davidfilmWith no more characters from trailers or movies (not officially confirmed ones, at least) we can focus on the tv series, starting with The Walking Dead. Another character appearing in Service is a hateful member of The Saviors, another one came to plunder Alexandria Safe-Zone‘s resources: David, portrayed by Martinez. He’s the one threatened at gun-point by Carl, but he’s also the one who shows quite a disturbing interest for young Enid… and the comics’ readers know that, being familiar with the character, that kind of interest won’t lead to anything good in the near future. Let’s take a look at the original character and, as always with TWD, beware of spoilers (if the tv series chooses to take the same route as in the comics, of course).

As usual, we don’t know much of David’s early life, not even his surname; he lived either in Virginia or in the State of Washington, but it’s unknown what kind of job he had or whether he had a family or not. Being it a way or the other, following the Outbreak he found himself in the same situation of everyone else: running for his life, trying to escape from resurrected corpses who wanted to feed on his flesh. Albeit it’s more likely he joined some group to survive, a man as hard and brutal as himself was hard to be led to cooperate with anyone… until he found someone tougher and crueler than he was: Negan, a psychopath who had embraced the philosophy of the “survival of the fittest” and turned it into a “survival of the strongest” one. Acting more on instinct than on calculation and submitting himself to the stronger one, David joined Negan’s group, The Saviors, and entered the main army located in The Sanctuary. For David that was a candy shop: he could vent all his violence and prevarication, finding himself blending perfectly in Negan’s “utopia”. He exerted his control on the subjected communities, bringing Negan’s law outside The Sanctuary, and even the other Saviors found out it was better to keep him at distance; Negan entrusted him also with delicate missions, knowing far too well that he was perfectly able to keep his dogs on a tight rein. When some scouts came to The Sanctuary warning that they had spotted two men, possibly belonging to a larger community, David was sent to davidcomics1spy on them along with a bunch of other Saviors: the men were Eugene and Abraham, looking for supplies and ammo. When they came back to their colony, Alexandria Safe-Zone, David came back to report, and returned soon after in company of Dwight, Negan’s second in command. The group tried to enter what seemed to be one of the largest and richest communities they had ever seen, but they failed to do it, so they came back to the Sanctuary to report: Alexandria had been spotted, and Negan would have surely taken action.

This happened shortly after, and as usual David was part of it: he was present when Negan and a remarkable number of other Saviors ambushed Rick Grimes and his group, and he was pointing a gun at Rick’s head while Negan smashed Glenn‘s skull with his baseball bat Lucille. Following that episode, things escalated quickly, and David watched with pleasure as Grimes surrendered and Alexandria became another one of the communities subjected to The Saviors. The new ones were tougher than the others, however, and they soon started planning an uprising, joining forces with two other large communities, Hilltop Colony and The Kingdom. During one of the battles between the alliance and The Saviors, the latter captured a woman from Alexandrya, Holly, a beautiful blondie who David had eyed up in her colony already. Holly was kept inside The Sanctuary, and David was among the ones making turns to guard her. During his watch, the woman asked him for some water, and David saw an occasion waiting for him there: he told her he wasn’t supposed to give her any, but that he was ready to give her some, if she was ready to do something she wasn’t supposed to in turn. When Holly understood what he meant, David had already started to make his move: he assaulted her, ripping her shirt and trying to take off her pants, but in that very moment Negan arrived. Negan was a violent man himself, davidcomics2but he had some rules, the first of which was: “No rape”. David perfectly knew this, and he started begging for forgiveness… something that he was not given: moving quickly and swiftly, Negan stabbed David in the neck, then proceeded to apologize to Holly. Even dogs on a leash sometimes became rabid and needed to be put down.

David is, simply put, a wild animal: acting purely on his instincts, he is a violent, brutal and sadistic man, who takes what he wants when he wants it, and who treats anyone around him as tools for purpose or pleasure. A skilled combatant with both short-ranged and long-ranged weapons, he’s basically a coward, and even if he always plays the tough wolf, he becomes little more than a puppy when a bigger dog like Negan is around.


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