M’yri’ah J’onzz

myriahfilmBack to Supergirl, let’s speak of a character who received only a small cameo. After being saved with a blood transfusion by M’gann M’orzz, in The Darkest Place J’onn J’onzz starts hallucinating, as he sees his long-dead family smiling and waving hands at him: his two daughters, and his wife, M’yri’ah. We know from a previous episode that M’yri’ah died with her daughters in a concentration camp, killed by the White Martians, with only her husband being able to survive the experience. In the comics, obviously, her bio isn’t much longer, and we just have a little more background about her, before her inevitable (and premature) end, which differs slightly. Let’s see together.

M’yri’ah was born centuries ago on planet Ma’aleca’andra (the one on Earth we call Mars), the daughter of D’all, an ancient Red Martian who had married a Green Martian. A Green Martian herself, as she grew up she met a good and honest man, J’onn J’onzz, and she fell in love with him. The two got married, and they started a happy life together… which would have surely be happier if it wasn’t for J’onn’s deranged brother, Ma’alefa’ak, who, being born without psychic powers, hated everything belonging to Martian culture. M’yri’ah had a daughter from J’onn, K’hym, her pride and joy, and as soon as she realized that Ma’alefa’ak wanted to convert the girl of his ideas full of hate and violence, she made sure that her daughter never came close to her uncle ever again, supported in this by J’onn. With her brother-in-law out of her family’s life, M’yri’ah dedicated herself to her daughter completely, making her the center of her world. When myriahcomics1the girl became of age, she was happy to finally be able to celebrate G’amal’khul with her, a ritual that allowed the members of a family to share a particularly strong telepathic bond, going even beyond physical life. Finally, she, her beloved husband and her cherished daughter were one mind shared in three different bodies, a goal she’d been dreaming of since K’hym was born… and that represented the last happy moment her family lived together, as well as one of the last ones at all.

The fact that Ma’alefa’ak was out of sight didn’t mean he was out of their lives, and it turned out that J’onn had tragically underestimated his brother’s hatred for his homeplanet and his own race. In his years of seclusion, the evil but brilliant Ma’alefa’ak had devised a powerful virus, which affected Martians’ psionic powers: when a Martian used his telepathy, he contracted the virus, strong enough to convince the brain that the body was on fire, resulting in a psychosomatic stress so high that the victim died because of the burns caused by Martians’ innate pyrophobia. The plague that resulted from the release of the virus in Ma’aleca’andra’s atmosphere became known as the H’ronmeer’s Curse, named after the Martian God of Death, and it decimated the population. J’onn was the first one who realised that the virus only affected Martians the moment they accessed their telepathic powers, so he instructed M’yri’ah and K’hym not to use them…unfortunately, the girl was but a teenager, and she still had to learn to control her psionic abilities: unwillingly, she opened herself to telepathy, and she was infected with the plague. M’yri’ah could do nothing, as her daughter started to burn alive under her very eyes, consumed by a non-existent fire she couldn’t extinguish. As K’hym suffered an unbearable pain, M’yri’ah decided to sacrifice her own life to lessen her myriahcomics2daughter’s suffering, and she used her telepathy to quell her pain, taking it upon herself. Inevitably, M’yri’ah was infected as well, but she never severed the bond, not even when she had to endure both her own pain and her daughter’s one. She died hugging K’hym, with J’onn unable to save either one of them: a part of her, however, would have always lived in J’onn’s mind, accompanying him in the many adventures waiting for him.

M’yri’ah is, first of all, a loving mother, ready to sacrifice her own life to protect her child the best she can. As all Green Martians, she possesses superhuman strength, speed, stamina and durability, she can fly, she can regenerate lost limbs and heal faster from any wound, she possesses telepathy and telekinesis, she can change shape and size, she can become invisible and survive in open space, she possesses enhanced senses and can alter her density from hyper-density to intangibility. Even with all her power, however, M’yri’ah is unable to do the thing she cares the most about: to protect her family.



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