Accelerated Man

acceleratedmanfilmA bunch of new promotional pics from the next week’s episode of The Flash has been released… and there’s one guy we were waiting for since he was spotted on the set some months ago. In Attack on Central City, the two-parts battle against Grodd and his army comes to an end, as the gorillas use Gypsy to travel to Earth-One and bring the war to Central City… but Gypsy will apparently double-cross the gorilla monarch, as she collects allies from other dimensions and bring them to Earth-1 to join The Flash and the others. One of these allies appears to be the Accelerated Man, portrayed by Sean Poague, a character barely known in the comics (he only appeared in a couple of issues, and without any line of dialogue), but who’ll maybe have some surprise for us in the show, considering that HR Wells comes from Earth-Nineteen… a trait that he has in common with the comics’ Accelerated Man. Let’s see together.

Not much is known about the Accelerated Man’s origin story, we don’t even know what his real name is. He was born in England, but not our England: he was hailing from Earth-19, basically a steampunk version of our Victorian Age. In this world, after the death of Queen Victoria, King George inherited the crown, and started an era of incredible technological progress in his land, introducing the newfound electric energy in everyday life. With England becoming the richest and most advanced country in the world, also other nations started to follow its example, and the new science created true living miracles, humans empowered by the revolutionary technology now at disposal. One of these was the Accelerated Man, a man who, thanks to an unspecified accident involving electricity (possibly something similar to the lightning bolt that on Earth-1 and others hit Barry Allen turning him into The Flash) gained an incredible speed, that granted him a acceleratedmancomics1variety of amazing abilities… that he luckily chose to use for the common good. The Accelerated Man became one of the greatest heroes ever on his Earth, battling the many individuals who had gain powers, skills and abilities thanks to the same technology that had granted him his own, but who made an opposite life choice. He didn’t always fight this battle alone: when the threat what far too great for a single hero to handle, he joined forces with three other crime-fighters: Bat Man, a genius inventor and amazing fighter who was a counterpart to Batman, the Wonder Woman (Diana Trevor, equivalent to Diana Prince) and the Shrinking Man, a genius scientist who could change his size (counterpart to The Atom). When the four of them joined forces and brains, nobody on their Earth could challenge them.

The Accelerated Man learnt truth about the potential and the nature of his powers only years after he had gained them and had started his war against crime, and he learned it from a fellow speedster coming from a different dimension. He understood that, like many others like him spread in parallel realities, he was a living conduit to the Speed Force, a mysterious energy field the electric accident merged him with, and which he took his speed powers from. All this he learned from the Red Racer, the speedster of Earth-36, who was traveling at the speed of light around the entire Multiverse to gather all the speedsters he could find… forming an army like nobody had ever seen. Red Racer, in fact, was involved along with many other heroes from all the corners of the Multiverse in a battle against the corrupted Monitor Nix Uotan, who had joined the forces of The Gentry, a group of cosmic beings bent on transforming the Multiverse into a hellish dimension just fit for them. Along with hundreds of speedsters, the Accelerated Man followed Red Racer to Earth-8, where the resistance had gathered for a final showdown, and they hit the nearly almighty Nix Uotan with hundreds of punches at light speed, defeating him and allowing the other heroes to purify him, making him return a powerful ally. The Accelerated Man acceleratedmancomics2stayed with the thousands of heroes present on Earth-8, and joined them in the fight against The Gentry and their leader, Empty Hand, a hard battle at the end of which The Gentry was successfully exiled in a single universe… for the time being. The Harbinger A.I. (the sentient computer from Earth Prime counterpart to New Earth‘s Harbinger) celebrated the victorious heroes who, under the guidance of the Superman from Earth-23, formed the inter-dimensional group Justice Incarnate, ready to come back to action as soon as The Gentry showed up again. Until that moment, the Accelerated Man came back to Earth-19 with his teammates, continuing with his everyday battle.

The Accelerated Man is a true hero: brave, selfless and brilliant, he puts his knowledge and his skills at the service of his people, his country, and eventually the entire Multiverse. As a speedster, his connection with the Speed Force grants him superhuman speed, which results in the ability to phase through solid objects, to travel through time and between dimensions, to create air tornadoes by moving his arms and static electricity through his movement, to run on vertical surfaces or even on water, and much more. Granted with a never-before-seen speed, the Accelerated Man fights for justice, for freedom… and of course, for His Majesty.


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