Bride of Nine Spiders

brideofninespidersfilmIt’s been quite some time since the last Iron Fist trailer, but some actors and characters have been confirmed in the meanwhile, so we can take a look to at least at one character we now know the identity of. Very briefly in the trailer, we see a young woman fighting, possibly with Iron Fist himself: she’s the Bride of Nine Spiders, portrayed by Jane Kim. We still know nothing of her role in the series, not even if she’ll be an ally or an enemy to the hero (most likely the latter, but you never know), but she’ll most likely make her presence felt since, even if she first appeared only in 2007, she has quite a prominent role in the superhero’s mythology. Let’s see together.

Not much is known about the Bride of the Nine Spiders’ early life…actually nothing, not even her true name. She was born in the secret realm known as the Kingdom of Spiders, an arcane dimension hidden in Nepal and one of the Seven Capital Cities of Heaven, mystic hidden city-states concealed all aroung the world. The Kingdom, a dark and gloomy realm covered in spider webs, was protected by one of the Immortal Weapons (as all the other Capitals), skilled martial artists in possess of ancient magic, who acted as both guardians and champions of their cities. The girl was trained since a very young age to become the next in the line of the Kingdom of Spiders’ line of Immortal Weapons, the new Bride of Nine Spiders, being entrusted the ancient arts of her people, with the coldest blood being infused in her veins. With the army of spiders living and growing inside her body, the new Bride became increasingly cruel, to the point that nothing human remained within her. Completely committed to her role, the Bride of Nine Spiders protected her realm from many threats, but she herself was not invincible: once, she heard from Earth a song that only she could hear, a distress call that crossed dimensions; traveling to the source of the song, she found the Singing Spider, a powerful creature that had been lost in battle by her predecessorbrideofninespiderscomics1, the Spider Queen. The Singing Spider was held captive, tortured and experimented on by Desmond Guille, a greedy man who used the creature to call out for its mistress, so that he could imprison her and use her for his purposes. The Bride fell into the trap, and Guille used the Spider’s powers to imprison her into an illusion. Enslaved and imprisoned, the Bride had no chance of getting free on her own, but a group of unaware thieves broke into the wealthy Desmond Guille’s home, ending up stopping the song that gave them horrible visions…and freeing the Bride of Nine Spiders as a result. The Immortal Weapon exacted her gory revenge on Guille, but awarded the thieves with the most rare gift of all: mercy. She let them live, and came back to her Kingdom with the Singing Spider once more with her.

Once every 88 years, the Seven Capitals merged to form the Heart of Heaven: during this occasion, the champions from each city would participate to a tournament, whose winner granted the possibility to its city to appear on Earth once every decade, while all the other cities would have appeared only once every fifty years. Being the champion of the Kingdom of Spiders, the Bride of Nine Spiders participated to the new tournament, meeting the other Immortal Weapons in combat. Her first opponent was Dog Brother #1, the champion of Under City: though Dog Brother was a master martial artist and a fearsome killer, the Bride of Nine Spiders managed to defeat him by unleashing on him the horde of spiders she nurtured in her breast, thus winning her first fight. At the end of the first round, however, the tournament was cut short, as the Prince of Orphans, champion of Z’Gambo, asked for all the Immortal Weapons’ help in joining him in K’un-Lun, as some soldiers from Hydra were attacking the sacred city. The Bride couldn’t care less of a rival city, but she soon realised that the Kingdom of Spiders was in danger as well, if brideofninespiderscomics2the invaders destroyed K’un-Lun: she joined the Prince, and the Immortal Weapons together repelled the attackers with ease. Although won, the battle turned out to be just the first step to something bigger, as it turned out Hydra had forged an alliance with a man known as Xao, who apparently knew of an eight, unknwon Capital City of Heaven: the Immortal Weapons chose to suspend the tournament and to form an alliance to investigate the matter thoroughly, chosing to stay on Earth for the time necessary to solve the mystery. During their stay on Earth, the Immortal Weapons won the trust of Earth’s superheroes when they saved Iron Fist’s life from the attack of Zhou Cheng, an old enemy of K’un-Lun. Finally, their quest came to a turning point as they found a map pointing them to a remote region in China: there they truly found the lost Eight City, and they joined forces to explore it and solve the mystery surrounding it. The Bride, however, got separated from the others, and she was captured and tortured by hellish beasts: escaping from that living hell would have required all her skills and powers…

The Bride of Nine Spiders is a (literally) cold-blooded murderer, a cruel warrior who usually shows no pity to her opponent. As one of the Immortal Weapons, she’s a superb martial artist, who can manipulate her own Chi to a variety of uses: she possesses superhuman durability, speed, senses, reflexes and longevity; she can heal herself or others from non-lethal injuries; she has total control over her own nervous system, allowing her not to feel pain or even to resist poisons and toxins; she can telepathically communicate with other people by entering their dreams; she fights with a spiked collar, whose points can be extended to impale her enemies; most notably, she controls a swarm of lethal spiders living inside her body, and she can let them out either from her mouth or from her chest, controlling them telepathically and leading them to attack her opponents with poison or webbing. Deadly and remorseless, a honorable yet sadistic warrior, the Bride of Nine Spiders will do anything in her power to defend the Kingdom of Spiders.


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