Ilsa Koenig

ilsakoenigfilmA new request is pending, but first we have to catch up with the tv series. This week’s episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has been quite a weird one, as we first were introduced to all the Koenigs (they’re not clones, nor LMDs: just twins, apparently)… including the first born. In Hot Potato Soup we meet Koenig after Koenig until we reach the older sister, LT Koenig, portrayed by Artemis Pebdani (luckily enough, she’s not Patton Oswalt as well). The woman has been the very first Koenig to join S.H.I.E.L.D., and the one who introduced most of her brothers to the organization… and even the most badass of them all, despite the size. Well, in the comics the only male Koenig is and remains Eric, but he does indeed have a sister, even if she’s never been a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, working (still as a spy) for an entirely different group in a different time. Allow me to introduce Ilsa Koenig.

Ilsa Koenig was born in BonnGermany, and she grew up with her older brother Eric. When she was a young woman, she witnessed powerless the raise of the Third Reich, as Adolf Hitler became the chancellor and later the Führer of Germany, leading his violent and racist party, the Nazis, who obtained more and more support from the population. Neither one of the Koenig siblings supported the Nazis, but they soon realized they had to pretend to in order not to be arrested as traitors, as free thinking had long forsaken their country. Despite they were forced to remain silent, however, the Koenigs didn’t want to stay inactive as well, and as soon as World War II began, engulfing all Europe in the fires of war, Ilsa and Eric joined the German Resistance, trying to sabotage the Nazis from within their own motherland, helping the Allies and their spies in the war effort. They spent some years working in secret, always maintaining the facade of law abiding citizens while helping English, French and then ilsakoenigcomics1even American agents on German soil. After a mission with them, Eric unofficially joined the Howling Commandos, an American task force renowned for being able of accomplishing impossible deeds. When Eric helped three of the Commandos, field leader Nick FuryBull McGiveney and Rickets Johnson, to escape their own execution in Berlin, Ilsa helped as well, allowing the fugitives to use her house as a temporary shelter and providing them with new clothes, so that they could blend in with the crowd and go unnoticed. She actually did even more than she was asked, since when the rest of the Commandos reached the escapees to complete their mission, she infiltrated a Nazi base on her own and took pictures, so that she could provide evidence for the Commandos to present to their superiors, as the mission was an unofficial and unauthorized one. The mission was successful, albeit Dino Manelli got injured: it was Ilsa who tended to his wounds, developing some feelings for him in the process. She proved to be a valuable spy and asset, but her cover was about to blow, as the Nazis now knew for sure that her brother Eric was a traitor…

After she first helped the Howling Commandos, Ilsa Koenig became a person of interest for the regime, with the S.S. constantly spying on her. Being under surveillance, Ilsa would have been spotted on her first attempt to contact the Resistance, something that Eric couldn’t allow: he convinced Nick Fury and Dino Manelli to accompany him on what was now a rescue mission, obviously another unauthorized one. Ilsa met her brother in secret, but they were found immediately by the S.S., who intervened to arrest them both… just to be intercepted by Fury and Manelli, who took the siblings on a jeep and started a desperate escape. During the pursuit, Ilsa disposed of her chasers by throwing grenades at their cars, once again proving her worth. On their way to the plane, the four escapees stumbled on a Luftwaffe munition factory, and they blew it up as an improvised secondary objective… and Ilsa didn’t stepped down from that either, helping the soldiers with unexpected ability. Finally on the plane, Ilsa and the others reached England, where Fury was scolded by Captain Sawyer, not quite pleased that some of his best men had gone AWOL; nevertheless, Sawyer welcomed Ilsa Koenig in the base, and offered her a new life as a refugee… but the woman was exactly were she wanted to be, ilsakoenigcomics2and she offered in return her experience and skills to keep fighting in some capacity. Sawyer granted her that much, and Ilsa started working at Able Company’s Base, and kept supporting the Howling Commandos during their missions. Taking advantage of her new position, Ilsa even tried to court Dino Manelli, but the soldier was going through a bad time coping with the death of his lover Nina Bergson, and he barely noticed her attentions. Wanting to take Dino out of her mind, Ilsa started dating Nick Fury, but their first date was ruined by Paul Ryan, a soldier who had something against Nick, while the second was interrupted when Fury had to leave to look for the missing Pinky Pinkerton. Approached by Butch Barker, Ilsa slapped him when he tried to forcefully kiss her, and when he was about to strike her in return, Dino Manelli intervened to save the day: maybe there was hope for a relationship, after all…

Ilsa Koenig is a brave and resourceful woman, a skilled spy who uses her fantasy and her remarkable intellect to obtain information most men couldn’t. A trained fighter, Ilsa is more than able to participate to a battle in first person when the situation requires it, being quite skillful with guns and explosives. A woman who simply can’t sit down and watch the men fight her battles, Ilsa Koenig will always oppose the Nazi regime, responsible for taking away freedom and much more from her beloved homecountry.


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