cleafilmLet’s meet another character from Brick89‘s list: Clea, the interdimensional sorceress. In the 1970s’ Dr. Strange movie she loses all her supernatural traits and becomes Clea Lake, portrayed by Eddie Benton. In this version, Clea is university student with a natural psychic bond with Stephen Strange, and who becomes the target of Morgan LeFay, an evil sorceress who possesses her in order to murder Earth‘s Sorcerer SupremeThomas Lindmer. She luckily fails, but the trauma leaves her shocked: from that point, Strange tries to use her to track back Morgan, while Morgan constantly endangers her to use her as a bait for Strange. In the comics, she luckily has a much more active role than the simple “damsel in distress” (albeit she started that way), and her origins are a little bit more complex than a university student. Let’s see together.

Clea was born in the Dark Dimension, the offspring of an interdimensional affair: Prince Orini, leader of the humanoid magic users Mhuruuks and legitimate heir to the throne of the Dark Dimension, conceived a child with Umar, a Faltine sorceress who was aiding her brother Dormammu in conquering said realm. Since Umar had slept with Orini mainly out of boredom, and was actually disgusted by the relationship, she abandoned Clea with her father and disappeared, leaving the prince to raise their daughter on his own. Orini, for obvious reasons, decided to keep the identity of Clea’s mother a secret, even from her. A Mhuruuk among Murhuuks, Clea grew up oblivious to her own origins, living under the dictatorship of Dormammu, who had replaced King Olnar as the ruler of the Dark Dimension. She witnessed the Dread One conquering realm after realm, until he found one he was unable to add to his dominion: Earth, a dimension protected by powerful sorcerers. One of these defenders, Doctor Strange, finally entered the Dark Dimension to face Dormammu and defeat him once and for all: Clea intercepted cleacomics1the stranger, and tried to convince him that battling Dormammu was suicide, but she eventually started admiring the sorcerer’s courage, and she agreed to help him. The Dread One, however, discovered her betrayal, and he imprisoned her, promising to execute her as soon as he had dealt with Strange. Things, however, didn’t go this smoothly, as the power Dormammu used during the battle was so much that he lost control over his indestructible minions, the Mindless Ones. In a sudden turn of tides, Strange helped his sworn enemy subdue the Mindless Ones once again, and exploited Dormammu’s debt of honor by making him promise he would have left Earth alone…and by making him release Clea from her prison. Of course, Dormammu wasn’t famous for being a man of word, and when he tried to attack Earth again using Baron Mordo as a pawn, Clea warned Strange…thus earning the exile from her home dimension.

Clea’s help proved to be vital, as Strange was able to summon Eternity for help and to imprison Dormammu in a pocket dimension, the Realm Unknown. Clea and Strange grew closer, and they became lovers, albeit living in different dimensions. In the meanwhile Umar, seeking revenge for his brother, had invaded the Dark Dimension and kidnapped Clea to lure Strange in a trap. With such a powerful sorceress as Umar unleashed, the Ancient One suggested to his disciple to send his beloved to a pocket dimension to protect her, and both Strange and Clea agreed to do so, even if this meant they would have probably never seen each other again. Clea was teleported on another dimension…which unfortunately happened to be the Real Unknown, just where her vengeful uncle was imprisoned. Needless to say, the Dread One seized the moment, and tried to use his niece as a means to break free. He nearly managed to open an access to Earth, but this way he attracted the attention of Doctor Strange, who came to Clea’s rescue: Strange and Clea cut off Dormammu’s escape ways, and the two together came back to Earth, with the woman starting to live with her beloved in his Sanctum Sanctorum. She struggled a little to get accostumed to Earth, its people and its uses, and she found many things to be quite weird…first of all, the fact that she and Strange had to avoid using magic in public. Due to this restraint, and to the distance from her home dimension, Clea started cleacomics2losing her magic powers, but a trip to Stonehenge, one of Earth’s most mystical places, proved to be enough to repower her completely. Soon after, the Ancient One officially designated Doctor Strange as the new Sorcerer Supreme, and one of Strange’s first actions was to take Clea as his first disciple: under her lover’s tutelage, Clea became even more skilled in magic than she already was, until she was nearly on par with Strange himself. It was time to assist him in protecting Earth’s realm, doing for this dimension what she could not for her own.

Clea is a brave young woman, who lived under the rule of a tyrant and found the strenght to rebel; loyal and devoted, she’s one of Doctor Strange’s most reliable and precious allies. As the Sorceress Supreme of the Dark Dimension, she’s an extremely powerful magic user, taking the best of her mixed heritage: being half-Faltine, she possesses superhuman strength, durability and longevity, she can summon the Flames of Faltine to increase her already remarkable power, and she can produce mystic energy from her own body; being half-Mhuruuk, on the other hand, she can summon and manipulate magic energy from the environment; as Doctor Strange’s disciple, at last, she can draw mystic energy from other dimensions, using it for a variety of purposes that include (but are not limited to) energy blasts, energy shields, illusion casting, levitation, telekinesis, summonings, teleportation, telepathy, astral projection, hypnosis and many other things. A sorceress of unlimited potential, Clea embodies the better part of three worlds, a living bridge between alien dimensions.


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