Harold Meachum

haroldmeachumfilmAnd now, time for the second (and last) character appearing in the new Iron Fist trailer, this time the (alleged, you’re never too sure after Cottonmouth) big bad of the series: Harold Meachum, portrayed by David Wenham. Harold will be the father of Joy and Ward Meachum, and he’ll also be the one responsible for the Rands‘ death…but, judging from the trailer, there’s also something more behind, as he seems to be in league with the mysterious Madame Gao. Compared to his comicbook counterpart, this version of Meachum looks definitely younger and healthier (having both legs, to say it loud), and he’ll also be more active apparently, at least judging from the blood stains on his face. In the comics, in fact, Meachum is more of a “man behind the curtains” type…although he doesn’t last long enough to tell exactly. Let’s see together.

Harold Meachum was born and raised in New York City, in Manhattan. We know nothing about his early life, apart from the fact that he grew up with his younger brother, Ward. When he still was an ambitious young man, he met a brilliant and mysterious guy, Wendell Rand, an intelligent stranger who had his same dream: founding a company that would have made a difference…although the two of them had a different idea of what “making a difference” meant. In the meanwhile, Harold met an unknown woman, whom he married, and he had a daughter from her, Joy; during the same time, Wendell had married another girl, Heather Duncan, and the two had a son, Daniel. Harold and Wendell spent most of their time together, busy in creating from nothing their research and investment enterprise, the Rand-Meachum Incorporated, so their families grew close, to the point that Danny called Meachum “Uncle Harold”, and the same did Joy with Rand. Finally, their company was they had always haroldmeachumcomics1wanted, and if Wendell was satisfied with the ethical side, since the enterprise helped a lot of young talents, Meachum was more than satisfied with the economical one, as he was now the co-owner of a multi-millionaire conglomerate. The richer he got, the greedier he got, and soon Meachum started to want it all, seeing his best friend just as an obstacle to his ambitions…and not only for the company: with his wife gone (either dead or divorced, it’s unclear), Harold had found himself more and more attracted to Heather, so Wendell was a rival even on that front. When Wendell Rand told him that he wanted to bring his wife and child in a dangerous expedition on the Himalayas to find some lost city he was always speaking about, at first Meachum tried to dissuade him, then he realised he could have caught two birds with a stone, and told him he wanted to help him, joining him in the travel. Wendell trusted his friend, and the four of them left to reach the legendary K’un-Lun…but Meachum had something else entirely in mind. During the first, inevitable accident that occured during the climbing, Meachum made his move.

Danny, who was only eight years old, slipped, and while falling he dragged along his mother and father as well: the boy and Heather fell on a snowy outcropping, while Wendell was hanging on a ravine. Instead of helping his “friend”, Meachum stomped on his hands with his spiked boots, making him fall to his death; he later tried to help Heather and Danny, but the woman, horrified by what had happened to her husband, started throwing rocks at him. Harold declared his love for her, but Heather bluntly replied that she preferred death over sharing the same world as him…so he satisfied her, leaving her to die in the cold with her son, while he came back to the camp. With a snowstorm raging, however, Meachum got lost, and spent five days wandering in the cold, slowly losing his food, his strength, and his sanity. He blacked out, and was miraculously found by a woman, who brought him to her village in Katmandu Valley. The woman took care of the half-dead man, and nurtured him back to health…but Meachum’s haroldmeachumcomics2legs were frozen already, and they had to be amputated before the necrosis spread to the rest of the body. Crippled but alive, Meachum spent many days in the woman’s hut to recover from both the near-death experience and the amputation…when in the village arrived a wandering monk, who told everyone about his incredible journey to the lost city of K’un-Lun, and about a Western boy who had been brought there by the city’s immortals. Meachum immediately realised that the boy was Danny, and he was sure that he would have trained in the secret martial arts of the city and come back after ten years, when the portal between K’un-Lun and Earth opened again, to exact his vengeance. Terrified by the perspective of getting killed, Meachum came back to New York, claimed possession of the entire company after announcing the death of the Rand family…and started planning his countermoves for the moment Danny would have come back, setting a number of deadly traps and hiring dozens of killers and mercenaries to kill the young man as soon as he reappeared, with Triple-Iron as his chief assassin. Now, all he had to do was to wait, while he extended his power and influence even more.

Harold Meachum is a ruthless and greedy individual, always wanting more than he has, even if he already owns a conspicuous fortune. Since the “accident” on the Himalayas, Meachum has grown paranoid, and he dedicates all his life to prevent what he perceives as his inevitable death. Harold Meachum is now the shadow of the man he was, with all his past sins haunting him: fearing the incoming retribution, he neglects everything else, his daughter, his company, his activities, being reduced to pure and simple survival.



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