savitarfilmThe second villain recently introduced in The Flash episode Shade is this season’s big bad…and with “big” we really mean big. We knew The Rival had been killed by an invisible assilant, now we know that the attacker wasn’t invisible, he was simply too fast to be seen, as he’s just as fast for a “regular” speedster like The Flash as the hero is for normal people: he’s Savitar, the self-proclaimed God of Speed, voiced by Tobin Bell. The CGI armored giant simply humiliated Flash during their first fight, and promises to be quite a challenge, even with speedsters increasing in numbers…and he surely is quite a leap from the original character: the comics’ Savitar is a menacing but secondary villain, a totally human speedster who assumed the moniker “God of Speed” out of arrogance (a title that the show’s one possibly has more right to claim). Let’s see together.

Not much is known about Savitar, not even his real name. During the Cold War he was a test pilot pilot from the Eastern Bloc, specialised in supersonic jets. One day, while testing an experimental jet, the pilot brought it to maximum speed, exceeding also the inventors’ expectations…but while in the middle of the test, a lightning bolt hit the plane, bringing it to crash into enemy territory. Miraculously survived to the crash, the pilot was surprised in realising that, to him, all the enemy soldiers surrounding his jet were moving in slow motion: actually, he had gained access to the Speed Force thanks to the “lightning”, and it was him that was moving at super speed. Getting rid of the soldiers without the slightest effort, the pilot started studying his new condition, slowly becoming obsessed with the concept of speed itself, until he became convinced that he had been invested with some sort of divine mission. Naming himself “Savitar” after Savitr, the Hindu God of Motion, he made experiments with his own powers, until he mastered a number of abilities unique even among speedsters, such as istantaneous healing and speed savitarcomics1transmission. With his mystic view over speed and Speed Force, Savitar gained followers, being to them the God of Speed: he started a cult, known as the Thunderbolt Agents, and Savitar was confirmed in his godly mission by their faith. Still thirsty for knowledge about the Speed Force, Savitar tracked down the only other known speedster at the time, Johnny Quick, and confronted him to obtain other secrets from him. Inevitably, the confrontation became conflict, and the two speedsters started a clash of titans…interrupted by the arrival of yet another speedster, the Golden Age hero Max Mercury. The newcomer tricked Savitar, leading him to the Speed Force he so much desired, but causing him to bounce off against it, sending him adrift in time-space. The “God of Speed” spent decades trying to come back, all the while learning more about his speed.

In the years of Savitar’s absence, the Thunderbolt Agents had founded a true religion, prophetizing his return and waiting for it: when the self-proclaimed God of Speed finally emerged from time in the 1990s, his cult was stronger than when he left. With a temple ready for him in Tibet, Savitar was updated on what had happened in his absence…and found out that the number of speedsters had drastically increased in the latest decades. He presented himself to one of these new speedsters, Lady Flash, and he converted her to his cause: using his new knowledge on the Speed Force, he used the woman as a catalist to severe all the other speedsters’ link to the Force, giving their powers to the Thunderbolt Agents. He proceeded with his plan, succesfully attacking all the active speedsters: Johnny Quick and his daughter Jesse Quick, Impulse, the Golde Age FlashXS and, of course, the hated Max Mercury. There was only one speedster whose connection with the Speed Force was so strong that Savitar couldn’t severe it: the third FlashWally West. The Flash alone proved to be enough to deal with the followers of Savitar, foiling not only the assassination attempt against himself, but also the ones directed to the other semi-powerless speedsters. Unable to steal speed from the fastest speedster he had ever seen, Savitar decided to take matters in his hands and confronted his rival personally: waiting savitarcomics2for him, however, there were also all the other speedsters he had stolen powers from, forming a coalition even he found formidable. Unable to overcome his foes, Savitar decided to destroy their world at least, and he started a race all around the planet wreaking havoc at the speed of light. Only The Flash could keep up with him, and he followed him through all the continents, until he realised what the only way to stop him was: to give him what he wanted. Flash opened a portal to the Speed Force, leaving Savitar to be sucked in it: now prisoner of the very dimension he had been so long obsessed with, Savitar had all the eternity to study it…well, at least until he inevitably found a way to escape from it.

Savitar is a delusional fanatic who believes his super-speed to be a gift from the gods, and lets himself be worshipped by a cult of people just as mad as he is. As the self-proclaimed God of Speed, he is indeed one of the most powerful speedsters ever existed: apart from the usual powers belonging to the ones able to access the Speed Force (super speed, phasing, electrokinesis, enhanced reflexes and senses, superhuman durability and stamina), he can create inertia-force fields, he can heal almost instantly from any wound, he can absorb speed from objects or people and transmit it to others, even “stealing speed” from others to increase his own. Obsessed with the idea of “perfect speed”, Savitar is possibly the fastest man alive, a dangerous cult leader who can rightfully claim for himself the self-imposed title of God of Speed.



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