Orana (Wonder Woman)

oranafilmThere’s still another trailer that has been released in the last days, the second one for Wonder Woman, which offers a look at another couple of characters. During a sequence on Themyscira‘s beach, we see a group of soldiers going ashore and attacking the Amazons: one of them tries to repel them by performing quite a leap and shooting an arrow to them…but she finds out that rifles work better. The short-lived Amazon is Orana, portrayed by Mayling Ng, another character exhumed by the long-lost Earth-One. In the comics, Orana surely lives longer than she does in the upcoming movie, but she doesn’t live long nevertheless, just enough to steal from Diana her superhero name… Let’s see together.

Orana was an Amazon, born on Paradise Island as one of the immortal women protecting and guiding the World of Men from afar. When Queen Hippolyta decided to hold a tournament to select one Amazon warrior to send to the World of Men to act as the superheroine Wonder Woman, guarding peace and love in a world of war and hatred, also her daughter, Princess Diana, participated to the tests; envious already of Diana’s skills, Orana briefly confronted her Queen, asking Hippolyta if she would have been fair and impartial in judging a competition involving her own daughter. Hippolyta reassured her on that, but the result was the one Orana was expecting: Diana won every single trial, and she was awarded with the title of Wonder Woman, ready to be sent to the outside world. Sure that an injustice had been perpetrated, Orana spent the following years training, wanting to become better than her princess. When she believed to be finally ready to challenge Diana, she came to Hippolyta with a challenge for her oranacomics1daughter: a new tournament to reassign the title of Wonder Woman. Since the Gods of Olympus had decreed the possibility to do so with their laws, Hippolyta accepted, and she called Diana back to Paradise Island to compete. Despite her initial resistence, Diana eventually accepted the challenge, and a new four-days tournament with trials based on the four natural elements (fire, earth, air and water) began. Orana surely was determined and competitive, but she was also rash and inexperienced: her actions more often than not endangered the lives of the other competitors; as a result, Wonder Woman lost time and energy in saved the other Amazons (and even the world from a meteor shower) from the side-effects of Orana’s “enthusiasm”, and she ended up losing the tournament. At the end of the fourth day Hippolyta, pleased by Diana’s compassion, decided to confirm her as the current Wonder Woman.

Orana was enraged for the decision, and so were the Gods of Olympus, according to which the law had been violated. Rather than putting her mother against the Gods, Diana chose to relinquish her title, and Orana became the new Wonder Woman, receiving all her predecessor’s equipment and leaving to New York City. In the big city, Orana became immediately frustrated with the people, who took her for an impostor and failed to acknowledge her as the new Wonder Woman; later on her first day as a heroine, she tried to stop the terrorist Warhead, but when the police intervened she mistook them for enemies, and in the following commotion the villain escaped. The Amazon became even more enraged when she found out Diana had escaped Paradise Island going against the Gods’ laws, and accused her of wanting to sabotage her efforts; the two left as enemies, with the new Wonder Woman ordering Diana not to mess with her business, and the old one telling her successor not to come to her looking for help. Soon after, Warhead tried another assault on New York: Orana confronted him and his men, but while she was deflecting bullets aimed at her, she failed to notice that the terrorist had already dropped a neutron bomb on the Columbus Day parade on the streets. Luckily enough, Diana oranacomics2intervened just in time, grabbing the bomb in mid-air and saving the day; she then instructed Orana to fly the Invisible Plane higher to intercept Warhead’s chopper, but the new Wonder Woman could only see her predecessor stealing her glory, and not only she ignored the advice, but she also started quarreling with the princess…failing to notice that Warhead had armed his machinegun on the helicopter and was about to start shooting. When she realised what was happening, it was too late already, and Warhead shot her, putting an end to her brief career as Wonder Woman.

Orana is an arrogant and childish woman, with a pride matched only by her ambition: brutal as a fighter and determined to obtain what she wants no matter the cost, she’s an Amazon who knows no compassion. As Wonder Woman, she possesses superhuman strength, speed, agility and durability; she’s trained in the art of war, and she’s a superb hand-to-hand combatant; she possesses all her predecessor’s equipment, including the Invisible Jet, the magic Lasso of Truth, the indestructible Bracelets of Submission and the tiara. With no idea on what being a hero means, Orana fights for her ambition and her wounded ego, constantly comparing herself to Diana and trying to achieve more glory than her princess.


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