Jared Morillo (Plunder)

plunderfilmThe winter finale for The Flash didn’t leave us with much of a cliffhanger, but it had some revelations nevertheless, and a new villain was very briefly spotted. In The Present, in fact, The Flash unwillingly travels five months in the future, just in time to witness his future self helplessly staring at Savitar while he kills Iris West. The moment he arrives, a newscaster is announcing that the hero just captured another villain, Jared Morillo aka Plunder, and we see him in picture, a man with an eye-patch. We’ll possibly see him in his full glory five months from now, but the pic is enough to spot him already. Plunder is a villain from the comics, actually the evil alternate version of a good guy from Flash’s supporting characters. Let’s take a look.

Jared Morillo was born in Los Angeles, but not quite the “usual” L.A., as he belonged to Mirror World, a dimension that was exactly the opposite of New Earth. Not much is known about Morillo’s early life: he received an intensive military training, but he aimed at gaining a personal profit from it; with remarkable skills easy to be put on market, he became an international assassin and a bounty hunter with the codename “Plunder”. Renowned for his proficiency, Plunder was hired by several governments and even single powerful individuals, until he obtained a contract with the Thinker, a criminal mastermind. The Thinker operated on a different scale than Plunder’s previous masters, and he used his incredible I.Q. to keep in check the entire planet: his scanners had detected some worrisome cracks in the tissue of reality itself, and he eventually found the cause, quite an unexpected one. Apparently, some “intruders” from another dimension kept traveling to Mirror World, weakening the plundercomics1barrier between the parallel universes and causing a major stress to the entire reality, risking to shatter it. To protect Mirror World, Thinker hired Plunder to kill the interlopers, who had just come back to his dimension. The killer didn’t care much of cosmic threats, but he knew how to do his job, and he tracked down the three “aliens”, who happened to be a superhero, The Flash, and two of his enemies, Captain Cold and the second Mirror Master. With aims coinciding, the criminals allied themselves with Thinker to trap The Flash and conquer Central City and Keystone City, but eventually the hero broke free and defeated the alliance. The Flash opened a portal to leave that reality with his rivals, and came back to his own dimension…with an unwanted stowaway, however, as Plunder secretly followed them to New Earth, seeing in a new universe an unrepeatable occasion of profit.

His instincts were right, as there were many occasions in the parallel world; with his past with two of the Rogues, Plunder was even hired by Blacksmith as a member of the new formation of the team, including Mirror Master, Trickster, Weather Wizard, Girder, Murmur and Magenta. Blacksmith’s plan aimed at crippling The Flash by targeting his allies, and Plunder fitted quite well with it, being a professional killer. His first target was Chunk, and he shot him leaving him for dead (although the man’s inhuman phat prevented him from suffering lethal damage); the second one was much more intriguing, as it consisted in The Flash’s allies in police: profiler Hunter ZolomonFred Chyre…and Detective Jared Morillo, his doppelgänger in New Earth. First, Plunder followed his counterpart, and shot him in the head as soon as he had the chance. He then took his place as infiltrated Keystone City Police Department, wanting to hit his enemies from the inside…but he wasn’t such a good actor, and everybody realised there was something amiss with “Detective Morillo”; plus, he was eventually betrayed by his facial scar, on the opposite side of New Earth’s Morillo. Busted, he escaped taking Zolomon along and using him as a hostage, keeping him captive with Murmur, wanting to lure plundercomics2Chyre in take him out. Much to Plunder’s surprise, Chyre arrived indeed, but he was accompanied by Morillo: that universe’s version of him possessed incredible regenerative abilities, and he had come back from the dead after being shot. Morillo acted as a human shield, leading Plunder to waste all his ammos on him, so giving Chyre a chance to free Zolomon and to defeat both him and Murmur. Plunder, however, managed to escape before being arrested, and he resumed his old activity as a bounty hunter and an assassin for hire. The killer didn’t have any intention of joining another team, least of all the Rogues, but the villain Top  tracked him down and hypnotised him, forcing him to be a part of his version of the Rogues to be put against the old one, led by Captain Cold: dragged into a war he didn’t care for, Plunder was about to learn that coming to an alien universe wasn’t his best decision ever…

Jared Morillo is a greedy and ruthless man, a mercenary who’d kill anyone for the right amount of money. Morally the opposite of his New Earth’s counterpart, Morillo is a man with no honor nor values, a killing machine who only follows profit. As Plunder, he’s an excellent marksman, infallible with a sniper gun; he’s also skilled in the use of any other firearm, as well as being a lethal martial artist. A professionist who always delivers, Plunder is the real deal in terms of killers and mercenaries, a man with no cause who will follow any flag as long as it pays his bills.



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