ayeshafilmAs usual, Super Bowl bring at least a good thing: a lot of trailers! This time we got a nice new look at Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, as well as some new information on the story. There are three characters to speak about, and let’s start from the first in order of apparition: Ayesha, the golden lady portrayed by Elizabeth Debicki. In the movie, Ayesha will be the Golden High Priestess of the Sovereign, a race of people genetically engineered to perfection. She’ll hire the Guardians of the Galaxy to dispose of the Abilisk (the tentacled monster seen in the trailer), paying them by giving them Nebula, to be put on trial on Xandar. Unfortunately, Rocket steals something from the Sovereign, so Ayesha starts a galactic manhunt for the Guardians. In the comics, Ayesha is indeed a genetically perfect individual, known with a number of different names…the most representative of which is Her, as it clarifies the reason she’s been created for in the first place: to be the mate of a very well known hero in the Marvel Universe. Let’s see together.

Four incredibly brilliant scientists, nuclear physicist Maris Morlak, electronics tectician Carlo Zota, medical biologist Jerome Hamilton and geneticist Wladyslav Shinski, shared the dream of ending criminality, war and violence on Earth, and they decided to join to create a new race of supermen, that would have inhabited the planet and enlightened humanity with their superiority. Forming the Enclave, they created a genetically perfect man, Him, meant to be the new Adam, but Him refused to be controlled by them: he went berserk and fled, leaving the planet itself and killing Hamilton in his escape. The remaining members of the Enclave decided to make a second attempt, this time ensuring the obedience of their creation through brain surgery. The three scientists rebuilt their secret lab, the Beehive, on Shard Island, in the Atlantic Ocean, and repeated the experiment, calling their new creature “Paragon“. In order to perform the delicate operation they required, the Enclave hired former neurosurgeon Stephen Strange, and tricked him in operating the creature following the pattern that would have modified his neural structure, putting him under complete control of the scientists. Strange operated on Paragon while it was still growing inside his developmental cocoon, but ayeshacomics1while Strange was “peering” inside the cocoon with his mystic powers, Paragon emerged from it, a tall grey-skinned man of unimaginable power. To test their creature’s strength (and loyalty), the Enclave ordered him to kill Strange, and the creature immediately engaged the sorcerer in battle, countering every spell and cornering Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme. Luckily, Strange had never trusted the Enclave to begin with, and had brought a contingency plan along: The Hulk, who intervened as soon as he heard his fellow Defender struggling. Paragon battled Hulk as well, but even the combined might of the two Defenders were barely on par with his own…until his skin turned black, and he obtained self-awareness: while he was in the cocoon, he had linked his mind to the Enclave’s computer, learning their intentions, and had induced a post-hypnotic state on himself, so that in his new form he could have freed himself from their control. Paragon turned on his makers, and while he destroyed the Beehive with the Enclave inside, Strange and Hulk escaped from the island. At the end of the battle, Paragon came back to his cocoon to complete his transformation.

During months of meditation, Paragon kept studying the Enclave’s computers, learning of their former creation, Him. Despite refusing the Enclave’s control, Paragon came to agree on a point: the necessity of creating a perfect race, starting from the unique existing specimens. Paragon adapted to this new necessity, and chose as his final evolution a female form, a woman version of Him. She adopted the name Her, wanting to be the Eve to Him’s Adam, and she left Earth to search for her destined mate. She tried to obtain information about Him from a human who had known him, Alicia Masters, but this led to a conflict with Alicia’s boyfriend, The Thing. Her’s presence, however, had been detected by Moondragon, who reached her and informed her that Him, evolved into Adam Warlock, had sacrificed his life in order to stop the genocidal Thanos. Not discouraged by this, sure she could revive him, Her was accompanied by Alicia, Thing and Moondragon to Warlock’s burial site, and she used her cosmic power to infuse life in his dead body. Things worked, but not exactly the way Her had hoped: Warlock’s body was revived, but his soul was missing (he had trapped it in the Soul Gem during the battle with Thanos). Disappointed and in pain, Her buried again the empty shell of the man meant to be her partner, and when The Thing tried to console her, she was overwhelmed by the new emotions she was feeling and flew away, in search of a new ayeshacomics2purpose. In her wandering, she stopped on planet U’sr’pr, where she helped the local population with an environmental chrisis: on that world, she became known as J’rdia Starduster, meaning She Whose Trail Dusts Hope. When the Consortium, a powerful group who made profits from U’sr’pr’s destruction, targeted her, Her was helped in defeating them by the Avengers and Alpha Flight: impressed by the selflessness Earth heroes showed, she decided she would have stayed on her homeplanet and, after realising she and Warlock had the same genetic materials, thus being unfit for mating, she started looking for a suitable mate there. She selected some possible candidates in the Forgotten OneHerculesDoc Samson, Wonder ManIkaris, Hyperion and Quasar, and ultimately chose the latter for being her companion (much to Quasar’s girlfriend’s annoyance). The quest for giving birth to the perfect race had just begun.

Paragon, or Her, or Kismet, or Ayesha, is an extremely complex being, whose reasoning defies common humans’…although her constant priority is easily intelligible: reproduction with a suitable mate. She is a unique being, genetically engineered through cosmic energy to be the perfect creature, and she possesses a nearly unlimited power: she can fly and survive in vacuum space, she possesses vast superhuman sterngth, speed, durability, reflexes and stamina, she is virtually immortal, and she can manipulate cosmic energy for a variety of uses, from highly destructive energy blasts to incredible healing abilities that can even revive the dead (even if she’s only able to act on bodies, not on souls); the rare occasions she’s wounded, she can create a cocoon inside of which she can fully regenerate, and she also possesses limited telepathic abilities, allowing her to understand any language. Obsessively looking for her “destined mate” all over the univers, from times to times Ayesha also tries to adopt the same selflesness and heroism she sees in the terrestrial heroes she admires so much, becoming, when she feels like it, one of the greatest heroines the universe has ever known.



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