garyfilmTime for the third and last comicbook-based character appearing in The Walking Dead episode Service, another Savior of course. When The Saviors pay a visit to Alexandria Safe-Zone, one of them approaches Negan and gives him a camera, with Rick Grimes‘ video interview to enter the community on it, much to the Saviors’ leader amusement. The camera-bringer is Gary, portrayed by Mike Seal. Even by appearing this way, he scored higher than his comicbook counterpart, who mostly acts as a background character, and receives a name only the moment he dies (in a pretty stupid way, even). As usual with TWD, proceed with caution as some spoiler may be lying ahead…only mild ones in this case, though.

Not much is known about Gary’s past, pretty much nothing actually, not even his surname. He lived somewhere in Virginia or in the State of Washington, and it’s unknown if he had any family and what kind of job he had, if he had any. When he was around his thirties, however, all of this stopped being important, as the Outbreak wiped out civilization from the world. Gary became just one of many, the last human survivors trying to escape from the hungry walkers (dead come back to life to feed on the living) and to find a place in a new, anarchist world order. Gary was relatively lucky, as the group he joined was an extremely powerful one: The Saviors, an army of conquerors led by an insane but extremely clever man, Negan, a charismatic leader who was building a new world with himself as its leader. Gary, who had nothing against violence to begin with, was recruited in Negan’s main army, designated to The Saviors’ headquarters, The Sanctuary, instead of one of the many outposts. Being a Savior brought along a lot of advantages and comforts, in exchange only of total and undisputed obedience to Negan, something that came pretty easily to Gary, who had never been a leader. Gary followed Negan in the “peaceful conquest” of some nearby garycomics1community, always offering them two alternatives: either they accepted to be protected by The Saviors in exchange of half of what they produced, or they faced total destruction. Needless to say, anytime the approached communities chose the second option, Gary was on the first line in the following massacre. He was assigned to Dwight‘s squad, and he followed the direct orders of Negan’s right-hand man. They never had any particular problem, until a large and organised community, Alexandria Safe-Zone, was subjected to The Saviors.

At first, Alexandria bent like all the others, but after the initial shock their leader, Rick Grimes, started to organize a rebellion, joining forces with two other large communities, Hilltop Colony and The Kingdom. The resulting alliance, called the Militia, was bold and daring, and they even assaulted The Sanctuary head-on. Such a behavior required punishment, and Negan wasn’t late in delivering it: after a number of minor squabbles that usually involved kidnappings and hostages, he finally ordered Dwight to bring his men to attack Alexandria directly, and Gary was among the ones chosen for the task. Each savior was given military equipment, so that the battle wouldn’t have lasted long…or so they believed, of course. Alexandria’s walls were tall and strong, and Negan didn’t want them to be destroyed, since he could have used them after the conquest; Dwight ordered the ones who carried grenades to use the explosives to bring the defense down, but without damaging the walls. Always enthusiast when there was blood to be shed, Gary ran on the first line, and prepared to throw one of his grenades over the wall, hoping to kill the defenders…unfortunately for him, on the other side there was Paul “Jesus” Monroe, a skilled martial artist, who kicked one of Dwight’s garycomics2grenades back to the group, right in front of Gary. The grenade blew up, and so did the one Gary had in his hand and all the others he had strapped to his belt. The explosion tore him in half, leaving only a zombified torso in his place, forcing the surviving Saviors to retreat temporarily.

Gary is a violent and sadistic man, dumb enough to be the perfect pawn for Negan and Dwight, but smart enough to follow any order coming from them. He’s a skilled combatant, trained with both short-ranged and long-ranged weapons, and he can also use explosives. A perfect soldier, he kills on demand and is ready to die on demand, never questioning the commands he’s given.


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