Cynnthia Mordeth (Gypsy)

gypsyfilmNew character from The Flash, and one who’ll be a recurring guest star. Ok, I know she already appeared last week at the end of Borrowing Problems from the Future, but there are two different versions of the character, and I had to be sure which one they were bringing to the screen; from the weird relationship she has with Vibe in this week’s Dead or Alive, we can be pretty sure that she’s based on her New 52 incarnation, so we’re on Prime Earth today, not on New Earth as usual. Of course, we’re speaking of Gypsy, the interdimensional bounty hunter portrayed by Jessica Camacho who comes to Earth-1 to collect the wanted man HR Wells. Gypsy is challenged by Vibe in a death match, and considering that the two of them have the same powers, seeing them dueling through the multiverse has been pretty enjoyable. Anyway, let’s take a look at the version of the character introduced in 2013, who differs from the original one both in name, background story, and definitely attitude.

Cynnthia Mordeth was born on Piradell, a remote alien world on which her family was traveling, being her father the nomad Quell Mordeth. When she was a young woman, her father married another woman, but Cynnthia and her stepmother instantly hated each other, and became competitive. While Quell guided a caravan, his wife guided another, so the two women didn’t clash often…until they arrived on Earth, where the woman finally managed to do what she had always wanted to, and abandoned Cynnthia on the planet, leaving her behind. Gifted with special abilities since her birth, Cynnthia used her illusion-casting powers to hide herself, all the while trying to contact her father, who was looking for her, and to try and join her family again, but a special organization created for limiting and controlling superhuman and alien gypsycomics1activity on Earth had already spotted her: before she even realised it, the girl had become the target of A.R.G.U.S., and escaping from them was pretty much impossible. Captured and brought to Amanda Waller, leader of A.R.G.U.S., the girl refused to give her name, but denied she was bringing war to Earth, declaring she was just a nomad trying to leave the planet. Waller, who nicknamed her “Gypsy”, didn’t believe her version of the story, and she locked her in The Circus, a special facility designed to contain super-powered individuals. In her cell, Gypsy kept refusing to cooperate with her captors, and when Waller presented her a message from her father, urging her to come back home, she once again begged to be set free, a request obviously denied. It seemed like there was no escape from the facility, until a sudden energy blow (caused by the battle between two superhumans nearby) shut the cell’s power dampener off, allowing the girl to escape, using her illusions to fool the guards. Free at last, she made her escape and reached Detroit, hoping to disappear in the crowd.

Amanda Waller wasn’t exactly keen on letting her go, and she sent some of her best agents after Gypsy. One of these was Vibe, a boy who could see through Gypsy’s illusions thanks to his unique powers. After a change of clothes, Gypsy hid in plain sight thanks to her abilities, but when she saw a homeless man, she couldn’t help buying him food…staying still just enough for Vibe to spot her. Luckily, when the crowd saw some mean-looking agents targeting a woman helping a homeless man, they rebelled, and they slew down the pursuers, giving Gypsy time enough to escape. When she realised Vibe was still following her, Gypsy casted an illusion, with Batman telling Vibe that the Justice League had already taken care of the situation and that Superman was interrogating Gypsy. Vibe didn’t fall for it, and after yet another pursue he finally cornered Gypsy, who found herself surrounded by agents; the young superhero assured her nobody wanted to hurt her, but in that moment Waller gave the order to fire at will. As a result, Vibe rebelled to A.R.G.U.S. and incapacitated all the agents. Speaking with her unexpected ally, it turned out gypsycomics2Waller had told her agents that Gypsy was the vanguard of an alien invasion, and that the message from her father was actually a declaration of war. With things cleared, the two joined forces to escape from A.R.G.U.S., with Vibe trying to use his powers to allow Gypsy to come back home, but they underestimated Waller, as she unleashed on them the Suicide Squad. Still invisible to human eyes, the two companions were however spotted by Deadshot‘s visor, and the killer managed to shoot Gypsy, injuring her shoulder. While Vibe battled Deadshot and Crowbar, Gypsy found herself trying to avoid being eaten by King Shark, who didn’t care much of Waller’s orders of capturing the girl alive. Using her powers again, Gypsy escaped the ravenous beast, and she disguised herself as King Shark to avoid capture…but Harley Quinn saw through her deception due to her wound and she knocked her out. With the battle lost, both Gypsy and Vibe were taken to The Circus as captives. All the fights, however, had attracted the attention of other dimensional travelers, including her father…and her stepmother’s killer, Rupture: it would have not been long before The Circus was attacked, meaning either Gypsy’s freedom, or her death.

Cynnthia Mordeth is an expert inter-dimensional traveler, a resourceful and street-smart woman who values her freedom over everything else. Deeply attached to her father, she’s however in a bad relationship with her step-mother, whom she despises being totally reciprocated. As Gypsy, she possesses the power to cast illusions, being able to appear and sound as anybody else (usually projecting the watcher’s desires or expectations, hinting at some kind of telepathy) or even to be invisible, disappearing from anyone’s perception; she’s also a skilled hand-to-hand combatant. Elusive and cunning, Gypsy was born as free as air, and she’d do anything not to spend her life behind bars on an alien world.



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