Ishmael Gregor (Sabbac)

sabbacfilmLet’s come back to Arrow and to the new character introduced in the flashbacks. In So It Begins, we follow the final steps of Oliver Queen‘s initiation to Bratva, the Russian Mafia. After completing the final test, Queen is introduced by his friend Anatoly Kniazev to the Pakhan, the local godfather, named Ishmael Gregor: portrayed by David Meunier, he is the one who sends Oliver to infiltrate Konstantin Kovar‘s casino to allow him to kill him…but in the following episode it’s revealed he’s actually an ally of Kovar’s, and that he sold Queen to him. Gregor is an established villain in the comics, but not exactly from the Green Arrow‘s rogue gallery…and he’s definitely something more than a mob boss, albeit he starts that way. Let’s see together.

Ishmael Gregor was born in an unspecified city in Russia. He entered the local criminality, and he rose in ranks until he became a renowned boss, feared and respected. Something happened to fracture his criminal empire, and Gregor found himself forced to leave his homecountry, moving to the United States of America. Even as an immigrant, his fame preceded him, and in New York City he could rebuild his empire on foreigner ground. While in the States, he learned of a man named Timothy Karnes who had made a deal with several demons to obtain amazing powers: by spelling the first letters of the devils giving him power (SatanAymBelial, Beelzebub, Asmodeus and Crateis) he became Sabbac, an evil demonic version of Captain Marvel. Karnes, defeated by the Marvel Family, had been imprisoned, and his voice box removed to prevent him from spelling the incantation: needless to say, Gregor wanted his power, and sent his men to investigate on where Karnes was kept. When he found Karnes, he contacted him, telling him that he wanted to serve the one and only Sabbac with a spell that would have sabbaccomics1allowed him to access his powers without spelling the word. Obviously interested, Tim Karnes allowed Gregor to use him during the ritual. Ishmael broke Karnes out of his prison, and prepared him for the ceremony, along with a bus full of people he had kidnapped: obviously, he had deceived the original Sabbac, and at the end of the ritual Karnes and all the people on the bus were dead, sacrificed to the demons, and the powers of the devilish supervillain had passed on to Gregor, but in an amplified form. Not only he inherited all the powers of Sabbac the King of Devils, but he could transform into a giant demon, able and willing to crush everyone opposing him. And, of course, someone opposing him immediately appeared, as the Outsiders had learnt of his plan and had sent somebody stopping him.

Three of the Outsiders, GraceThunder and Jade, arrived on the scene, but they were too late to prevent Gregor from obtaining Sabbac’s powers, and they found him fully powered-up. The other Outsiders came to the rescue, but they found themselves outmatched the moment Sabbac summoned an army of demons to face them: only the intervention of Captain Marvel Jr. allowed the heroes to destroy the demons, thus forcing Sabbac, who still had to learn how to control his powers, to flee. Ishmael kept a low profile for a while, strenghtening his influence and expanding his empire, until he resurfaced in Las Vegas, where he started taking over the local criminality. Many others had interests in Vegas, but Sabbac didn’t fear anybody…until he received quite a loud message from the Secret Society of Super-Villains in the form of the world’s deadliest mercenary, Deathstroke the Terminator. Without the slightest effort, Deathstroke killed all Sabbac’s men, crippling his power over the city, then he offered a membership in the group, telling him he could have achieved much more than a city by joining them. During his time with the Society he also cooperated with the Fearsome Five in freeing Mammoth from Alcatraz, but he also gained a major power-up: while he was on mission for the Society in Gotham City, he witnessed the explosion of the Rock of Eternity, destroyed during a fight between Captain Marvel and Aztar the Spectre. Sensing a strong magic in the Rock’s sabbaccomics2fragments, Sabbac approached them, finding the freed Seven Deadly Enemies of Man (the embodiments of the seven deadly sins): he absorbed them, augmenting his powers beyond any known limit. When the Outsiders came to try and stop him again, he was simply invincible…until Katana managed to lock him in his magic sword, the Soultaker. Such a simple tool couldn’t hold him for long, however, and Sabbac would have soon be freed from his prison to wreak havoc in the world once again.

Ishmael Gregor is a man with an immense ambition, a ruthless criminal who lusts for power. With no consideration at all for the life of others, Gregor can sacrifice anything and anyone to obtain what he wants. As Sabbac, he possesses a great power granted by the demons he made a deal with: he is superhumanly strong, fast, agile and durable, he’s nearly invulnerable, he can summon demons from Hell, he can manipulate and project hellfire, he can heal from virtually any wound, and he can also absorb other magical powers and beings of demonic origin. With a power finally matching his ambition, there is nothing able to stand in Sabbac’s way now.



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