Alia (Green Lantern)

aliafilmNext character in Lucy W.‘s list in one of the many Green Lanterns we’re going to meet: Alia. As for now, Alia had only one live action appearance, in which she differed completely from the original source material: in Smallville, she was a Kryptonian woman from Kandor, cloned along with many others and brought to Earth by Lionel Luthor. She’s the one who fatally injures Jor-El‘s clone, and for this reason she’s executed by General Zod. She also appears in an alternate future in which Kandorians conquered Earth, but even this version is killed in a fight with Clark Kent, accidentally impaling herself on her own sword. In the comics, Alia is indeed an alien, but she’s not a Kryptonian, nor she is a villain. Let’s see together.

Alia was born on an unnamed planet, inhabited by sentient beings made of pure energy. On her homeplanet, Alia had a husband, Ran-Dee, and together they had a son (although it’s unclear how a sexual reproduction could happen between non-physical beings). Intelligent, strong-willed and selfless, Alia was eventually chosen to enter the Green Lantern Corps, the intergalactic peace force whose powers came directly from the will of its members: the woman accepted to be recruited, and she became the new Green Lantern of Space Sector 0281, patrolling and protecting her planet along with many more. In her days of service, doom came to her Sector as the being known as the Unimaginable, a villainous energy creature who had grown bored of his (seemingly) eternal existence and who was aliacomics1searching for something exciting to do in the universe, arrived near her home planet after battling the Justice League of America on Earth. The Unimaginable wanted to provoke a fight, and to do so he attacked the planetary system’s sun, making it go supernova… and killing everybody on the nearby planets, including Alia’s husband and son. Distraught and enraged, Alia engaged the creature in battle, but he proved to be too strong for a single Green Lantern to handle, and soon her Power Ring ran out of energy, leaving her defenseless… well, almost, as her species had quite some abilities on its own. Using her own energy form, Alia created an energy sphere that became a prison for the Unimaginable, sacrificing herself to stop the destroyer.

Alia spent years in the form of an energy prison, containing the Unimaginable within herself; when a cargo ship passing by found her, the crew was unable to save her without releasing the monster she held captive, ending up in the intergalactic prison known as StarLag. After some other years, finally, the prison was visited by Valor, the Daxamite superhero once known as Mon-El. Valor restored Alia (who assumed a humanoid form to interact with him), giving her freedom once again… and releasing the Unimaginable. In the following battle, the two heroes fought the seemingly indestructible creature, who wanted to exact his revenge on the Green Lantern and attacked her with particular ferocity, until he managed to severely wound her. Enraged, Valor hit the Unimaginable with a strong burst of his heat vision, apparently disintegrating him, then he took a dying Alia and, not knowing what to do or how to operate on her physiology, brought her to Oa, the base planet of the Green Lantern Corps, entrusting her to the Guardians of the Universe, hoping that they could cure her. There was little to do, however, as the nature of Alia’s body made it nearly impossible for anyone to operate on her… luckily enough, given time enough, she could regenerate. The Guardians manipulated Alia’s energy form so that she could enter her own Power Ring, to aliacomics2restore herself to full strength, absorbing little by little the energy of the Green Power Battery to heal herself. Again, this was a process that took years from Alia’s life, but she eventually came out of her ring, fully restored… and just in time, as a rogue Green Lantern, Sinestro, had just formed his own Lantern Corps, and had declared war to his former comrades, resulting in a conflict in which each and every Green Lantern was desperately needed…

Alia is a brave and resourceful woman, a selfless hero ready to sacrifice herself in the line of duty to protect the universe she swore to defend. As a Green Lantern, she possesses a Power Ring fueled by her own force of will, which allows her to fly and to materialize anything she can think of; being a creature of pure energy, she’s also invulnerable to conventional arm, she can take whatever form she likes, and she can absorb and project energy on her own, even without her ring. A formidable Lantern, Alia sacrificed herself more than once for the people she’s meant to protect, and she’s ready to do it over and over again, as long as she can make a difference in the universe.

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