworld, teleported Superman away to save his life, but during the fight Draaga had the chance to see Mongul using the gemstone, the source of his power. While swearing revenge on the warrior who had dishonored him by sparing his life, Draaga had now the means to defeat the hated tyrant.

Soon after Superman had left the planet, Draaga oraganised the other slaves and started a rebellion against Mongul. Now knowing how the gemstone worked, the gladiator was able to overpower it, and he defeated Mongul in combat: the dictator escaped just before Draaga finished him, but Warworld was conquered. The other slaves, grateful to Draaga, appointed him the new ruler of Warworld. Accepting the responsibility, Draaga abandoned his position only once, and for one reason: he still had to avenge his honor. In sign of respect to Superman, he decided to don the tattered costume the Kryptonian had left on the planet, then he hunted him down to Earth for a true death match. Superman, during that time, was under the control of a powerful device, the Eradicator, and he wasn’t himself: he lost control while battling the alien, and after a long fight he was about to truly kill him on the Moon; luckily enough, Professor Hamilton prevented Superman from doing something irreparable, teleporting him away. Still unconscious, Draaga was brought back on Warworld, where he resumed his position, still humiliated, still defeated. Another chance of redemption came when Maxima, knowing Draaga’s thirst for revenge, called for his help in battling Superman once again: the two powerhouses fought on an asteroid, and this time he managed to defeat the Kryptonian, winning back his honor, and dishonoring him as well by letting him live (the “Superman” Draaga defeated was actually the shapeshifter Matrix, but the gladiator didn’t know it). draagacomics2Later, Warworld was conquered by Brainiac, who convinced its inhabitants, Draaga included, to help him in taking over Earth. While witnessing his all-time rival’s heroism, however, Draaga found in himself a renewed respect for Superman, and he rebelled to Brainiac: for the first time, the two undisputed champions of Warworld would have fought side by side like brothers in arms, quite a sight for the entire universe…

Draaga is a proud and honorable warrior, who values strength and who lives according to a peculiar moral code. An expert gladiator, he earned the title of Death-Rite with his incredible strength (only slightly inferior to Superman’s) and his near-invulnerability, as well as with a proficiency in hand-to-hand combat that makes him one of the deadliest and greatest warriors in the entire universe. Living for the thrill of the fight and the glory of the victory, Draaga is a just ruler and a honorable warrior, a gladiator who always puts all his soul and his strenght in battle.


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