Doris Brinkley

dorischasefilmThis week, Arrow surprised us with an unexpectedly political episode… with a terribly underwhelming and politically correct ending. Anyway, in Spectre of the Gun another new character has been briefly introduced: with D.A. Adrian Chase in the hospital after being shot, Major Oliver Queen goes visiting him, and he meets Chase’s wife: Doris, portrayed by Parveen Dosanjh. Doris is trying to convince her husband not to come back to work before he’s fully recovered, but she doesn’t seem to have much success. Well, for a start start, it’s a surprise to see her alive, since in the comics she appears mostly in flashbacks, being killed at the very beginning of Adrian’s story, and being the main reason he becomes the Vigilante for (but maybe the series will have a surprise regarding who’s the one behind the red goggles); being it a way or the other, her original counterpart is less than a secondary character, and it’s likely to be the same in the series. Let’s take a look nevertheless.

Doris Brinkley was born in New York City, but we don’t know much about her family, early life or studies. Actually, we don’t know absolutely anything about her until she met a young and ambitious lawyer, Adrian Chase, a man who fell in love with her… and whom Doris reciprocated. The two started dating, and in a few years they got married, coming to live together in Manhattan. Adrian was a wonderful husband, even if he had to work a lot in order to start the law career he had always dreamt of, and Doris always supported him, being extremely proud of the dorischasecomics1man he was becoming. She gave birth to a son, Adam, and some time later to a daughter, Drew: just when her life seemed it couldn’t be more complete or happier, her children changed everything once again, making her feel to be truly blessed. In the meanwhile, Adrian’s career finally took off, and he became Manhattan’s District Attorney, getting famous for his tireless war against the most powerful Mafia families in the city. Albeit worried for her husband, Doris couldn’t be prouder of the man she had chosen to spend her entire life with.

Of course, Adrian’s take on Mafia wasn’t exactly a safe one, and many dangers laid ahead for both him and his family, but things got a little better, at least as Doris was concerned, when the D.A. office started to work along with the New Teen Titans: the idea that her husband was working with superheroes, albeit young ones, made her feel safe, and she believed that nothing bad could have happened to Adrian and to her children. What happened next, proved that she was wrong. Working toe to toe with Robin, Adrian Chase and his office started to take on the Scarapelli family, one of the most influential ones of Manhattan: man by man, connection by connection, business by business, their empire started to crumble down, marking one of the greatest victories of the D.A. office. Doris witnessed all of it, and was always there to support her husband, but her confidence in him and in his allies made her incautious. One night, for Adam’s birthday, Adrian’s Uncle Arthur sent a present to the boy, a nice clown doll Doris immediately loved. The moment Adrian came back home from work, Doris greeted him and, dorischasecomics2while hugging him, she told him what his uncle had done for them… unfortunately, Adrian didn’t have any “Uncle Arthur”, but he couldn’t even finish to say that aloud that the bomb hidden in the clown doll exploded, killing Doris and her children, and leaving Adrian barely alive.

Doris Brinkley Chase is a tender and loving woman, who lives for her husband and children, and completely dedicates herself to them. Fully supportive to her husband, she’s the one he takes the strength to fight his impossible battles from, the one corner of peace and happiness he treasures not to be tainted by the violent world he constantly faces.


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