desaadfilmFinally, we arrived to the last character from Brick89‘s pretty long list, and we end with quite a nasty bad guy: DeSaad, professional sadistic and Darkseid‘s loyal adviser. This far, Desaad only appeared in Smallville, portrayed by Steve Byers. In the show, he is the head of the “unholy trinity” preparing Darkseid’s arrival on Earth, and he constantly tries to corrupt Clark Kent to the Darkness to make him a servant of his master. He fails in his main task, but he manages to corrupt Oliver Queen instead, until the superhero breaks free of his control and kills him and the other two prophets with Orion‘s bow. This portrayal wasn’t exactly up to the main source, but it nailed some aspects of the character nevertheless. The others are here.

The real name of the New God DeSaad (sometimes misspelled Desaad) is unknown, as is his original family. He was born on New Genesis, a living paradise for the New Gods. When he was a boy, an innocent and good-hearted boy, his playmates and companions were two beloved pets, a little bird and a cat. Among the New Gods around there was one observing him, one who had no place anymore on New Genesis: once called Uxas, he was now Darkseid, the embodiment of all evil. Darkseid studied the boy, and soon realized the great love that linked him to his pets: one day, when the kid came back home, he found his bird missing, and some feathers on the cat’s bed. Distraught, torn by pain and anger, the boy didn’t know what to do… until Darkseid appeared, speaking to him in a mellifluous tone, convincing him that his poor little bird needed to be avenged. Falling for it, the boy took the cat, and buried him alive in his garden. When he completed his task, he came back home… and found the bird, who had just flown away for a while and had come back on his own. Furious at himself for what he had done, he directed his rage on the bird, and killed him as well, thus definitely destroying his innocence. Following those monstrous acts of violence and torture, the boy abandoned New Genesis, and followed Darkseid to his planet, Apokolips. In his new home, he chose a god name desaadcomics1for himself, after observing through the New Gods’ devices a man from the future who lived on a distant planet, Earth: enamoured with Marquis de Sade‘s methods, he christened himself DeSaad. Darkseid’s right hand man, he was once forced by Darkseid’s mother, Queen Heggra, to poison Darkseid’s beloved Princess Tuli, in order to make him marry a woman of her choosing, Tiggra. Suli died as planned, but Darkseid found out what had happened: in revenge, he forced DeSaad to poison Heggra as well, thus obtaining control over Apokolips, and bonding forever DeSaad’s destiny to his own. From that moment, DeSaad was appointed royal torturer and Darkseid’s adviser, always in his shadows.

DeSaad was pivotal in allowing Darkseid obtain control of the Omega Force, betraying Darkseid’s brother Drax (whom he had allegedly helped in gaining the power, being his “best friend”) and granting the ultimate power to Darkseid. DeSaad lost his position of second in command when Darkseid’s son Kalibak was born: wanting to obtain his influence back, DeSaad immediately entered in competition with the brutal but simple-minded New God, and manipulated him so that he often found himself doing the exact opposite of what he was told, thus being constantly punished by Darkseid and moved back in the chain of command. Every failure on Kalibak’s side signed a raise in power on DeSaad’s one. When his master was looking for the Anti-Life Equation and had taken the lead of the Intergang (a criminal group on Earth) for his pursuit, DeSaad liked the way the crooks worked, and when Darkseid abandoned them, he disguised himself as his master and kept leading them; unlike Darkseid, however, DeSaad didn’t have any particular aim, and only wanted the Intergang to cause pain and suffering to as many people as possible. His machinations, however, sometimes backfired on him: after manipulating Kalibak once more, he threatened to tell Darkseid all about his umpteenth action against his father’s orders, and the brutal New God reacted in the only way he knew, with violence, slaying his father’s adviser. Albeit treacherous and dangerous, DeSaad was vital to Darkseid’s plans, so as soon as the tyrant found out about his death he desaadcomics2resurrected him, making him take his place by his side once again. This happened more than once actually, and each and every time DeSaad ended up killed because of one of his plans going out of control, Darkseid promised him it would have been “the last time” he revived him. Feared on Apokolips as well as on New Genesis, DeSaad specialized in torturing prisoners and random people alike, making the pain last days without killing his victims, making quite a name for himself to be dreaded in the entire universe. Not even Darkseid’s throne was entirely safe from him…

DeSaad is a cruel and sadistic man, who devoted his life to finding new and monstrous ways to exact pain from others. As a New God, he’s immortal and possesses superhuman strength and durability, but his most worrisome skill is his cunning intellect: a master planner, he’s also a proficient engineer and inventor, and he always creates new torture machines to help him in his job (such as his trademark siphon, that can extract powers and emotions from a person and transfer them to another), as well as many other devices with the most diverse uses. Treacherous by nature, DeSaad is also a coward, and he doesn’t betray Darkseid simply out of fear; if the day comes Darkseid is not the most powerful player around anymore, however, it’s more than sure that DeSaad will promptly switch sides and swear his eternal loyalty to a new master.


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