amberfilmNow, let’s jump to The Walking Dead again, to see who else joined the ever-expanding cast. In Sing Me a Song, Carl does something incredibly stupid and infiltrates The Sanctuary to try and kill Negan on his own. He obviously fails, but the man takes a liking in him and offers him a tour, introducing the boy to his harem as well. In here, we meet one of his youngest wives, Amber, portrayed by Autumn Dial. We see Amber in quite a bad moment, as she just “cheated” on Negan with her original boyfriend, and she avoids punishment just by declaring her love to the tyrant and by apologizing. This is exactly how we meet her in the comics, but it’s just the beginning of her story. Let’s see together…and beware of spoilers, as usual.

As for most survivors, we don’t know pretty much anything about Amber’s early life. A very young girl, she lived either in Virginia or in the State of Washington, and considering her age she was most likely a student when the Outbreak occured. With people running everywhere to seek refuge from the dead hunting for their flesh, Amber did her best to survive as well, and luckily enough she wasn’t alone, as she was with her boyfriend, Mark. Together, Amber and Mark survived the first days of the apocalypse, and learned how to survive in the new world: one thing they knew for sure, they couldn’t survive without a larger group. It’s unknown how they first met The Saviors, but they eventually ended up in The Sanctuary, the group’s main headquarters, and joined them…immediately realising they didn’t exactly made the right choice. The Saviors were ruled by a tyrant, Negan, a psychopath who controlled a large and well-armed group of people with an iron fist; among Negan’s many privileges inside the community there was polygamy, and he took whatever girl he liked as his wife. He already had several wives, but he took a liking in young Amber as well, and he demanded her for himself. Since being a regular citizen in The Sanctuary was exhausting, being forced to struggle over every single meal to ensure survival, Amber thought it could be good to be ambercomics1with Negan, assuring a better life to Mark as part of the deal: she became his newest wife, while Mark joined the Saviors’ army getting some privileges as well. Of course, rationalising the choice didn’t make it any better, and above all Amber missed Mark just as much as he missed her. Inevitably, the two kept seeing each other, and they slept together. If there was something that Negan didn’t tolerate, however, was one of his wives cheating on him, and when he inevitably found out about Amber’s “affair” with Mark, he rushed into her room to confront her. Another one of Negan’s wives, Sherry, who had abandoned her man as well, defended Amber, and allowed her to stay unarmed…but Mark wasn’t as lucky, and he was disfigured with a burning iron.

Despite Negan had just hurt the man she loved, Amber was forced to declare her love to him, promising to be a good wife from there on…but of course, this act of violence was just the last drop. Negan failed, as Mark’s disfigured face only remembered Amber just how much he loved her, and she didn’t stop loving him for how he looked now. They kept seeing each other, being more careful not to get caught…until, one night, they stumbled upon something more serious than somebody cheating: they saw Carson, Negan’s advisor, helping the prisoners, Eugene and his “ammo crew“, escape. Finally spotting a chance for them as well in Carson’s treason, Amber and Mark asked them to join, and they followed Eugene to the van he planned to use to escape. Hiding in the back of the van with Mark and Eugene’s men, Amber was scared when a Savior guard, Donnie, shot the vehicle, stopping it on the road to Hilltop Colony. Luckily, Eugene had a plan, and after blocking the van’s horn to lure a herd of walkers to their position (thus diverting it from The Kingdom, where they were headed), he disposed of the distracted guard, and instructed all his passengers to take shelter and rest on the van’s roof, as they would have reached Hilltop the morning after. The plan worked quite fine, and Amber was able to reach Hilltop along with all the other escapees…just in time for the final war against Negan and the Saviors still loyal to him. For some sort of miracle, the Saviors were eventually defeated, and Negan was imprisoned: this marked the beginning of a brand new life for all the communities ambercomics2involved, but despite The Sanctuary being now under Dwight‘s control and part of a peaceful alliance, Amber didn’t want to go back there. She and Mark settled down in Hilltop, and they became an integral part of the community. Life, finally, was just as peaceful and rewarding as Amber had dreamt it to be…until the next threat appeared on the horizon, one that could shatter the beautiful dream the four communities had been building together.

Amber is a young and sometimes naive girl, an emotional young woman who’d do anything to protect her beloved boyfriend, Mark. Faithful and loving, she accepts to be one of Negan’s wives just to assure Mark a better life, but she’s unable to control her feelings, and she ends up endangering him and herself as a result. A simple girl who has to make difficult choices in a complicated world, Amber is stronger than she looks, but possibly not strong enough for a world such as the post-apocalypse one.



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