Elizabeth Allan

lizallanfilmFinally, the first trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming has been released, and it looks pretty awesome. Many of the main characters are introduced in the trailer, and we’ll see each one of them right before Christmas! Let’s start with the beautiful girl both Peter Parker and his friend Ned Leeds drool after: Liz Allan, who’ll be portrayed by Laura Harrier. In the movie, she’s a student of Midtown School of Science and Technology, and she’s obviously the girl Peter has a crush on, but we don’t know anything else. Surprise surprise, this is not Liz’s first appearance, as she already made a small cameo in the 2002 Spider-Man film: do you remember the Ugly Betty-like girl on the school bus portrayed by Sally Livingstone, the one who doesn’t want Peter to sit besides her? That’s Liz Allan. Pretty disappointing indeed, and miles away from the new portrayal of the character, who’s somewhat closer to the source material. Let’s see together.

Elizabeth “Liz” Allan was born in New York City, the daughter of club owner Wilson Allan. Her mother died when she was little, and she grew up with her father, her step-mother Doris and her step-brother Mark Raxton. Wealthy and popular, Liz attended Midtown High School, where she played the part of the thoughtless blondie who only cared for fun and beauty (and, of course, competition with other girls). She dated Flash Thompson, the most popular and handsome athlete in the school, and she enjoyed joining him in bullying the “losers” such as Peter Parker or Jessica Jones. She eventually broke up with Flash when she developed a crush on the new hero in town, Spider-Man, following the delusion that he would have noticed her, and she even started liking Parker after he “impersonated” the hero to divert Doctor Octopus‘ attention from Betty Brant (at that point, however, Peter had lost interest in her, and was dating Betty, who became some sort of rival for Liz). She was a very well-liked member lizallancomics1of her group of friends, especially considering that they usually hanged out at her father’s club, the Avenue Dinner Club, but after graduation Liz realised that the person she had been during high school wasn’t the one she truly wanted to be: she gave up on the superficial, thoughtless and mean personality she had always had, and decided to act more mature, first of all by dumping her usual friends, who now she didn’t like anymore. She even confessed her feelings to Peter, but also told him that they couldn’t possibly be together, accepting the fact that they were too different. This newfound maturity would have been pretty useful in a very short time, considering the upcoming emergency.

Soon after graduation, Liz’s step-brother Mark was involved in a lab accident that turned his skin into liquid metal, transforming him into the Molten Man: Liz did her best to help him, but the accident had influenced also Mark’s mind, and he was furious and violent; only an intervention from Spider-Man saved the day, and Liz as well. Following her brother’s transformation, Liz left New York for a while, and she studied to become a nurse. Back to the city after a few years, she stumbled on Peter Parker in the streets, and the two started a friendship much more “normal” than the previous one, and Liz joined Peter’s group of friends. At the wedding between Betty Brant and Ned Leeds, Liz met Peter’s best friend, Harry Osborn, and the two found out they liked each other: they fell in love, and soon after they got married. Liz had a son from Harry, Norman Harold Osborn, “Normie” for everybody, and she supported her husband in the struggle to accept his father’s death…but there was more to the name “Osborn” than she knew, and it all turned out to tragedy the moment the curse of the family hit Harry as well. Depressed and drug-addicted, Harry used his father’s formula to become the new Green Goblin, and he even attempted to make Normie follow his footsteps: asking for help, Liz saved her son thanks to the intervention of her brother Mark, of Spider-Man and of reporter Ben Urich. Kidnapped by her own husband along with Normie, Liz was obviously deeply traumatized by the event, and when the Goblin Formula exacted its toll and eventually killed Harry, she lizallancomics2decided to leave everything behind her back, and she cut ties even with Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson, dear friends who nevertheless reminded her of Harry. She moved to another part of the city, she started running Osborn Industries while raising Normie on her own, and she started dating a good man and skilled lawyer, Foggy Nelson. Maybe a new life was truly starting for her…but darkness was always ready to follow her wherever she went.

Liz Allan is a woman strenghtened by adversities, who went from having no concern in the world to being a single mother with a multi-billionaire company to run, a psychopathic ex-husband and a totally evil ex-father-in-law obsessed with his grandchild. Intelligent and determined, she succeeds in every aspect of her life despite the many and recurring difficulties, but one can’t be so close to darkness all her life without being tainted by it…



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