Michael Jon Carter (Booster Gold)

boostergoldfilmAnother big shot from Brick89‘s list, the hero from the future: Booster Gold. Despite there have been many talks of a movie involving him, his only live action appearance so far has been in Smallville. In Season 10, in fact, football player from the future Michael Jon Carter, portrayed by Eric Martsolf, comes back in time to 2011 Metropolis to gain fame as a superhero; boastful and arrogant, he changes his attitude thanks to his meeting with Clark Kent, and even agrees to become the mentor of a young and inexperienced Blue Beetle (whom he helps to stop as his alien armor goes berserk). In the comics, Booster Gold looks a lot like his tv series counterpart, albeit there are some differences in his arrival on present Earth. Waiting to see if all those rumors about a Booster Gold movie will ever become reality, let’s take a look at the original guy.

Michael Jon Carter was born on December 28th, in Gotham City…in the year 2442. He was the son of Jonar Carter, an irresponsible and compulsive gambler, and his wife Ellen, a loving mother and a good woman; he had a twin sister, Michelle, and the two were very close. When the babies were just four, Jonar left his family, leaving behind a huge gambling debt; Ellen struggled to mantain both herself and her children with the few money she could earn, and eventually all the pressure affected her health, and she got sick. Luckily enough, Michael grew up to be a gifted athlete, and he obtained a football scholarship to attend Gotham University. A champion born, he earned through football the money he needed to buy medicines for his mother, drugs that he could have never afforded otherwise; as his fame grew and he started to be known as Booster, he realised he could make much more money than what he did already: all he had to do was to bet on his own games, and change the results while playing. Before he even realised it, he had become his father. His “brilliant” plan eventually worked, and Michael managed to buy medicines enough to allow his mother to heal completely…but after the umpteenth fixed game he was caught and arrested, and this proved to be the final drop for Ellen’s old and tired heart, and she died destroyed by her grief. After serving a brief time in jail, Carter was forced to take a part-time job in Metropolis Space Museum as a night guardian…and this proved to be the changing point boostergoldcomics1of his life. While working at the museum, he became interested in XX Century‘s superheroes and supervillains, and soon realised that a man with technology from his time could be a superstar hero in the past. Determined to obtain in the past all the glory he had been denied in his present, he stole and reprogrammed Skeets, a security droid, as his assistant, then he stole some relic in exhibition: a Legion of the Super-Heroes‘ ring that allowed him to fly, Brainiac 5‘s Force Field Belt, a battle suit that granted him super-strenght, and last but not least Rip Hunter‘s Time Sphere. Finally, he was ready to travel to the past and start his life anew.

Knowing what for him was past history, Michael landed exactly during a life attempt against US President Ronald Reagan, and using his equipment he defeated the assailant, Chiller. During the following press conference, Reagan asked for his name, so that he could introduce his savior to the world: Carter wanted to name himself “Goldstar“, but he made quite a mess speaking with Reagan, and mangled his wanted superhero name with his football moniker, resulting in “Booster Gold”, a name that would have stuck to him for all his heroic career. Having clear in mind what he wanted to do with his new identity, he hired an agent, Dirk Davis, and he founded his own company, Goldstar, Inc., which he managed his heroic deeds through. Saving the President had earned him a lot of fame already, and he signed dozens of millionaire contracts with movie companies and for commercials, becoming a brand and a superstar in no time, and obviously getting very rich from it. The Chiller wasn’t acting on his own, however, as he was merely a pawn of the secret society known as The 1000: the group’s leader, The Director, identified Booster Gold as a menace for his plans, and unleashed all his power on him…ending up granting a lot of free ad for the “hero”, who became more and more famous every time he battled (and defeated) The 1000. Soon he could hire a secretary, Trixie Collins, who was just as beautiful and smart as any superstar’s secretary should be. Plus, also Michelle came to the past from the XXV Century, and she became part of Goldstar, Inc. as a heroine in her own right, wearing an electromagnetic suit and calling herself Goldstar boostergoldcomics2(adopting the moniker her brother had intended to use for himself). Things started going badly the moment Michelle died during an alien invasion, sacrificing herself like the hero Booster Gold pretended to be; plus, Dirk turned out to be working for the Manhunters, and manipulated Carter’s money so that he eventually stole everything to the last penny from him, hoping to blackmail him to do the Manhunters’ bidding. Without a family, without his fortune, alone in an alien time, Booster Gold had to become the hero people believed him to be to solve an impossible situation…

Michael Jon Carter is a glory-seeking primadonna, a self-centred athlete who lives for the crowd’s applauses and cheers, and who first of all tries to get a reasonable profit from whatever he does. As Booster Gold, he can fly thanks to a Legion Flight Ring, while his suit grants him several abilities, such as enhanced durability, super strenght, energy blast emission, enhanced vision and hearing, instant knowledge of past events through historical archives from the future; Brainiac 5’s belt also allows him to project a nearly-impenetrable force field, that he can use also for offense purposes; years of time travel modified his physiology, so that some of the previous powers, plus some new ones (such as density control and precognition), are now naturally part of him. Initially only a boastful idiot, Booster Gold learned through difficulties and personal tragedies what being a hero means, and he now has to live up to the reputation he himself created to enchant his audience…this time, however, he’ll do things the right way, for the greater good rather than for his personal gain.



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