markfilmStill with The Walking Dead, same episode, different character. As the final part to Carl‘s horror tour of The Sanctuary, in Sing Me a Song we witness Negan inflicting a severe punishment to a boy for sleeping with one of his wives: the boy is Mark, portrayed by Griffin Freeman, and he had his pretty face disfigured with a white-hot iron (only to be mocked by the tyrant immediately after for letting his bladder go during the torture). Mark is taken away immediately after he passes out due to the pain, but we’ll most surely see him and his girlfriend again when the show starts again on February. In the meanwhile, let’s take a look at him as he is in the comics (while we try to remember him as he is still handsome in this pic from the last episode he won’t look like the Phantom of the Opera).

Nothing is known about Mark’s life before the Outbreak, but he was very young when the end of the world happened, and he probably was a student. He lived either in the State of Washington or in Virginia, and it’s unknown what his family situation was. The only thing we know about his past is that he had a girlfriend, Amber, and that the two of them survived together, sticking together to find shelters and provisions, protecting each other from the flesh-hungry walkers and hostile groups of survivors. Of course, the two of them alone were not nearly enough to ensure survival, and they needed to join a larger group; they eventually found one, even if it wasn’t exactly the best choice possible: The Saviors, a large and well-armed group of people who gained more and more power by forcing other communities to give them half of what they produced, if they didn’t want to be destroyed. Life for the newcomers wasn’t easy at all, as they had to struggle for each meal, working like slaves and even fighting for food. A possible solution arrived when Negan, the deranged leader of The Saviors, took an interest in Amber, and claimed her as a new wife; this would have allowed Amber to live in luxury, while Mark would have been promoted as part of the deal to member of the Saviors’ army, obtaining several advantages from that. After discussing the matter together, Mark markcomics1and Amber decided to accept Negan’s offer, and the girl became his youngest wife. Life was definitely easier for the two of them, but something wasn’t right nevertheless: reason told them to stay apart and to enjoy the little comforts they could get from their new situation, but heart told them something different, as they still loved each other and wanted to be together. Mark and Amber started seeing each other secretly, and slept together behind Negan’s back: bad idea, as everybody was always ready to report to Negan…something that inevitably happened.

With Negan knowing about their “affair”, Mark couldn’t do anything but to wait for his punishment: sleeping with one of the boss’ wives wasn’t something easily forgiven. Tied to a chair, he was put in front of the entire community as Negan disfigured him with a white-hot iron, made an example for everyone to see, while Amber cried in despair. Carson took care of him and helped him recover, and when he could come out of the infirmary, he had his shame forever printed on his face. This, however, didn’t pull apart Mark and Amber, as the two were closer than ever, victims of the same cruelty, bonded by their hatred towards Negan. Soon after his disfigurement, Mark was seeing his girlfriend again, and during one of their clandestine meetings they spotted Carson escorting some prisoners from Alexandria Safe-Zone, including Eugene, out of The Sanctuary, an act of clear treason. Spotting a chance to leave Negan’s dominion, Mark and Amber approached him, and asked him to be part of the escape group: hidden in the back of a van with most of the prisoners, the two youngsters were finally ready to reach Hilltop Colony and to start a new life there. Shortly after their exit from The Sanctuary, however, the escapees were intercepted by a sentinel, Donnie, who shot the van and tried to stop it: Mark worried about the situation, fearing of losing even more than half of his face this time, but eventually Eugene managed to kill Donnie, and the group could rest on the roof for the night and continue their trip the morning after. At the end of their journey, Mark and Amber decided to stay in Hilltop, and there they remained markcomics2even after the war against Negan ended and the Militia won it, with Dwight taking control of The Saviors and changing them to a peaceful community in league with the others. Peace, however, lasted only a couple of years, as during a fair in Hilltop Amber went missing: Mark believed she had left him for antoher man, but reality proved to be much more tragic than that…

Mark is a young man who still follows his heart more than his reason, and he simply can’t live without Amber, his girlfriend and the one and only anchor in the post-apocalyptic world for him. A skilled fighter albeit inexperienced, Mark is proficient with both guns and blades, enough to be a part of the Saviors’ army. Reckless as only a boy in love can be, Mark is young enough to learn how to survive in the new world…but he better do it quickly.



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