laurafilmThe Walking Dead goes on exploring the new communities we just met, including The Sanctuary, home of the vicious Saviors. In The Cell, we follow Daryl behind enemy lines, and we see something of how the Saviors live (a hint: not a vacation house), in particularly through Dwight‘s eyes; during one of Dwight’s typical days, we see him having a drinking contest with a young woman, who keeps losing to him at table hockey and who has to drink shots of alcohol one after the other as penalty, without flinching. That’s Laura, portrayed by Lindsley Register. As you could see, there are not many female warrior Saviors, and it’s likely we’ll see more of Laura in the future: in the meanwhile, let’s just take a look at the original one (as always with TWD, possible spoilers alert).

Nothing is known about Laura’s life before the Outbreak: she most likely lived somewhere in Virginia or in the State of Washington, but we don’t know if or what job she had, or if she had any family. She survived the first, chaotic days after the dead started rising to devour the living, infected by a mysterious virus spreading all over the planet. It’s unlikely she survived alone, but we don’t know which group she became part of. Eventually, however, she arrived to The Sanctuary, a large abandoned factory that had become the headquarters of a huge, organised group called The Saviors. The community offered security, granted food and shelter, and it even allowed long-forgotten comforts…but it required to plead total and indisputable loyalty to the one and only leader, Negan, a psychopath who ruled over the Saviors with an iron fist, and who had subjected all the nearby communities. Seeing she had few choices, Laura became part of the Saviors, and since Negan didn’t find her attractive enough to include her in his harem, she became one of the many soldiers in the Saviors’ army, doing a number of despicable things to other communities just to ensure her own survival and her place inside Negan’s “utopia”. Among all the Saviors, there was only one she grew particularly close to: Dwight, another one who, just like her, was a Savior as a result of a compromise between his conscience and his survival instinct. Laura saw in Dwight her same hatred towards Negan (and her same fear of lauracomics1him), and she despised his wife, Sherry, a selfish woman who had preferred to abandon her husband to obtain a life of luxury and comfort at Negan’s side. The two outsiders managed to create some sort of friendship, even if Laura started to be quite attracted to Dwight, and when the latter chose to betray Negan and to unite the forces of the rogue Saviors to the ones of three other enslaved communities, Alexandria Safe-ZoneThe Kingdom and Hilltop Colony, Laura had no doubts in following him. At Dwight’s side, Laura took part to the greatest war ever seen after the Outbreak.

The war was long and difficult, and far too many casualties were counted on both sides, but eventually the Militia (the alliance of the four groups against the Saviors) emerged victorious, and Negan was imprisoned. In the new “world order”, Dwight inherited the leadership of the Sanctuary, which was now one of four interconnected and cooperating settlements, and Laura stood by his side, always looking up to him, being the one who cherished him in harsh times. Things between him and Sherry didn’t get better even if Negan was out of games, since the distance between them had become far too unbridgeable, and Laura thought she could have her chance with the new leader of the Saviors. When Dwight came to her, complaining about the burden of leadership, Laura tried to help with his stress, and pointed out that the community needed a leader they trusted, and that only he could be that leader at the moment; then, she surprised Dwight by kissing him. The reaction wasn’t exactly the one she was expecting, as after she declared her feelings for him, he told her he had taken a decision on what to do, and left. Not the least discouraged, Laura told him she would have come with him, and she followed him to the Alexandria Safe-Zone, where the local leader Rick Grimes was informing the Militia that a new hostile group had targeted their communities: the Whisperers, murderous lunatics dressed up as walkers who lauracomics2aimed to conquer them. Rick had tried to negotiate with the Whisperers, but they, in reply, had killed some of their people, including the Kingdom’s leader Ezekiel: things being that way, war was the only possible answer. As Dwight accepted to follow Rick in this new war, Laura followed Dwight in turn, and the very next day she was among the ones practicing by shooting walkers; she emerged as one of the best markswomen in the bunch, even saving the life of Vincent, a citizen of Alexandria who nearly got killed. For her skill, she was chosen as part of a rescue team who managed to save Michonne and Aaron from the Whisperers’ second-in-command, Beta…but as Dwight immediately pointed out, that was just the beginning, as the war awaiting for them promised to be bloody.

Laura is a strong and harsh woman, but she hides a certain sensitivity behind the facade of hard-nosed warrior (she’s one of the few still able to realise the sadness of the walkers’ situation, still seeing people in them). A skilled soldier, she’s a formidable markswoman, but she’s also trained in the use of knives and blades. Loyal to Dwight only, she’ll follow him to Hell and back, always hoping to win his love one day.


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