Andrea Rojas (Acrata)

acratafilmFinally, we exploit a little break between tv series and trailers to start the new request, coming from Lucy W. (another pretty long one). She asks for the characters appearing in the videogame Scribblenauts Unmasked: I’m not familiar with the game, but judging from the list of characters in it, it must be the crowdest game ever! Let’s proceed in alphabetical order, starting with Acrata, the Mexican superhero. In live action, she first appeared in Smallville Season 5, portrayed by Denise Quiñones, even if her super-name was changed into the Angel of Vengeance, with Acrata being the name of the company her mother worked for. Posing as a simple reporter for the Daily Planet, shy Andrea Rojas possesses superhuman strength coming from a heart transplant from a metahuman, and she uses it to fight evil by night continuing the work of her murdered activist mother. The Angel is the first superhero Clark meets, and she continues her war against Luthor Corporation in the web series Vengeance Chronicles, where she teams up with Chloe Sullivan. Her story in the comics is pretty different, with other powers, another backstory, and other motivations. Let’s see together.

Andrea Rojas was born in Coban, Guatemala, the daughter of Bernardo Rojas, a renowned researcher and archaeologist specialised in Prehispanic Cultures. When her father was offered the position of professor at the Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana de Mexico, Andrea followed him in Mexico City, and she slowly fell in love with the same disciplines her father taught. Since she was a little girl, her father told Andrea of the glory of the empires that once ruled in Central America, and he shared with her his passion for history, archaeology and ancient traditions and religions. Growing up, Andrea ended up studying Mesoamerican Anthropology, and she became quite a skilled researcher of her own, specialised in the Mayan Empire. Along with her knowledge, she also acratacomics1increased her social commitment, as she started to publicly denounce the collusion between the Mexican government and the local organized crime, especially drug cartels and slavers. With the soul of an anarchist and the spirit of a revolutionary, Andrea became a researcher, an archaeologist and an activist, trying to make current Central America a better place while trying to make it remember its glorious roots. It was during one of her archaeological expeditions that Andrea found traces of an old Mayan ritual, one that apparently allowed the ancient priests to travel wherever they wanted in the dark: researching the legends, Andrea found some truth in it, as she discovered the magic symbol that represented the night and, empowered with the right magic, allowed the ancient Mayans to obtain supernatural powers. After recreating the ritual, Andrea Rojas empowered said symbol, and decided to use it to strenghten her battles for justice: she tailored a black-and-green costume, and she stitched the Mayan symbol on the hood’s forehead, obtaining the abilities of the night priests anytime she wore it. She named herself Acrata (yup, like the chili peppers), the Spanish word for “anarchist”, and she started targeting organised crime and corrupt policemen. Mexico City had a new protector.

Acrata became renowned in Mexico for being quite a pain in the back for the government, as she specialised in foiling illicit activities striking from the shadows, and leaving mocking graffiti behind. Her fame went international when a group of eco-terrorists led by the wizard Duran, member of the Oto Tribe, started targeting some major industries in Mexico; at first she sympathized with Duran, but then it became clear that his plan was something more than simply sabotaging some eco-criminals, as he meant to summon the Aztec god of creation Ometeotl to destroy the world and make it reborn from its ashes. Duran was too powerful for Acrata alone, so she joined forces with other two Mexican heroes, El Muerto and Iman, and even with Superman, who had come to help solving the global chrisis (albeit he was vulnerable to Duran’s magic). At the end of the day, Acrata saved the girl the wizard wanted to use as a sacrifice for the ritual, thus contributing to save the entire planet and becoming a acratacomics2world-famous heroine…something she didn’t truly liked, as she preferred to continue with her local anti-government activity. Despite this, she accepted Superman’s offer to become a reserve member in the Justice League of America, thus increasing her popularity. Acrata realised how famous she had become soon after, as Oracle contacted her to join the new formation of the Birds of Prey, an offer Andrea refused, since she had more job to do in her own country. Of course, “fame” didn’t mean just good one, and when the villain Eclipso started kidnapping heroes and villains connected to the shadows, Acrata was among the targets, and she was abducted by the criminal to be brainwashed and used in his army. Eclipso’s plan never saw its success, however, and when he was defeated by the JLA, Acrata was freed along with the other prisoners: she came back to Mexico, ready to resume her neverending battle for justice.

Andrea Rojas is a brave, idealistic woman, ready to give all herself to the cause she firmly believes in; an anarchist and a revolutionary alike, she’s a cultured woman who uses her knowledge to empower the people, and who admires the great personalities from the past who fought her same battles (she named her cat after Emiliano Zapata…). As Acrata, her Mayan magic symbol allows her to teleport through shadows, and to become invisible in the darkness; she’s also an extremely skilled athlete and martial artist, being among the best fighters in the entire continent. A tireless combatant for justice and freedom, Acrata is always ready to oppose an illegitimate government and to fight criminality, wherever and in whatever form it presents itself.


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