Alexander Luthor Jr.

alexanderluthorjrfilmTaking advantage of a small break, let’s expand our Luthor family tree thanks to Lucy W.‘s request, and let’s meet Alexander Luthor Jr., the son of Lex Luthor from an alternate reality. This Luthor from Earth-Three had two live action iterations, albeit very different from the original and one from the other: in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of SupermanKeith Brunsmann portrayed the mysterious Mr. Smith, who turned out to be the disfigured secret biological son of Lex Luthor, aiming to rebuild the empire of his deceased father; he had a good-looking pawn, Leslie Luckabee, who appeared in public in his stead, and he acted as the villain behind the curtains until he was exposed and died in an explosion after kidnapping Lois Lane. In Smallville, there were two Alexander(s): the first was portrayed by Nico Ghisi, and was the son Lex has from Lana Lang in a possible reality, one that Lex refused because of the pain Lana’s death would have brought to him; the other was the clone we already met, the one who became Superboy as a teenager, who began his life calling himself “Lex Luthor Jr.”. The original guy is something else entirely, and is quite an ambiguous figure, first being one of the universe’s greatest heroes, then one of its most dangerous villains.

Alexander Luthor Jr. was born on an alternate Earth (known as Earth-Three) where Lex Luthor (here Alexander Luthor Sr.) was the world’s only superhero, succesfully defending his people from the Crime Syndicate, an evil counterpart to the Justice League of America. Alexander was the son of Lex and of his wife, Lois Lane…and he was born in the worst possible moment. The Anti-Monitor, the living embodiment of anti-matter, had declared war to his brother, The Monitor, and wanted to destroy the latter’s positive matter universe to rebuild it in his own image; in order to do so, he started to annihilate entire realities…Earth-Three included. Alexander Sr. knew that his universe had come to an end, but he wanted to save his son: a genius inventor, he designed and built a special inter-dimensional capsule, which he put his son in; the set destination was a reality he had previously visited, Earth-One, alexanderluthorjrcomics1where the number of heroes and villains was reversed compared to Earth-Three. Infant Alexander was sent beyond the borders of his reality, and succesfully landed in Earth-One, in the abandoned Justice League Satellite. Sensing the inter-dimensional travel, The Monitor sent his agent, Harbinger, to investigate, and the heroine retrieved the infant, bringing him to her master. It was soon evident that crossing dimensions had granted the baby special powers, as well as accelerate his aging to an extreme rate: in a matter of weeks, Alexander was a young adult, and displayed power over both matter and anti-matter, being able to create portals between universes and to allow positive-matter beings to travel to the anti-matter universe. The Monitor saw in him a great potential, and trained him to become one of his top agents in the incoming war against the Anti-Monitor. When the latter possessed Harbinger and used her against her master, The Monitor was killed (actually he let himself be killed in a cosmic plan to save the remaining realities), thus triggering the last phase of the conflict…one in which Alexander had to take an active role, doing what he was ordered by The Monitor: gather heroes and villains from different dimensions and guide them against the Anti-Monitor and his forces.

Along with Monitor’s other agents, Harbinger and Pariah, Alexander Luthor Jr. took the lead of the impressive army the positive-matter universe had gathered, and he collected powerful heroes and villains from six different realities to line up, bringing them directly to the anti-matter universe where the Anti-Monitor resided. Since one of his most powerful allies was Kal-L, the Superman from Earth-Two, Alex decided to save his wife, Eart-Two Lois Lane, just before that universe was annihilated by the Anti-Monitor, but he chose not to say anything about it, not wanting to distract the hero from the task at hand. Luthor’s powers proved to be vital to the mission, as he acted as a living vessel between universes, letting the army invade the anti-matter universe; at the height of the battle, he even allowed Darkseid to shoot his deadly Omega Effect right through him, hitting the Anti-Monitor and weakening alexanderluthorjrcomics2him enough to allow Kal-L to punch him to submission. The battle was won…but the multiverse was now reduced to a universe, New Earth, with all the other realities erased from existence. Alexander Luthor Jr. was the sole survivor of Earth-Three, and along with him there were Kal-L and Lois from Earth-Two (finally reunited) and yet another version of the Kryptonian, Superboy from Earth-Prime, he was an alien to the new reality; using the last of his burned-out dimensional power, Alex opened a portal to a “paradise dimension” of his creation, where the foursome could have lived forever, with their earned rest granted. Years passed, and nobody in the universe even remembered Alex’s and the others’ existence, but they could see everything going on in New Earth. The “paradise” soon showed its flaws, as Lois started to die of old age, despite Kal-L’s best efforts to “fix” her in the pocket reality he could shape with his will, while Superboy was growing weary for his “imprisonment”; Alex, on his side, envied the childhood Superboy knew and he never did, and Superman’s marriage that he would have never experienced. Convinced that New Earth was flawed as well and that it needed to be repaired by restoring the multiverse, Alexander Luthor started plotting from beyond reality to reshape the universe as he saw fit…

Alexander Luthor Jr. is a genius born, a man (actually a baby, grown up at incredible speed) whose intellect is able to comprehend a multi-dimensional reality; deeply committed to the safety of all living creatures, Luthor uses his many skills to selflessly fight for everybody’s existence. A true Luthor, he’s a genius mastermind, an unpredictable tactician and a skilled inventor and engineer; he also possesses superhuman powers due to some side-effects of the inter-dimensional travel he experienced as a newborn, and he can now manipulate matter itself, opening portals from a place to another and even from a universe to antoher, absorb energy, concentrate it in powerful blasts and even distributing it among other people, fly and modify his own appearance to look like an alternate version of himself; his powers can exhaust if used too much, but they slowly recharge. After fighting for the whole universe just to be forgotten, and years and years of confinement in a pocket dimension, Alexander Luthor Jr. is now tired of watching life happen before his very eyes, and he’s now determined to step in once more to “save” reality…but this time on his own terms.



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