Donald Pierce (White Bishop)

donaldpiercefilmIn the meanwhile, another long-awaited trailer has been released, the one for Logan, the third movie on everybody’s favorite clawed mutant. In the trailer, we got our first look at the movie’s main villain, Donald Pierce, who’ll be portrayed by Boyd Holbrook. We don’t know much of Pierce, apart from the fact that he’ll be a cyborg just as he is in the comics, and that he’ll be a mutant hunter, using Caliban‘s powers to locate the few remaining mutants and (maybe) kill them. The representative of a new step in human evolution, the cybernetic Pierce will lead his team, the Reavers, into the hunt for WolverineProfessor X and young Laura. In the comics, Pierce is quite an old acquaintance of the readers, an enemy of the X-Men who proved to be a menace for our heroes more than once: let’s see together.

Donald Pierce was born in PhiladelphiaPennsylvania, the wealthy heir of a rich and glorious family: among his ancestors he could count the British nobleman Sir Waltham Pierce and the American revolutionary Anton Pierce. For generations, his family was part of the Hellfire Club, a secret society aiming and managing to control the politics and economy of the United States of America, and even Donald, being the CEO of Pierce-Consolidated Mining and one of the richest men in the entire US, was invited to join. When Pierce was invited, however, many things had changed in the Inner Circle, the commanding elite of the Hellfire Club: a powerful mutant named Sebastian Shaw had conquered the position of Black King by killing all the human members of the Club, and he had opened the Inner Circle only to other mutants, thus changing completely the aim of the society, that also wanted to preserve the pure American race. Pierce, who was raised according to the principles and values of the “old” Hellfire Club, refused to embrace Shaw’s ideals, he couldn’t have even if he wanted to, since he wasn’t a donaldpiercecomics1mutant… but he saw an opportunity to reform and cleanse the Hellfire Club nevertheless. Using his company’s advanced technology, he installed in his body several cybernetic implants, and then accepted the position of White Bishop pretending to be a mutant: waiting for the right moment to strike, he planned the assassination of the other Inner Circle’s members, shielding himself from the White Queen‘s telepathy thanks to one of his many devices. While acting as the loyal White Bishop, Pierce used the many resources of the Hellfire Club to build his own army of “superior humans”, which he called the Reavers, human mercenaries he granted cybernetic implants to, transforming them into super-soldiers. His relationship with the Reavers was unknown to everybody, until his long-planned take-over of the Hellfire Club was interrupted by an unforeseen hindrance: the mutant superheroes known as the X-Men.

The X-Men had been fighting with the Hellfire Club for months, and they had finally managed to locate the Inner Circle, declaring battle to the Club’s leaders. During the ensuing fight, Pierce found himself squaring against NightcrawlerColossus and Wolverine, and it was the latter who managed to nearly sever one of his arms with his claws, exposing him as a cyborg. The Inner Circle lost the battle, but Pierce also lost his position, with his true nature revealed. Full of grudge, he tried to exact his revenge on both the Hellfire Club and the X-Men, and he kidnapped two powerful telepaths from the teams, Sage, Shaw’s personal assistant, and Professor X, the X-Men’s leader. His plan to use his prisoners’ abilities against their allies, however, failed, as Xavier‘s telepathy was on a completely different level, and even his shielding device couldn’t protect him from being incapacitated by the world’s most powerful telepath. Pierce was entrusted to Sage, who in turn handled him to Shaw, who took care of burying him in the deepest hole at his disposal, a secret holding facility in Kentucky. With nothing to lose anymore, Pierce could finally draw his ace up the sleeve, the Reavers… but during his imprisonment the team had a clash with the X-donaldpiercecomics2Men (with Wolverine in particular) and only a few of them had survived. The mercenaries who came to his rescue were just four: the on-field leader Lady Deathstrike and three subordinates, ColeMacon and Reese. Despite their reduced strength, the Reavers managed to break Pierce out, and under the former White Bishop’s lead the team became a formidable mutants-hunting elite force, a group of racists who wanted to exterminate mutantkind from the face of the planet, starting with Wolverine (who was the one responsible of maiming them in the first place) and Sebastian Shaw. The Reavers created a headquarter in Australia, in the middle of the Outback, in the abandoned town of Cooterman’s Creek: from there, Donald Pierce would have led his “new humans” to the extermination of the so-called “evolved ones”, a war for humankind’s survival that would have known no mercy.

Donald Pierce is an ambitious and cruel man, a racist and a supremacist who despises all life-forms other than homo sapiens (and even among the latter, only a few ethnicity); extremely brilliant, he’s a genius in robotics, a master strategist and a cunning deceiver, who uses his remarkable intellect for his despicable goals. As a cyborg, he has nothing of his original body left but the head, albeit modified: his implants grant him superhuman strength, speed and reflexes, near invulnerability, the ability to repel and redirect psionic energy (useless against extremely powerful telepaths such as Professor X or Phoenix), and several other abilities depending on the various components he installs in his own body, ranging from energy blasts to digital interface. Relentless in his war against mutants, Donald Pierce loathes himself for having being forced to become “half a human being” to fight his self-righteous battle… another thing he blames mutants for, another fuel to his neverending rage and hatred.


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