Taserface (Overkill)

taserfacefilmTime for the third and last new character appearing in the trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, another antagonist: Taserface, portrayed by Chris Sullivan. In the movie, he is a member of the Ravagers, and when his captain Yondu refuses Ayesha‘s request to hunt the Guardians of the Galaxy down because he doesn’t want to harm his protege, Star-Lord, Taserface starts to question his authority, realizing that the boy represents quite a weak spot for the pirate. Eventually, he starts a rebellion and takes the command from Yondu, forcing the latter to join the Guardians, and leading the Ravagers against them. In the comics, Taserface is a pretty secondary character, who was an adversary to the original Guardians, the ones who operated in the XXXI Century…so we’re not in the usual reality (Earth-616), but on another one, Earth-691. Let’s see together.

Taserface was born on Stark, a remote planet somewhere in the Milky Way inhabited by a race of technologically advanced humanoids, called The Stark as well. The Stark called themselves like this since their species had evolved from a primitive state thanks to a rocket full of advanced technology developed on Earth by Tony Stark, who had sent futuristic weapons in space not to let the invading Martian Masters get them. As all the members of The Stark, Taserface built for himself a suit of armor as a rite of passage to adulthood, getting his name at the end of it (the name was a right earned, not something given from birth) and becoming a warrior: The Stark, after depleting their own planet of all its natural resources and polluting the air to the point of making it uninhabitable, in fact, had launched an impressive conquering taserfacecomics1campaign aimed to colonize other worlds and to make them their new home. A very powerful and talented officer, Taserface became a scout, and was sent on a mission to planet Courg, in order to observe it and to prepare its invasion; accompanied by two of his best subordinates, Lt. Darkeyes and Commander Blackhand, and some lesser soldiers, Taserface reached his target, and commenced the operation. Unfortunately for him, the Stark weren’t the only ones interested in the planet, and the vanguard was soon met by the Guardians of the Galaxy, a team of intergalactic heroes who wanted to protect Courg. The two factions battled, but despite their technological superiority The Stark were soundly defeated, and Taserface had to come back to his homeplanet as a loser. The Stark were a proud race who valued success and victory, so Taserface was regarded as trash, worthy of the worst punishment his people could think of. First, the defeated warrior was stripped of his name, as he no longer deserved it…but that was just the beginning, as he was imprisoned in one of Stark’s prisons, not exactly a walk in the park.

Captive and regarded as a traitor of his race, the warrior once known as Taserface was brutally tortured by his own people, stripped of his armor and left naked as one who didn’t deserve any honor. Then, as the conflict between The Stark and the Guardians of the Galaxy grew, something unprecedented happened: the High Sister, leader of The Stark, showed mercy on the one who used to be one of her most loyal and powerful soldiers, and granted him a second chance. Released from his chains, the warrior was given a whole new set of armor, as well as some cybernetic implants that made him even stronger than before; to celebrate his rebirth, he was also granted a new name: Overkill. During a battle with the Guardians, Overkill was finally tested in a real fight, and he attacked one of the most powerful among his enemies: Firelord, the former herald of Galactus. The two fought each other, and Overkill’s updates proved to be no match for Firelord’s cosmic power: unprepared for his adversary’s new and taserfacecomics2stronger form, Firelord was defeated, just before The Stark retreated from battle. Confident in his new abilities, Overkill subjected himself to even more updates, sure that he could take on each and every Guardian by himself. Eager to obtain revenge against the ones who had stripped him of his honor, he left on a solo mission, and wanting to split the Guardians in order to kill them one by one, he set a trap for another powerful foe, Hollywood, the elderly superhero once known as Wonder Man. Grown arrogant over his newfound strength, however, Overkill tragically underestimated Hollywood, whose ionic structure proved to be impervious to most damage, even coming from The Stark’s weapons. About to face defeat once again, Overkill chose death over dishonor, and he initiated a self-destruct system that would have triggered an explosion able to destroy the entire planet the two were fighting on. However, even this last glory was taken away from him: Hollywood grabbed the exploding Overkill and absorbed the most of the blast, not only saving the planet, but walking away pretty much unscathed.

Taserface is a proud and brutal member of The Stark, who fights for glory and for Stark’s superiority, and who shows no mercy for his enemies. As Overkill, he received quite an upgrade over his previous suit of armor: now a cyborg, he possesses superhuman strength and durability, he can survive in the void of space, and he hides a number of highly advanced weapons in his cybernetic body (including an extremely powerful bomb); his implants are able to absorb a high amount of energy, to store it and to redirect it in powerful blasts, making him one of the most powerful warriors of The Stark. Determined never to face defeat and dishonor again, Overkill will do anything to achieve victory…more for himself than for the pride of his people.



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